Litecoin's primary use case

The Twitter community started this week way more excited than usual. While Kevin Pham is writing about Litecoin's advantage over Bitcoin, we’re reading about Binance new listing and distribution; and argue whether Ethereum is post-modern finance or not?

  • @_Kevin_Pham: ‘Litecoin is going to destroy both Bitcoin and Monero. Told you Bitcoiners that LTC was a trojan horse’
  • @zaoyang: ‘Big day. Economic abstraction. Depend on which camp you ask. Eth or BTC’
  • @rallyqt: ‘What is Binance?’
  • @binance: ‘#Binance Lists BitTorrent (BTT) and Completes Distribution for Successful Launchpad Participants and Additional Airdrop’
  • @BrickstringTech: ‘Charlie realized that nobody is going to run Lightning network infrastructure on top of his scamcoin so he is pivoting to hype about adding CT.
    Upcoming blog post: 'Altcoins creators and promoters exploit the inner-scammer in everyone'

I can use 4 words to describe how to optimize BTC price: Censorship Resistance, Fixed Supply.
It really is that simple.
This  guys needs about a 1000 words to describe how to optimize ETH price,  and I still have no idea what the hell he's talking about.

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