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Blocksafe is building a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) network for IoT data security, storage, and management via their proprietary platform.
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BlockSafe (BSAFE Token) STO Portal Opens and Its CryptoDefender, ExchangeDefender and BlockchainDefender Apps

BlockSafe Technologies a firm that works in securing blockchain ecosystem using a suite of solutions which guard against various cyber vulnerabilities announced today that their (BSAFE) crowdfunding website revenue that generates token is live. The token does adhere to compliance guidelines from the Exchange Commission and the Securities and it can be bought on the company’s website. The company strives at raising funds to help market and commercialize their security solution that comprises of: BlockchainDefender which is a solution that stands in for industry and enterprises consortia by ensuring there is security for the permission blockchains. CryptoDefender helps in protecting crypto wallets by securing mobile and desktop devices. ExchangeDefender helps in protecting internal systems and users of crypto exchanges. BlockSafe Technologies CEO, George Waller said, “Businesses and individuals should take notice of attacks and get to know the implications and understand that there is a way they can protect themselves. The firm is 100% dedicated to defending crypto and blockchain and we have been in existence in the cyber for almost 20 years now. This explains why it is time to ensure we tokenize the offering by making it possible for investors to come in as we aspire to bring security to the crypto community. We are interested in bolstering confidence in the cryptocurrency and the blockchain as we defend investments in these spaces from the malware and poor token projects. ” Currently, BlockSafe is said to be spearheading the protection of exchanges and crypto wallets. In 2018, more than one billion dollars in cryptocurrency are said to have been stolen. This is a fourfold increase from 2017. It is also believed that $9 million is stolen from people’s wallets on a daily basis. The exchanges and crypto wallets are themselves secure although access to them through the internet is always considered to be the weaker link hence, attackers can easily manipulate. Most of the cell phones around the world do have some malware forms on board where the nefarious players get to see surreptitiously as its users note down the password together with other important information. The BlockSafe’s CryptoDefender App The BlockSafe’s CryptoDefender app which is a detailed security solution for laptops, desktops, and mobile gadgets is available for only $9.99 where one will enjoy a monthly subscription. This application can easily be installed on five different devices. ExchangeDefender is in beta while the other two solutions are in different development stages.
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Crypto security company BlockSafe Technologies launches STO website

CryptoNinjas BlockSafe Technologies, a company that secures the blockchain ecosystem with a suite of solutions that protect against an array of cyber vulnerabilities, today announced that the crowdfunding website for their (BSAFE) revenue generating token... Crypto security company BlockSafe Technologies launches STO website

The 21st Money Newsletter – Crypto News and Analysis

  Crypto News, Analysis, Forecasts, ICOs and Events for the week ending 9/28/2018   Crypto News & Analysis   An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that is compliant to the standards of the Securities and Exchange Commission is a newsworthy item. The funds being raised through ICOs around the world have been significant. The first 6 months of 2018 reigned in nearly US $14 billion dollars in funding through ICOs, almost double the total amount raised in all of 2017.   BlockSafe Technologies has announced the launching of their SEC approved Security Token Offering (STO). BlockSafe has been in the business of providing cyber security for 17 years. They are headquartered in Edison, New Jersey. BlockSafe is committed to eradicating cyber theft. They have leading edge technology to prevent crypto wallets from being hacked. BlockSafe is developing a solution to provide cyber security to cryptocurrency exchanges as well as newly created blockchains.   BlockSafe has made available to the public their latest version of anti-malware software for mobile and desktop functionality. They have aptly named it the CryptoDefender. Its primary function is to prevent crypto wallet theft. Their ExchangeDefender is targeted to defend the inner workings of cryptocurrency exchanges. The BlockchainDefender will provide a solution to protect permissioned blockchains by,   “Enabling a company to add Authentication, Transaction Verification, Content Filtering, DDoS Mitigation, Load Balancing and a Secure Firewall. There is no other product on the marketplace that offers this level of security for blockchains,” says George Waller, CEO and Co-Founder of BlockSafe. The ExchangeDefender and BlockchainDefender are currently in beta testing. BlockSafe claims that more than $350 million have been stolen from crypto wallets and those crimes go unreported. The victims of those crimes feel they have no legal recourse to reacquire their missing assets. BlockSafe’s Chief Technology Officer has stated that $9 million is stolen every day from unsuspecting individual’s crypto wallets.   “And the fear that this lack of security fosters is the single largest obstacle to mass consumer adoption of cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them.”   The exact dates of the presale and the complete STO will be announced soon. BlockSafe intends to raise $27million through their ERC-20 STO. They plan to use the proceeds from the sale to further the development of their cyber security technology.   BlockSafe’s parent Company Strike force, listed on the NASDAQ (SFOR), is a well known facilitator of cyber security solutions for corporations, government agencies, and consumers.      Forex News & Analysis   The USD gained ground against the mighty Bitcoin this week. The USD started the week pairing with Bitcoin at an exchange rate of $6706 / 1 Bitcoin. The pair ended the week exchanging at a rate of $6615 / 1 Bitcoin. The dollar gained a 1.38 % advantage over Bitcoin by the end of  the week. The world is waiting for legislation to be in place to accelerate the process of cryptocurrency adoption. Representatives from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, NASDAQ, Fidelity, and Andreessen Horowitz gathered together in a room at the Library of Congress to discuss how they can help lawmakers legislate the long awaited regulations for cryptocurrencies. The meeting promoted a healthy discussion between lawmakers and leaders in the financial industry. Financial industry leaders warned lawmakers their delay in regulating cryptocurrencies could drive blockchain innovation away from the United States. Although the discussion and its outcome were not enough to help the price of Bitcoin this week. The USD index (.DXY) compares the USD to 6 globally dominant currencies. The USD lost ground when compared to its global counterparts towards the end of the week. The .DXY index recorded a value of 94.10 at the beginning of the week. The Index closed at 95.21 recording a 1.18% gain in value by the week’s end. Many analysts believe the gains recorded by the USD are a direct result of the Federal Reserve Bank raising interest rates on Wednesday. The Bank has also indicated that they will raise rates at their next meeting in December and 3 more times in 2019. The Mexican Peso continues to hold an advantage over the USD. Starting the week at 19.02504 / 1 USD. The MXN closed the week at 18.814 up 1.122%. While the Australian Dollar maintained a slim disadvantage over the dollar by the close of the week. The AUD ended the week marginally  weaker compared to the USD, pairing with the USD at 0.72527 AUD / 1 USD at the beginning of the week and closing the week recording an exchange rate of 0.7214 a 0.534% decrease in value.   Crypto Futures News & Analysis   As we see the world’s number 1 economy taking steps towards creating legislation for digital assets. Be assured that the adoption and integration of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, in our daily lives, are increasing with every step. Legislation for digital assets will precede widespread adoption. It’s unusual that the US financial system is taking their time to implement legislation for a highly lucrative financial product. The 21st Money Team is of the opinion that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will never forget the part their agency played in the 2008 financial crisis. It was a failure on the American side of the Atlantic that had caused the house of cards to fall. Therefore we can expect the United States’ SEC to lag behind other nations on the approval of certain Crypto-products until they have the manpower and resources to properly oversee them.   Tom Emmer, Co-Chairman of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus of the United States, is doing his part to help the SEC move forward with cryptocurrency adoption. He has proposed three legislative bills to his lawmaking branch of the American government. The “Safe Harbor for Taxpayers with Forked Assets Act,” the “Resolution Supporting Digital Currencies and Blockchain Technology,” and the “Blockchain Regulatory Act.”   The Safe Harbor for Taxpayers with Forked Assets Act, will be a provision in US law that confirms cryptomining entities do not have to register any of their hardware or software as money transmitters. The Resolution Supporting Digital Currencies and Blockchain Technology, simply expresses legal support of Cryptocurrency. It has been reported that the Congressman has the mindset, blockchain technology cannot be stopped because of a bureaucratic process. Blockchain technology should be able to develop with legal tolerance from the government. That is the stance of this proposed legislation. The Blockchain Regulatory Act is designed to give taxpayers relief from unclear tax guidelines from the Internal Revenue Service. The Act will give clear instructions on how to report income gained through cryptocurrency transactions. Its intent is to remove the fear taxpayers are under from being unfairly fined by the Internal Revenue Service, the national taxing authority. The law will also give American taxpayers protection from being overtaxed by the IRS regarding gains made through cryptocurrency transactions.   These proposals if approved and passed on to the American Senate will definitely pave the way for more crypto adoption by mainstream America. Another step has been taken. The 21st Money Team will keep you informed regarding the regulatory environment surrounding cryptos.   Crypto Stocks & Analysis   Fintech and Cryptos are forging a unique relationship. When advances are made in Fintech it affects cryptos and vica-versa. Our new age of economics is truly global in nature. Therefore it is necessary to look beyond your backyard for stocks related to Fintech and Cryptos. Technology is not isolated to one part of the world. Technological advancements can come from anywhere in a globally oriented trading culture. The 21st Money team’s search for investment opportunities has taken us way down under. Afterpay Touchgroup Ltd. (APT.AX) listed on the Australian Stock Exchange may very well be the jewel we all have been looking for. Afterpay Touch Group Limited is an Australian based technology company. The company is focused on providing technology that facilitates retail payments and commerce between retail merchants and end customers, offering a buy now receive now, pay later service. APT’s stock price has gained more than 180% in the last 12 months. APT started the year trading at AUD $6.26. The stock is trading at AUD $17.80, at the time of this writing. Recently, APT has made some strategic alliances that may have helped boost the stock price. APT has recognized growth opportunities in the beauty, entertainment, travel, and health markets. They have made partnerships to pursue these growth opportunities with Ardent Leisure Group (AAD.AX), Qantas Airways Ltd. (QAN.AX), and Smiles Inclusive Ltd. (SIL.AX)   This week’s Biggest Winners in Cryptocurrencies   1) +200.88% Electroneum (ETN) Started the week at $0.00771060 Ended the week at $0.0232   2) +84.35% Zipper (ZIP) Started the week at $0.00105083 Ended the week at $0.00193723     3) +63.97%  Enjin Coin (ENJ) Started the week at $0.0433 Ended the week at $0.0710   4) +40.01% Odyssey (OCN) Started the week at $0.00545349 Ended the week at $0. 00763554   5) +38.16% Telcoin (TEL) Started the week at $0.00080104 Ended the week at $0.00110671   6) +36.45% Gas (GAS) Started the week at $5.35 Ended the week at $7.30   7) +32.04% Getmoder (GTMR) Started the week at $0.181 Ended the week at $0.239   8) +30.81% SmartCash (SMART) Started the week at $0.0211 Ended the week at $0.0276   9) +24.82% NavCoin (NAV) Started the week at $0.0274 Ended the week at $0.0342   10) +23.93% GXShares (GXS) Started the week at $1.17 Ended the week at $1.45   11) +22.89% SONM (SNM) Started the week at $0.0533 Ended the week at $0.0655   12) +18.11%  QuarkChain (QKC) Started the week at $0.0392 Ended the week at $0.0463   13) +16.69% Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Started the week at $22.41 Ended the week at $26.15   14) +16.67%  Dreamscape Token (DSC) Started the week at $1.20 Ended the week at $1.40   15) +15.94% ByteCoin (BCN) Started the week at $0.00200755 Ended the week at $0.00232751   Electroneum (ETN) ranks 42nd on the list of cryptos ordered according to their market capitalization. ETN’s current market cap is $192,690,000. Electroneum has coined the phrase ‘enablement currency’ as it is going to enable a new 3 trillion dollar market (Price Waterhouse Coopers predicts this market to be as large as USD 3 trillion in their 2017 Global Fintech Report) by allowing over 350m smartphone users in the developing world to enter the digital market for the first time. $5,702,829 worth of ETN changed hands September 28 at an average price of $0.02   Heard Through the Grapevine Upcoming ICOs and Events   Upcoming Events   October 1 – 2 – SWELL Conference San Francisco, California USA (Special Guest Speaker – Bill Clinton)   October 8 – 10 – Blockchain East Summit And Trade Show New York, USA   October 9 – 10 – XBlockchain Summit Bali, Indonesia   October 15 – 16 – SolarTech Summit Porto, Portugal   October 17 – Financial Times Digital Health Summit New York, New York USA   October 23 – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta Mellieha, Malta   October 30 – November 2 – Devcon IV in Prague Prague, Czech Republic   October 31 – November 2 – World Crypto Con Las Vegas, Nevada USA   November 1 – 2 – Malta Blockchain Summit St. Julian, Malta   November 28 – 29 – Blockchain Expo North America 2018 Santa Clara, California   November 29 – 30 – Monaco International Blockchain Forum Monaco   March 19 – 21, 2019 –  Money20/20 Asia Singapore   Upcoming ICOs   Aceso (ASO) Sale Starts September 28 Sale Ends December 15 / User To User Cyber Threat Intelligence Alluma (LUMA) Sale Starts September 28 Sale Ends November 13 / The first institutional grade cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to emerging markets in Asia Dlex (DLEX) Sale Starts September 28 Sale Ends October 20 /  A cryptocurrency exchange with advanced features Noiz (NOIZ) Sale Starts September 28 Sale Ends October 31 / An AI+blockchain ad exchange network providing transparent data to all parties, ensuring optimized user experience & empowering social impact campaigns Selfpay (SXP) Sale Starts September 28 Sale Ends October 28 / Proposing an innovative mixed solution with a clear updatable path enabling sellers and buyer to accept any cryptocurrency, anywhere, anytime Bitacium (XBCU) Sale Starts September 29 Sale Ends October 28 / Bringing in sensational innovation to blockchain and media services, integrating business and social activities into one network to enhance lifestyles all over the world Clarity Project (CLRTY) Sale Starts September 29, 2018 Sale Ends February 3, 2019 / A future where the Clarity platform is on every business owner’s device Adab (ADAB) Sale Starts September 30 Sale Ends November 30 / Developing the FICE – First Islamic Crypto Exchange, based on the norms of Shariah BBiller (BBILL) Sale Starts September 30, 2018 Sale Ends January 11, 2019 / Centralized accounting and banking (BC) Sale Starts September 30 Sale Ends December 31 / A decentralized platform for alcoholic beverage market based on social eco system with integrated wireless network combined RFID/NFC tags and sensors Bithemoth (BHM) Sale Starts September 30 Sale Ends November 1 / Striving for excellence and the development of the blockchain world BitMED (BXM) Sale Starts September 30 Sale Ends October 31 / Creating access to  cost-free healthcare while also creating commercial value for everyone involved CariOS (CAS) Sale Starts September 30 Sale Ends October 31 / A market where car data can be shared and exchanged Conventment (CNVT) Sale Starts September 30 Sale Ends October 10 / Cannabis Logistics Powered By Ethereum CPROP (CPROP) Sale Starts September 30 Sale Ends October 31 / Transactional real estate the blockchain way CRYPTTO (TTO) Sale Starts September 30 Sale Ends October 30 / Quantitative Crypto Trading Platform EMX (EMX) Sale Starts September 30 Sale Ends October 14 / Reimagining the cryptocurrency trading landscape, giving crypto holders the ability to trade global futures contracts on a single platform – without the need to convert to fiatExploreCoin (XPC) Sale Starts September 30 Sale Ends October 5 / A cryptocurrency designed to be the leading travel cryptocurrency in the world Get Achieve (GAT) Sale Starts September 30 Sale Ends November 25 / A Viral and Addictive Blockchain based AR game for the Masses Helix (mHLX) Sale Starts September 30 Sale Ends November 11 / A Berlin-based technology company that is dedicated towards developing and creating a sustainable digital ecosystem that interconnects Everyone and Everything; without intermediaries or central authorities, and at virtually no cost Kimera (KIMERA) Sale Starts September 30 Sale Ends October 31 / Combining powerful Artificial Intelligence with blockchain technology to evolve the global digital network to be able to proactively make peer-to-peer connections across ANY industry LevelApp (LVL) Sale Starts September 30 Sale Ends October 30 / Designed to remove barriers on the way of cryptocurrency adoption Phenomenal Network (PN) Sale Starts September 30 Sale Ends October 20 / The first blockchain-powered affiliate revolution by rewarding qualified affiliates and benefiting both ad networks and advertisers Soundeon (SND) Sale Starts September 30 Sale Ends October 30 / A pioneering decentralized and vertically integrated music platform that covers all aspects of the music industry. A Music ecosystem in which anyone can achieve success, either independently or by becoming a stakeholder in their artist’s success story Vaultitude (IP) Sale Starts September 30 Sale Ends October 31 / A browser based software for intellectual property (IP) protection and management will become a revolutionary new standard for this multi billion USD industry ZED (ZED) Sale Starts September 30 Sale Ends December 30 / A SaaS platform using ZED cryptocurrency to connect a global network of Money Transfer Operators 8 Circuit Studios (8BT) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 31 / Building video games, digital assets and tools for blockchain that empower players and developers to manifest their imagination Academia Lingu (LIN) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends December 31 / A platform, which aims to give equal language education to all internet users, based on blockchain technology AutoBlock (AUTOCOIN) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends December 15 / Transforming the way people buy, sell and research cars Bdaq (BDAQ) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 31 / Tokens not Listed Yet? Sell Them with Bdaq Big Data Block (BDB) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 31 / The Democratization of Big Data. Making Big Data Accessible, Affordable and Secure for Everyone thru the Power of Blockchain Technology BIRC (BIRC) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 16 / An innovative and interactive reward ecosystem that combines local shops, O2O (Online To Offline) and blockchain DECOIN (DTEP) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 26 / A Decentralized coin and Trading Platform Exchange which redistributes its revenue to coin holders Fan360 (FAN) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 31 / A blockchain-based platform for sports fans, that covers the complete fan experience FiveStarMiningNetwork (FSN) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 31 / The first cryptocurrency mining network that will provide guaranteed profit to investors each month Fluence (FLU) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends December 31 / Network of independent nodes that provide a decentralized, end-to-end encrypted database service. Scalable, reliable and secured by blockchain Game Protocol (GXT) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 31 / A decentralized platform for video games GrowPayment (GRPM) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends December 31 / A global cannabis Marketplace platform accepting fiat and cryptocurrency that is fully regulated by international jurisdictions. Catering to Hemp, CBD and cannabis related products Hala (HALA) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends November 1 / AI Platform for Business Inflr (INFLR) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends November 30 / An ERC20 standard token utility that will give token owners the ability to access the Inflr platform with its many features and unique data on influencers and brands KINEKT Terminals (XKN) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 31 / Transaction agnostic blockchain integrated terminal LaborCrypto (LBR) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends November 30 / A light touch administrator in a people-powered freelance work ecosystem LanceChain (LANC) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 31 / The decentralized marketplace for both freelancers and project owners, based on the blockchain ecosystem Land Layby (HRBE) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 31 / A blockchain platform that will create a history of immutable and incorruptible land ownership details in most developing countries through empowering the community to participate in listing their land assets MapCoin (MAP) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 31 / Aiding the collection of data for the whole autonomous vehicle and mapping industry MarbCoin (MAB) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends November 20 / A new blockchain-based application, dedicated to the purchase, sale and financing of residential and commercial real estate Newton (NEW) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 15 / Decentralized infrastructure of protocol-based economy Open Collectors Network (ECTO) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends November 1 / Decentralized exchange for one-of-a-kind tokens Õpet Foundation (OPET) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends December 31/ Building a blockchain to store the tertiary/college admission data of all high school students OUNA (OUNA) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 31 / Blockchain-based, peer-to-peer HR assessment and recruitment ecosystem Paytomat (PTI) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 30 / A blockchain-based payment processing system created to help merchants, consumers and crypto core teams to find each other and create real life traction for cryptocurrencies as emerging method of everyday payments Quizando (QUIZ) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends November 30 / Where influencers, large and small, get to host their own Last Man Standing quizzes in real time via video link SamBanx (SAM) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 31 / Connect crypto-assets to EU classic banks accounts Shipit (SHPT) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 31 / A community of senders and travelers united by the mobile app that helps the former ship packages and the latter make extra money while traveling ShopperCoin (SCO) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 20 / Cryptocurrency that represents trust and loyalty, creates and promotes a singular, universal loyalty ecosystem. ShopperCoin creates a decentralized, unified customer loyalty ecosystem that uses blockchain technology as its backbone and SCO, the ShopperCoin digital asset, as its medium of exchange SMRT (SMRT) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends January 1 / New Era for SMART Startups Snapparazzi (SNPC) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 29 / A revolutionary, decentralized independent media sharing & advertising platform, utilizing blockchain technology and offering everyone SnapCoin rewards Svper (SVP) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 30 / Redefining Socializing Online Tiberius (TCX) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 21 / An asset-backed token that allows users to directly participate in a portfolio of precious and base metals that are used in industries such as IoT, Transportation, Space, Robotics and AI Tokenaire (AIRE) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 31 / Personalizing The Blockchain TrustBar (TSB) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 31 / A decentralized crypto exchange that enables an individual or institutions to trade with another cryptocurrencies and tokens Unitalent (TAT) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends December 31 / Swiss blockchain enabled freelancing platform. It gives access to high-skill freelancers, allows direct peer-to-peer contracts between freelancers and corporate clients, and distributes project rewards transparently with smart contract secured transactions Vertex (VTEX) Sale Starts October 1, 2018 Sale Ends January 25, 2019 / An OTC platform that will offer tokens before they are listed on exchanges, the moment an ICO is over Viarium (VRX) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends November 30 / A decentralized VR-platform for business on the blockchain Virtuse Exchange (VIRT) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 31 / Bridging cryptocurrencies with the $300 trillion global financial market VMC.AI (VAI) Sale Starts October 1, 2018 Sale Ends January 1, 2019 / A decentralized solution for a trillion dollar market Wyzerr (WZR) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends December 31 / AI to turn feedback data into tasks and insights for the different roles within a company XELS (XELS) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 31 / A platform aimed at counteracting the effects of global warming XERA (XERA) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends November 27 / Transforming the way cryptocurrencies are traded, offering traders and investors a seamlessly integrated solution for their cryptocurrency investing YellowBetter (YBT) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends December 31 / A social portal that gives users the opportunity to get closer to the living culture and language of the country that interests users through direct contact with a real representative of the country ZAZA (ZAZA) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends December 31 / Decentralized Business Platform and B2B network powered by Blockchain. ZNAQ (ZNAQ) Sale Starts October 1 Sale Ends October 31 /  The first crypto index traded as a token Tachain (TCHN) Sale Starts October 2 Sale Ends October 31 / Providing comprehensive ad targeting system for advertisers while maintaining full security and effectiveness of a full scale transportation app Vibeo (VBEO) Sale Starts October 2 Sale Ends October 31 / A new Era of Social/Instant Messaging app Creditor Data Platform (CDPT) Sale Starts October 3, 2018 Sale Ends February 3, 2019 / A decentralized personal data marketplace that creates a transparent and mutually beneficial exchange of data between individuals and data purchasers (commercial companies who are looking for additional source to acquire the data or for target audience) KiMex (KMX) Sale Starts October 3 Sale Ends December 2 / A platform for the crypto BO trading Industry and a Good Wallet for traders VendiCoins (VENDI) Sale Starts October 3 Sale Ends November 10 / A proprietary tagging algorithm appended to a piece of video content at specific times during a specific video duration, selected by the publisher Cloudbric (CLB) Sale Starts October 4  Sale Ends October 13 / A decentralized universal security platform featuring an enterprise-grade website, mobile devices, crypto asset security, as well as access to a community driven threat intelligence database. CryptoPolice (OFCR) Sale Starts October 4 Sale Ends November 3 / A platform that helps bring together community and technology in order to safeguard online users against fraud   Click here for 21st Money’s complete list of upcoming and ongoing ICOs   The post The 21st Money Newsletter – Crypto News and Analysis appeared first on DecentralPost.

BlockSafe Blockchain Cybersecurity Announces BSAFE Security Token Offering Presale

BlockSafe, a Blockchain Security Company Just Started a Presale Security Token Offering A company that has been design to specialize in cybersecurity solutions for ecosystems, BlockSafe Technologies, has just announced the recent launch of a pre-sale round of the security token offering, it is referred to us STO. The ERC20 BlockSafe security token, referred to as BSAFE, has been designed to be a revenue-generating security token. One that is fully compliant with the SEC securities regulations. The company has recently released a desktop and mobile version of their famous anti-malware tool which they call the CryptoDefender. Which is able to secure individual cryptocurrency wallets from any theft taking place. CryptoDefender is considered to be the very first three-tiered solution in the market which also includes the exchange defender in the beta version. Which has been made to protect the internal systems of exchanges. We Should Expect to See More The company hopes with the current token offering that it will raise about 27 million dollars which will be the total funding of the STO, which has been planned to take place at the end of the current year. Block safe also intends to use the funds collected during this period to commercialize and be able to properly market the blockchain security solution that they are offering to the market. According to a statement made by George Waller, founder of BlockSafe, the last three solutions was the blockchain defender, which was designed as a solution that is able to protect their permission blockchains. It is by enabling the company to add the needed authentication, content filtering, secure firewall, load-balancing, and the DDoS mitigation. He goes on to say that there is no other product on the market that is able to offer this kind of security for blockchains in the market. The BlockSafe company went ahead to patent their cutting-edge technology that will be able to address the significant cybersecurity challenges that have been faced by several investors. The company is also further supported by a sizeable experienced team that has been able to work together for the past 17 years. Thus, it is a company to watch out for. Strike-force technologies, which is the parent company of BlockSafe is the leading provider of cyber security solutions for customers in the market, the government agencies and corporations. The current relationship with StrikeForce has been able to bring millions in the research and development department plus 17 years of advanced tested cyber technology. This is not all as BlockSafe has gone ahead to assemble a team constituting reputable advisors who are spanning the blockchain industry and cybersecurity.
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BlockSafe Technologies Rolling out SEC Compliant Security Token Offering

Blockchain cybersecurity company BlockSafe Technologies, has launched the presale round of their SEC compliant security token offering. The BlockSafe ERC-20 security token (BSAFE) is a revenue generating security token in full compliance with SEC securities regulations. “Our mission is an important one, $9 million is stolen each day from individual wallets and the fear that this lack […] The post BlockSafe Technologies Rolling out SEC Compliant Security Token Offering appeared first on Blockchain News.
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BlockSafe Technologies Announces Presale for SEC Compliant Security Token Offering

EDISON, N.J., Sept. 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BlockSafe Technologies, Inc., (BlockSafe), a company specializing in cyber security solutions for blockchain ecosystems, today announced the launch of the presale round of their security token offering. The BlockSafe ERC-20 security token (BSAFE™) is a revenue generating security token in full compliance with SEC securities regulations. BlockSafe Technologies recently released mobile and desktop versions of their anti-malware tool CryptoDefender™ which secures individual cryptocurrency wallets from theft. "Our mission is an important one, $9 million is stolen each day from individual wallets and the fear that this lack of security fosters is the single largest obstacle to mass consumer adoption of cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them", said CTO Ram Pemmaraju. "BlockSafe will secure the blockchain ecosystem. We recently launched our pioneering app CryptoDefender, and are now looking towards the future and securing both exchanges and private blockchains." CryptoDefender™ is the first of a three-tiered solution, which also includes ExchangeDefender™, currently in beta, aimed to protect the internal systems of crypto exchanges. "The last of our three solutions ...Full story available on

Blockchain security company BlockSafe starts presale for compliant Security Token Offering

Investors led by  BlockSafe Technologies (BlockSafe), a company specializing in cybersecurity solutions for blockchain ecosystems, today announced the launch of the presale round of their security token offering. The BlockSafe ERC-20 security token (BSAFE) is a revenue-generating security... Blockchain security company BlockSafe starts presale for compliant Security Token Offering
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Crypto Exchanges Under Fire: DragonEx Hacked, Coinbene Undergoes Sudden Maintenance

Singapore Exchange Loses A Mass Of Crypto Exchanges haven’t had the best start to 2019. Sure, Binance has been doing A-OK with its initial exchange offering (IEO) model, with its resident token rallying past $17, but lesser-known crypto platforms have been suffering. Earlier this year, QuadrigaCX was revealed to have ‘lost’ access to over $150 million worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other assets, as Cryptopia suffered a devastating hack. This facet of the industry’s misfortune has continued, unfortunately enough. According to CoinDesk, DragonEx, a Singapore-based exchange, was hacked. The company announced this unfortunate happening via its Telegram channel, in which DragonEx’s PR staff claimed that funds of users and the platform itself were “transferred and stolen.” DragonEx has yet to divulge the exact details of the crypto assets stolen, including the type and the nominal value. However, the company did post the addresses of the assumed hackers, of which there were about 20 pertaining to a series of assets (Bitcoin, XEM, EOS, XRP, ETC, etc.). From a brief look, a minimum of 135 BTC, 500 Ether, and 4,670 LTC were forcibly yanked from the exchange’s coffers. This, for those who are wondering, racks up to ~$800,000. The full amount hacked, however, could easily be much higher than this sum. DragonEx has purportedly informed a number of local authorities, including those in Estonia, Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong, to the attack. Elaborating, the crypto startup wrote: “We’re assisting policemen to do investigation. All platform services will be closed and the accurate assets loss recovery situation will be announced in a week. It was added that the firm will “take the responsibility no matter what.” Coinbene Under Seige? This comes as Coinbene suddenly revealed it would be undergoing maintenance. A tweet from the company claims that it “upgraded the platform wallet… operations such as deposit and withdraw will be affected.” While this is a normal announcement for exchanges across the board, Coinbene’s session came straight out of left field, leading to ramping speculation. Nick Schteringard posted the below message in a bid to draw suspicion to the exchange’s Ethereum wallets, which sent out a mass of ERC-20 tokens yesterday. Some strange activity spotted on #Coinbene. Users report that #ETH wallets were hacked and attach these two addresses. #bitcoin #exchange— Nick Schteringard (@schteringard) March 26, 2019 Coinbene’s ongoing imbroglio comes after Bitwise Asset Management, an American crypto-centric investment services provider, targeted the exchange in its scathing report on fake Bitcoin trading activity. As reported by Ethereum World News previously, Bitwise drew attention to “suspicious exchanges” such as the little-known CoinBene to back its report. CoinBene purportedly utilizes “trade printing” between the bid and ask prices, hinting that there could be an automated system behind much of the trades. Thus, some have concluded that this sudden period of maintenance could be the platform’s bid to rectify bots and other bad actors. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash The post Crypto Exchanges Under Fire: DragonEx Hacked, Coinbene Undergoes Sudden Maintenance appeared first on Ethereum World News.
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Japanese E-Commerce Giant, Rakuten, Gets Nod of Approval by FSA to Launch Crypto Exchange

Rakuten, the e-commerce giant and Japan's Amazon has completed the registration of its cryptocurrency exchange Rakuten Wallet that will be going live next month, as per the press release of the company on March 25. The official announcement reads: “We are pleased to announce that our registration with the Kanto Finance Bureau has been completed […]
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$3.4M Huobi Prime Sale Shows Investor Enthusiasm Remains High

Huobi Prime successfully completed its first initial exchange offering (IEO) on Huobi Prime this afternoon. The sale concluded in a matter of seconds, and raised $3.4M – proving that investor enthusiasm for the new token sale format isn’t confined to Binance Launchpad. TOP Network, a blockchain-based messaging service, was the first project featured on the new platform. More than 1.5bn TOP tokens were sold, around 7.5% of the total supply. The token was made available for trading almost immediately, and at the time of writing was exchanging hands at a multiple of around four times the asking price. The sale comprised three funding rounds, each offering larger quantities at a slightly higher asking price than the last. Although each round was set to last 30 minutes, each round was heavily oversubscribed and finished within seconds of opening. The first round completed within seven seconds. Huobi only announced its new Prime feature last week, as Crypto Briefing reported. Unlike the first few sales on Binance Launchpad, which were open to the general public, Huobi requires eligible participants to hold 500 Huobi Tokens (HT) – used to purchase tokens – at least 30 days prior to the sale. As Ross Zhang, Huobi’s head of marketing said at the time, this was to ensure the exchange gave equal opportunities to investors who were “involved and invested in our ecosystem”. Binance announced Sunday that Launchpad sales would now feature a new lottery-based format to its token sales. Better Protections For Investors… Unless Conflicts Arise? What makes IEOs interesting is that they tweak the token sale model. Instead of direct transactions between investors and projects, the exchange itself forms the counter-party. Participants must register and create an account on the platform, and this requires them to first pass KYC/AML checks. It’s also within the best interests of exchanges to ensure sales are full compliance. It’s their necks on the line and this means they are likely to carefully vet projects first. As Huobi said in its initial announcement, tokens must first pass a “[r]igorous screening and selection processes to ensure only premium projects that have yet to be listed on any major exchange are included.” Binance upgraded its own KYC/AML procedures today. Other exchanges are also looking at the IEO model, and despite a failure to launch with their first effort, Bittrex is seeking to offer VeriBlock as its next attempt. The VeriBlock project, which counts Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara as an advisor, would be valued at over $200M if the sale is completed successfully. Bittrex includes a disclaimer on its website explaining that as a result of Shihara’s dual role, “Bittrex holds a customary minority equity position in an affiliate of the sponsor of the VBK Coin Initial Exchange Offering, and will indirectly benefit from the successful completion of the Initial Exchange Offering.” Whether this discourages investors remains to be seen. Few would have thought three months ago that sales such as BitTorrent (BTT), Celer Network (CELR) and now TOP Network would have been possible. KuCoin’s Spotlight platform will be hosting its first token sale next week. Is an IEO season upon us? The author is invested in digital assets, but none mentioned in this article. Join the conversation on Telegram and Twitter! The post $3.4M Huobi Prime Sale Shows Investor Enthusiasm Remains High appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

Why the New ‘Apple Card’ Credit Card Doesn’t Compete With Bitcoin

The Apple credit card launches this summer. Here’s why it nothing like Bitcoin and is more underwhelming than a utility token with no use-case. Apple Announces Credit Card Apple has long been revered as the world’s most innovative company. There’s no denying that the smartphone changed the way billions of people around the world live their lives forever. But it’s time for the trailblazing tech company to wake up and smell the roses. While Apple was releasing one carbon-copy product after another at higher and higher prices, the competition was busy doing the opposite. Now the high-end, high-priced tech manufacturer is scrambling to hold its own in a rapidly evolving market. And with the launch of its underwhelming Apple Card, there’s something sad about the stench of its desperation. Apple Card vs Samsung’s Built-In Bitcoin Wallet Apple’s largest competitor apart from the slew of cheaper Chinese products is undoubtedly Samsung. The South Korean giant hasn’t had an easy ride either with equally pricey products getting undercut left and right. But as one large company embraces the future, its flagship Galaxy S10 coming with a built-in Bitcoin wallet, Apple’s response is disappointing, to say the least. Rather than acknowledge the cryptocurrency revolution, and appeal to a younger market, the smartphone manufacturer aims to ‘disrupt’ the credit card industry. Isn’t that the wrong pool to be swimming in? The revolution won’t come in the form of borderless transactions since it’s only available in the United States. It also won’t be peer-to-peer, eliminate centralized institutions, or greatly reduce fees. Although its interest rates will be: Among the lowest in the industry Mind. Blown. Apple’s game plan is more about additional security of payments, no annual or foreign transaction fees, and the fact that (wait for it) its partner Goldman Sachs will never sell your data for marketing. You can even buy yourself a coffee on the Goldman Sachs blockchain. You just have to trust Apple and Goldman Sachs to do so. It’s a Custodial Hardware Hot Wallet The Apple Card will come built into the iPhone’s Wallet App, which effectively makes it a custodial hardware hot wallet for USD. Apple claims they will never track your transactions, and all the information will be held on your device. Users can request a laser-etched titanium card, should they be so inclined, although, there seems to be little point in that. In fact, why even offer a traditional card for a wallet the company wants you to get rid of in the first place? If you’ve failed to be bowled over by so much innovation so far, there’s more. Users can track their spending on their phone through a user-friendly app. You Have to Trust Goldman Sachs In the wake of major gaffes by tech companies like Facebook and Google, Apple is pushing its next-generation security and privacy features. The centralized entity will not track your transactions and Goldman Sachs (the other centralized entity) has agreed not to sell user data. Explosive stuff compared to a decentralized alternative financial system which requires no intermediaries at all. Increased adoption of Apple Pay? Perhaps. A revolution in finance? It’s just as well Cook wasn’t speaking at a Bitcoin conference, the audience would have walked out in droves. Steve Jobs Would Have Had Bitcoin in iOS by Now Apple Card seems like a desperate bid to push Apply Pay onto the people rather than let them to choose how they manage their finances. CEO Tim Cook enthused that the card was: The most significant change in the credit card experience in 50 years. Exactly where has he been lately? Steve Jobs would have Bitcoin integrated into iOS by now.  The aim of the game is presumably to bump up the adoption of Apple Pay in partnership with market leaders MasterCard and Goldman Sachs. Two giant financial institutions that will hardly feel the pinch from Apple Pay and its meager card. There are no real tangible benefits for users of the card beyond a few outstandingly mundane offers. For example, paying for Apple products with your built-in Apple Card gets you a whopping 1-3% cash back on purchases. So what is Apple thinking entering an already saturated market that swathes of people are trying to overthrow? Once on the cutting-edge of innovation, Apple now seems to be extremely myopic when it comes to the future. What do you this of this new credit card? Will it undermine payment-focused cryptocurrencies with low fees? Share your thoughts below! Images via Shutterstock The post Why the New ‘Apple Card’ Credit Card Doesn’t Compete With Bitcoin appeared first on
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