ICO Survivability Is Uncorrelated With the Size of Raise

The market is obviously waiting for something new. In the meantime, the world froze in anticipation — so, read our digest and join the hottest discussions

I believe a bear market was needed — we are seeing the more solid teams stick around and focusing on their use case and making their platforms seamless.

  • @nlw: ‘Question for discussion: how much responsibility (if any) does a fiat-onramp exchange have to educate users about the assets they're offering?
    This isn't a troll to get heated reactions re Coinbase-ZRX. It's a convo that came up with @danheld on LRL & interested to open it up.’
  • @_Kevin_Pham: ‘Bitcoin has been more stable than stablecoins the past few weeks.’
  • @danheld: ‘ICO survivability is uncorrelated with the size of raise.
    David Kirsch, a professor at UoM, found that the survival of dot com companies was unrelated how much private equity financing they received. Well-funded companies were just as likely to fail.’
  • @ColeKennelly: ‘$194 million of Bitcoin was moved today for only $0.10.
    Using TransferWise, this transaction would have cost over $350,000.
    Value transfer will never be the same.’
  • @iamjosephyoung: ‘Slowly, over time, all shady businesses and untrustworthy exchanges, platforms, and projects in crypto will be eliminated and replaced by better alternatives.
    Right now, there are still too many opaque and dishonest businesses in this industry, but they're being overtaken fast.’
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