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CrypTocurrency Coin (CTC) is a peer-to-peer electronic monetary system based on cryptography.
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TRON in 2019: What TRX Cryptocurrency Coin Expectations Will Unfold From Justin Sun’s Network?

What Can Be Expected From TRON In 2019? 2018 had been an eventful year for TRON. Even though it has not made their investors too rich till now, most people have hopes that it will in the future. Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation claim that Tron is able to do everything that Ethereum can do, but without any scalability issues that are currently plaguing the Ethereum’s platform. The factor triggering the rise of Tron may be the fact that the TRON Foundation and founder Justin Sun acquired the BitTorrent platform in June 2018. At the time, it had propelled TRX upwards by 17%. BitTorrent now is slated to sell its token on the Binance Launchpad. The network has also acquired over 1 million user accounts in just over six months. It now boasts of more than 80 dApps, within two months of launching the TRON Virtual Machine and smart contract functionality. In a Forbes interview Sun said: “Our next steps in 2019 would be Project Atlas, DApps, community and tech support. In particular, support is very important to us as TRON is community oriented and consumer-focused.BitTorrent Web is another step towards more user acquisition, and thus user empowerment. Lastly, we’re looking at a partnership with established companies, such as Swisscom and Oracle to accelerate the decentralization of the Internet.” Popular crypto influencer Tommy Mustache sums up Sun’s ambitions in his Tweet. He thinks that Sun being able to accomplish so much as such a young age makes him a force within the community to reckon with. The company will have ambitious goals for this year. Two of their most ambitious goals are; TRON to become the 4th largest crypto by market capitalization and to have an ecosystem larger than that of Ethereum. Sun also mentioned these same goals in a tweet right before the end of 2018.
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CrypticCoin (CRYP) Key Advantages and Ongoing Achievements Further Advance the Cutting-Edge Cryptocurrency and Enhanced Privacy Coin

MALTA, Dec. 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via CryptoCurrencyWire – CrypticCoin Foundation today announces recent highlights and future milestones for CrypticCoin (CRYP), a decentralized open-source cryptocurrency coin on its own blockchain that connects the best privacy and anonymity practices with lightning-fast transaction speeds. CrypticCoin is not dependent on any other platform. CrypticCoin is its own blockchain ecosystem. CrypticCoin is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency and enhanced privacy coin that allows its users to engage in direct transactions with higher levels of privacy and security as well as speeds that are faster and cheaper than credit and debit card transactions. CrypticCoin includes features such as the ZeroCash / Zcash (ZEC) protocol and many other enhanced and mixed security/privacy features. CrypticCoin (CRYP) is now trading on four top exchanges listed on Feel free to go to one of these premier exchanges to get CrypticCoin now and become an early adopter today! CrypticCoin was born on January 18, 2018, when there were roughly 7,598,607,351 humans currently living on planet Earth. This became the basis of the max supply (7,598,607,351) of CrypticCoin, which would equate to about one CRYP for every person on Earth. Key milestones achieved during this inaugural year of CrypticCoin are highlighted below. CrypticCoin was successfully launched worldwide as an FCO (Free Coin Offering) and not as an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). This is very similar to the way Bitcoin (BTC) was launched as an FCO (Free Coin Offering), yet CrypticCoin (CRYP) is faster, more private and trading at a fraction of the price of Bitcoin. Being an FCO, CrypticCoin and its global community have accomplished much as a community-driven coin without an ICO. There is no universal solution that provides unsurpassed levels of confidentiality, fast transaction speeds, and use of minimum competing resources. CrypticCoin addresses this problem with its own unique solution. CrypticCoin has released secured wallets on multiple operating platforms and uses Simple Payment Verification (SPV) technology for superfast transactions, which are even quicker than credit and debit card transactions. With CrypticCoin, users can choose public or private transactions. Public transactions are recorded to the CrypticCoin public ledger unchanged with the sender's and receiver's public CrypticCoin addresses and the amount of CRYP transferred. Private CrypticCoin transactions are recorded to the public ledger using a one-time public key that is generated by a special algorithm so that when analyzing the blockchain, these transactions are not traceable and cannot be mapped to another transaction.Anonymous payments provide users with the highest levels of privacy while conducting ...Full story available on

What Is Waltonchain Network?  Introduction to Waltoncoin WCT Token

What Is Waltonchain? Waltonchain is a blockchain that tracks radio-frequency identification (RFID) data throughout the supply chain. Waltoncoin (WTC) is the native cryptocurrency token of the mainchain, and users can create their own tokens on subchains. Supply chain management is one of the most prominent and obvious uses of blockchain technology. Everyone from FedEx to Walmart is working on blockchain solutions to increase efficiency by reducing costs and friction. Projects like VeChain Thor are deeply focused on the problem too, even including NFC and QR codes, along with expanding into other enterprise operational matters. The Waltonchain team is well-equipped for battle though – co-founders Do Sanghyuk and Xu Fangcheng have pedigrees as the Directors of the Korean Standard Products Association and Septwolves Group Ltd., respectively. And Kim Sukku, a former Samsung VP, serves as Chief Scientist Advisor. Waltonchain is named after Charlie Walton, who invented RFID technology. It’s also an acronym for Wisdom Alters Label, Trade Organization, and Network. It’s not related to Walmart or the Walton family who owns that retailer. By focusing on one of the most-used technologies in supply chain, Waltonchain can build a sustainable business. We’ll start our research into the project with a deep dive into Waltoncoin (WTC), the proprietary cryptocurrency coin of the Waltonchain blockchain. Waltoncoin (WCT) Cryptocurrency Summary As of December 30, 2018, the circulating supply of Waltoncoin is 40,369,759 out of a total supply of 100,000,000 WTC. The peak price of WTC so far was $42.46 on January 27, 2018. The Waltonchain ICO token crowdsale was held from September 1 through 30, 2017. At this time, approximately $10,000,000 worth of ETH was raised by selling around 25,000,000 WTC. Approximately 30,000,000 WTC was withheld for mining rewards, and 10,000,000 WTC was retained by the founding team. Waltoncoin is used to pay for transactions or create subchains on the Waltonchain blockchain on a per-byte basis. WTC is mined using a combined Proof-of-Work (PoW), Proof-of-Stake (PoS), and Proof-of-Labor (PoL) consensus mechanism. They call it Waltonchain Proof-of-Contribution (WPoC). The main chain uses a combination of PoW and PoS. Data exchanges between parent and child chains are processed by master nodes using PoL. There are three types of Waltonchain master nodes: Master Nodes (MN), Guardian Master Nodes (GMN), and Super Master Nodes (SMN). Here’s the breakdown of the formulas used to calculate WTC rewards: WTC Holders = PoS Pool MN = PoS Pool + PoW + PoL GMN = MN Pool + PoS Pool + PoW + PoL SMN = GMN Pool + MN Pool + PoS Pool + PoW + PoL As of December 19, 2018, there are 18 SMNs, 1563 GMNs, and 2281 MNs (which includes GMNs). The Waltonchain Foundation has been actively recruiting 99 SMNs since July 2018. Holding 5000 WTC qualifies you as a Guardian Master Node and 10,000 WTC is needed to qualify as a Super Master Node. The Waltonchain mainnet was launched March 2018, and a series of token swaps have been held to convert mined WTCT tokens on the Ethereum-based Waltonchain beta into ERC-20 WTC tokens on the mainnet. Waltoncoin is accepted by a variety of cryptocurrency exchange markets, including Allbit, Binance, Bithumb, Huobi, OKEx, and CoinMex. Its trading pairs include ETH, BTC, XRP, and USDT. The Waltonchain mainnet is an Ethereum fork, so WTC is still ERC-20 compatible and can be stored in any ERC20-compatible cryptocurrency wallet. This includes MyEtherWallet and the Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets. [{"date":1514739855000,"value":11.3606,"volume":21866000},{"date":1514826254000,"value":11.263,"volume":27174300},{"date":1514912653000,"value":11.6028,"volume":28125300},{"date":1514999052000,"value":10.2604,"volume":28639800},{"date":1515085456000,"value":10.1628,"volume":28450700},{"date":1515171854000,"value":10.5791,"volume":33985000},{"date":1515258253000,"value":13.4812,"volume":47121200},{"date":1515344653000,"value":16.137,"volume":60038000},{"date":1515431054000,"value":14.6534,"volume":32364200},{"date":1515517454000,"value":14.9408,"volume":28229300},{"date":1515603853000,"value":18.135,"volume":62278400},{"date":1515690254000,"value":16.4113,"volume":32047100},{"date":1515776653000,"value":18.9374,"volume":48094100},{"date":1515863053000,"value":30.0138,"volume":328986000},{"date":1515949454000,"value":24.609,"volume":115235000},{"date":1516035853000,"value":25.1189,"volume":54651900},{"date":1516122258000,"value":22.9557,"volume":68971600},{"date":1516208658000,"value":16.8316,"volume":40193000},{"date":1516295059000,"value":23.4247,"volume":61357100},{"date":1516381457000,"value":22.7965,"volume":43221800},{"date":1516467858000,"value":26.0516,"volume":45012900},{"date":1516554258000,"value":27.739,"volume":64479400},{"date":1516640658000,"value":24.4021,"volume":47894800},{"date":1516727058000,"value":31.3091,"volume":89322000},{"date":1516813461000,"value":35.1499,"volume":97955900},{"date":1516899858000,"value":32.4498,"volume":58902000},{"date":1516986258000,"value":36.5915,"volume":60289400},{"date":1517072658000,"value":41.3862,"volume":84973900},{"date":1517159059000,"value":36.9302,"volume":117904000},{"date":1517245458000,"value":39.7885,"volume":70708300},{"date":1517331858000,"value":34.0137,"volume":48305200},{"date":1517418258000,"value":31.3094,"volume":21091200},{"date":1517504659000,"value":25.5995,"volume":16870600},{"date":1517591059000,"value":27.5916,"volume":25340500},{"date":1517677459000,"value":29.187,"volume":23142400},{"date":1517763859000,"value":24.0117,"volume":14319800},{"date":1517850260000,"value":18.5078,"volume":13732700},{"date":1517938758000,"value":17.9472,"volume":20678300},{"date":1518025159000,"value":22.8109,"volume":20420600},{"date":1518111559000,"value":22.3827,"volume":16075500},{"date":1518197954000,"value":23.6934,"volume":17167400},{"date":1518284354000,"value":22.102,"volume":14466700},{"date":1518370769000,"value":20.9827,"volume":7115320},{"date":1518457153000,"value":21.7271,"volume":6581120},{"date":1518543553000,"value":21.1895,"volume":5303830},{"date":1518629954000,"value":23.8305,"volume":9197790},{"date":1518716353000,"value":27.1883,"volume":14568500},{"date":1518802754000,"value":26.9782,"volume":15718000},{"date":1518889153000,"value":27.7797,"volume":8956660},{"date":1518975553000,"value":25.2407,"volume":9105080},{"date":1519061953000,"value":25.2873,"volume":7376640},{"date":1519148353000,"value":23.4327,"volume":9467940},{"date":1519235055000,"value":20.0227,"volume":10648800},{"date":1519322353000,"value":20.5155,"volume":9694820},{"date":1519410855000,"value":21.2538,"volume":5344870},{"date":1519497253000,"value":21.1378,"volume":5130870},{"date":1519583653000,"value":21.7385,"volume":8617800},{"date":1519670054000,"value":21.7245,"volume":8722250},{"date":1519756453000,"value":21.5652,"volume":6141940},{"date":1519842854000,"value":22.061,"volume":9097550},{"date":1519929854000,"value":19.036,"volume":36065900},{"date":1520016552000,"value":20.306,"volume":21451700},{"date":1520102953000,"value":19.3739,"volume":18197500},{"date":1520189353000,"value":19.0355,"volume":13058300},{"date":1520278752000,"value":20.1707,"volume":12971000},{"date":1520365153000,"value":24.2221,"volume":76490500},{"date":1520451553000,"value":18.4725,"volume":58725900},{"date":1520537953000,"value":16.2546,"volume":13545500},{"date":1520624352000,"value":15.0024,"volume":10947400},{"date":1520710752000,"value":15.7043,"volume":8094700},{"date":1520797152000,"value":17.0131,"volume":11449900},{"date":1520883554000,"value":15.2827,"volume":8856020},{"date":1520969952000,"value":15.4288,"volume":7691780},{"date":1521056353000,"value":13.7499,"volume":7013550},{"date":1521142752000,"value":12.7832,"volume":5791400},{"date":1521229153000,"value":13.8387,"volume":5554680},{"date":1521315553000,"value":11.5405,"volume":5088210},{"date":1521401952000,"value":10.5875,"volume":4054480},{"date":1521488353000,"value":12.2728,"volume":6017010},{"date":1521574453000,"value":13.6811,"volume":5753470},{"date":1521660853000,"value":13.7984,"volume":5271340},{"date":1521747252000,"value":12.7361,"volume":3435270},{"date":1521833952000,"value":13.0599,"volume":4369260},{"date":1521920352000,"value":13.3307,"volume":4284680},{"date":1522006752000,"value":14.2693,"volume":7302440},{"date":1522092553000,"value":12.331,"volume":6183800},{"date":1522178952000,"value":13.0689,"volume":5010470},{"date":1522263553000,"value":13.1359,"volume":4989780},{"date":1522349053000,"v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1.09751103339,"volume":5795143},{"date":1545352453000,"value":1.19515306501,"volume":6073256},{"date":1545438855000,"value":1.13489065515,"volume":4810048},{"date":1545525253000,"value":1.19613328114,"volume":4067676},{"date":1545611652000,"value":1.24655914996,"volume":4135613},{"date":1545698051000,"value":1.26121188267,"volume":5333928},{"date":1545784450000,"value":1.1900024992,"volume":4463716},{"date":1545870850000,"value":1.18883244689,"volume":2882234},{"date":1545957247000,"value":1.07276607967,"volume":2466653},{"date":1546043652000,"value":1.16214905019,"volume":2269347},{"date":1546130050000,"value":1.11643169805,"volume":2619999},{"date":1546216450000,"value":1.22049555218,"volume":3808297},{"date":1546275550000,"value":1.1507986695,"volume":2885779},{"date":1546285509287,"value":1.14327784247,"volume":2855658.47811}] Waltonchain(WTC) Price $1.09 Market Cap$27,501,230.68 #ccpw-ticker-25656 .ccc-chart-header { background: #1c71ff} #ccpw-ticker-25656 #ccc-chart-block .exportBtnTop, #ccpw-ticker-25656 a.tabperiods.tabperiods_active, #ccpw-ticker-25656 .coin_details { color: #1c71ff; background: rgba(28,113,255,0.15); } #ccpw-ticker-25656 .coin_details { border: 1px solid rgba(28,113,255,0.16); } .ccpw-container_chart #ccpw-ticker-25656 .coin-container:after, .ccpw-container_four #ccpw-ticker-25656 .coin-container:after {border-color:#ccc !Important;} Waltonchain’s RFID Supply Chain Bet Waltonchain’s value proposition describes a Value Internet of Things (VIoT) in which data from RFID tags is stored on the blockchain. Scanning the RFID tag provides a brief look at necessary information about the product it’s attached to. In the food supply chain, for example, an RFID tag would hold the harvest date, all parties who touched the product, and any other information pertinent to the end user. And businesses don’t have to worry about trade secrets being leaked – all Waltonchain users are able and welcome to create subchains with whatever consensus mechanism they choose. This reduces the bottlenecking found in Ethereum’s blockchain and enables scaling. It seems to be attracting enterprise partners across China and Southeast Asia. Aside from partnering with several Chinese provincial governments, Waltonchain is partnered with Tanyu, Silictec, Lalabobo, Kaltendin, and more. It is not currently partnered with Walmart, and rumors swirling around seem to be based on the similar name. Although focused mostly on Asian markets so far, there’s comprehensive English documentation building, and the official Waltonchain Medium account is regularly updated. Now that Waltonchain has proof of concept, it simply needs to continue selling its supply chain management solution to more enterprise users, who sign long-term contracts with big payouts. The supply chain management market is expected to be worth $19 billion annually by 2021, according to Gartner. Blockchain technology, when combined with IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning (ML) algorithms, is seen by many industry analysts and experts as the solution to minimizing errors, reducing costs, and speeding up the entire supply chain. Waltonchain Summary Waltonchain is one of many enterprise-grade supply chain solutions integrating RFID IoT data onto the blockchain. It’s named after the inventor of RFID and is not associated nor partnered with Walmart. The project is well endorsed in China and other countries in the Southeast Asia region. The success of Waltonchain hinges on these key factors: Waltonchain stores RFID information in smart contracts on an Ethereum-like blockchain that supports parent and child chains. Waltoncoin (WCT) is the proprietary ERC-20 token of the Waltonchain mainnet. It’s mined using a hybrid WPoC consensus algorithm that balances stake and work among nodes. Individual users can create and issue their own tokens on the Waltonchain network using whatever consensus algorithm they please. With these pieces in place, Waltonchain has a solid technical architecture in place and enough partners to keep money flowing into the project. The real issue is whether it can attract enough SMBs, GMBs, and MBs to scale and support the massive supply chain infrastructure in place. If it can carry the weight, people may one day wonder if Walmart is a subsidiary of Waltonchain, instead of the other way around…   The author is not currently invested in digital assets. The post What Is Waltonchain Network?  Introduction to Waltoncoin WCT Token appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

What Is Reddcoin? Introduction to RDD Token

What Is Reddcoin? Reddcoin is a decentralized, blockchain-based cryptocurrency used to tip or send payments for social content. Unlike competitor Steem (and legacy platforms like Snapcash), the Reddcoin API supports all social platforms, from Reddit to Twitter and Twitch. RDD, the native cryptocurrency coin of Reddcoin, is mined by the ReddID wallet through a Proof-of-Stake-Velocity, which increases your odds of mining a valid block through your RDD balance. Social media is a big business – according to Pew Research, over 68 percent of American adults use Facebook alone. In fact, the social giant has over 2.27 billion monthly active users as of September 30, 2018. The rise of social media led to a rise in influencer marketing, with major social influencers generating millions of dollars in revenue. Now everybody wants to be a social media influencer, and with brands pushing toward microinfluencers, socialcoins like RDD, SBD, and STEEM are well-positioned to bridge the gap. Everyone should get paid for making social platforms like Facebook popular, not just C-suite executives like Zuckerberg. The idea of tipping content creators already created a rift that let social funding platforms like Patreon to create a new lane and flourish. If there’s money to be made in this lane, it’s going to be found, and Reddcoin isn’t the only one looking. Even Dogecoin is popularly used for tipping online. Will social currency and Internet tipping become widespread enough to sustain an entire market? Let’s begin answering that question with a breakdown of the RDD cryptocurrency and its market performance so far. RDD Cryptocurrency Summary As of December 17th, 2018, the circulating supply of Reddcoin is 28,808,713,174 RDD, with no total supply cap (the original hard cap of 109,000,000,000 was removed during the transition to PoSV). The peak price so far of RDD was $0.028770 on January 7, 2018. The Reddcoin public ICO token sale ended January 20, 2014 and raised over $100,000 worth of BTC in anticipation of the platform’s February 2, 2014 release. Over 5.45 billion REDD was minted in this initial batch. RDD was initially mined through PoW like BTC, but it was transitioned to PoSV mining in August 2014. The total supply of RDD increases approximately five percent on an annual basis. PoSV still requires processing algorithms, but because RDD balances increase success probability, PCs, tablets, laptops, and smartphones can compete with ASIC mining rigs. Reddcoin critics argue it can’t sustain value because of its divisibility and uncapped supply. Supporters argue a price over $0.01 already makes it difficult to support microtransactions online. Spending a penny is more emotional than spending one tenth of a penny, and on ad platforms used by most websites, approximately $0.01 is paid out for every 1000 views. This puts a hefty limit on social media, as nearly 80 percent of Facebook users (and 100% of real people) have 500 or fewer friends. Over $200,000 worth of RDD is traded on a daily basis. Cryptocurrency exchanges that support RDD include Bittrex, Upbit,, and Cryptopia. Reddcoin trading pairs include BTC, DOGE, and fiat currencies like EUR. The official Reddcoin cryptocurrency wallet is available for desktop platforms and mines RDD. Also, ReddID runs as a browser extension that lets you easily tip people on any website or forum you visit within the browser. Think of it as a phonebook for Reddcoin addresses and usernames so you can locate wallet addresses for the creators you’re viewing. Other third-party wallets have been created, including Reddcoin-Qt and reddcoind, however only ReddID has been confirmed for staking and earning RDD interest. Socializing With Online Networks When cryptocurrency started gaining mainstream attention in 2011, journalists, influencers, bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, and other content creators started posting their public keys online. Over the past decade, we all just kinda got used to seeing them on social media profiles and author bios. Meanwhile in 2015, Facebook joined the ranks of messaging platforms to allow friend-to-friend payments. Microtransactions and social payments seem like the wave of the future, and several cryptocurrencies, like DOGE, have risen through the ranks as generally acceptable forms of payments to tip people online. This forced platforms to push for proprietary currencies to tokenize transactions on their platforms, whether blockchain-based or not. Amazon-owned video game streaming service Twitch, for example, created its proprietary Bits currency in late 2017 it quickly integrated the service with PayPal for convenience. Twitch has over 140 million monthly active users watching over 2.2 million monthly livestreams. Amazon spent $970 million to buy the company in 2014, and its top 10 streamers earn over $23 million a year in combined revenue. But earning a living on these platforms isn’t as easy as it looks – top earners have professional teams helping with production, social media, merch sales, and other revenue streams. The average person is lucky to make $10-$100 a year through all the content he or she creates online. And that’s assuming anyone paying attention cares enough to tip – nearly 80 percent of Facebook Messenger users have never used Facebook Payments. While services like YouTube are raising the bar for monetization, Reddcoin is going the other direction by enabling social media micropayments. Think of it as a monetized “like” button for all social media platforms. How does it accomplish this? Dissecting the Reddcoin Ecosystem Reddcoin has several APIs and UIs to make tipping on social media easier. When you create an account on the Reddcoin wallet, you’re able to link your Twitter, Twitch, and Reddit accounts. You can then download the ReddID browser extension. When you enjoy content on these platforms, you can “like” it by entering the username and sending a micropayment. REDD can be used to purchase Bits on Twitch, Reddit Gold on Reddit, etc. It can also be used as payment at some minor retailers, or it can be traded P2P or on the cryptocurrency exchanges mentioned above. Reddcoin also created Reddcoin Broadcast in 2014, which works like Hootsuite or Buffer for broadcasting messages across social media platforms. Unlike Hootsuite and Buffer, Reddcoin Broadcast is a free tool meant to spread awareness and usage of REDD. Users with the Reddcoin Wallet installed act as nodes to process blocks every 60 seconds in exchange for blockchain rewards. The APR of this system is approximately 5 percent, which means you’ll receive more by holding more, but you still need to mine. Reddcoin has everything in place – it just needs to keep people using it. Reddcoin Summary Reddcoin, like Reddit, is a project built for the people. Social media is a big business, and the general public is creating free content for these companies like modern-day slave labor. If, like me, you can’t pay your rent with likes and followers, REDD may be the solution. The success of the Reddcoin project hinges on these key factors. Reddcoin was developed in 2014 with a focus on integrating with social media platforms to enable tipping. So far, Reddcoin is integrated into Twitter, Twitch, and Reddit. REDD, the proprietary cryptocurrency of Reddcoin, can be exchanged for currencies on the above-mentioned social platforms. It can also be traded on crypto markets. Reddcoin has no supply cap and is mined using Proof-of-Stake-Velocity, which is a hybrid of Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake. With these pieces in place, Reddcoin has a shot at sustaining value over the years. It may never be number one, but it’s sure to have a cult following. One can only wonder if it can coexist with DOGE or how those common-man cryptos will hold up against professional creator-focused cryptos like STEEM and SBD. With that said, it doesn’t appear that Reddcoin has just laid off 70% of its workforce…   The author is not currently invested in any coin, token, or asset mentioned in this article.   The post What Is Reddcoin? Introduction to RDD Token appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

Ontology [ONT] enthusiasts’ passive income opportunities grow with successful node selection process

The cryptocurrency market is now in the midst of one of the worst bear runs seen in recent history, with major cryptocurrencies dropping over 1/3rd of their value in a short span of time. However, the promise of future technology utilizing blockchain is still kept alive, with projects taking the bear market as an opportunity to lay the groundwork for advancements. Even as the market bleeds, projects such as Ontology [ONT] show that this is the perfect time to push the envelope when it comes to the cutting edge in blockchain technology. This is seen by the overwhelming response to their consensus node application process, which aims to take advantage of Ontology’s Triones Node Incentive Model. Dual Token Economy powered by VBFT Consensus: This is made possible by Ontology’s dual token economy, containing both ONT, a cryptocurrency coin representing value, and ONG, a utility token used for paying transaction fees on the network. It also functions on a stake based consensus algorithm, which optimizes the performance of the blockchain to new levels. However, with staking models, an economic tool is required to participate in the process. Usually, tokens on the network are staked in order to fulfill this purpose. However, the Ontology network utilizes a combination of ONT and ONG in a model known as the Triones Economic Model. The model combines a Verifiable Random Function Byzantine Fault Tolerance [VBFT] consensus algorithm along with a consensus management smart contract in order to form the core of the Ontology governance model. The Ontology token economy uses a “compensation/ lease” model, wherein holders of the ONT coin will periodically receive ONG. On the flipside, users are required to consume gas to utilizes services on the blockchain, creating a natural flow of tokens between users. This consumed ONG will be allocated to Triones Consensus nodes based on their contributions. The consumption cost for transactions is also determined by smart contracts on the Ontology chain, with low network utilization allowing users to pay a lower Gas price. When the network is utilized, the transactions will be sorted by those with a higher Gas price, thus incentivizing consensus nodes to process transactions with higher speeds. Staking authorization process and benefits: Ontology holders can also generate passive income by participating in the staking authorization process. The minimum stakeable amount is 500 ONT, with enthusiasts able to stake more in multiples of 500 ONT. It is to be noted that the staked ONT will be locked in a smart contract, which in turn generates ONG tokens to be used on the network or sold in secondary markets. The process occurs in rounds, with each round lasting 120,000 blocks. Rewards can only be claimed after every round ends, with the staking also being cancelable at any point in time. Nodes will receive ONG from basic consumption of the entire chain network system such as network fees, storage fees, smart contract fees, and fees from other services. In order to encourage participation in consensus, nodes will also receive an additional 10,000,000 ONG per year for the first three years from the community incentives allocation. They will be able to receive benefits such as the regular generation of ONG tokens, fees from the basic consumption of the network such as storage fees, smart contract fees, and network fees, and additional ONG for the first 3 years from the Ontology Foundation. Decentralized Proof of Stake: Many PoS models tend towards centralization, an issue which is remedied by the Triones Incentive Curve Equation. This provides a fair and decentralized governance system, as staking too much ONT will reduce the rewards given in ONG. This means that only a balanced stake can achieve the maximum benefit. Moreover, the Ontology Foundation has also prepared an additional incentive of at least 1% per year for the Triones system, providing an added reason for companies to begin running nodes. The VBFT consensus design will also allow the consensus system to select candidate nodes dynamically. They are required to meet certain conditions to form a consensus network. The Triones consensus model consists of 3 groups of nodes, namely a candidate node group, consensus node group and dynamic participator node group. All ONT holders can participate in the stake custody in Triones and obtain incentives. W3C-approved Ontology Distributed Identity System: Using the revolutionary ONT ID distributed identity system, information will be gradually formed on the identity and reputation of participating nodes. This “trust quantification” system will serve as another reference for the Triones economic model. The decentralized identifier part of the Ontology network can also be used by enthusiasts as a way to plug into Web 3.0, as it is recognized as a part of the Web3 Consortium Community Group Decentralized Identification registry. They act as identifiers for a verifiable, “self-sovereign” digital identity, with Ontology becoming the third open-source public chain to implement the specification after Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH]. Successful seed node application process ensures scalability: The network also has future enhancement plans for large-scale deployment of close to 2401 nodes and can adjust candidate network size dynamically as per the node cost. The ratio of the consensus/ candidate nodes is set according to the initial ratio of 1:6. The seed node application process has seen 16 teams make it into the second round. The total amount of tokens staked was around 24.9 million, with those who qualified staking around 17.2 million. Notable seed node candidates include ZhenFund, a seed fund based in Beijing, DHVC, Dragon and Longlink fund. The response that was seen after the application process shows that there are projects that are flourishing, quietly building the blocks and paving the way for a blockchain-powered future. With the infrastructure and scalability in place in order to serve countless blockchain-based dApps and smart contracting features, Ontology is poised to take control of the distributed trust collaboration market. The post Ontology [ONT] enthusiasts’ passive income opportunities grow with successful node selection process appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Huobi Launches HUSD Stablecoin To Support GUSD, PAX Token, USDCoin And True USD

For some, perhaps many, there is only one thing that can be called superior in comparison to a stablecoin, and that would be a universal one. When we say ‘universal', it means to have a coin that is immediately usable wherever stablecoins are accepted. This is exactly why the cryptocurrency coin exchange Huobi has announced the launch of its own HUSD token. What makes this stablecoin so unique is that it allows for the support of four major stablecoins. These include the Gemini Dollar, Paxos Standard, USDCoin and TrueUSD. How it works is relatively easy to understand – by holding HUSD, users are able to instantly have an amount that is equally valued in each of these stablecoins. During a small event which was held in New York over this week called the StableCoin New York Conference, and Huobi General Counsel Joshua Goodbody spoke to a detailed length about the efforts taken by him and the firm in general: “We believe the recent developments of stablecoins are positive for the industry and Huobi decided to support these developments proactively by launching HUSD. HUSD acts as a stablecoin aggregator,” Goodbody continued on to explain. “We provide the ability to deposit any of the four supported coins as HUSD and receive a 1:1 balance of HUSD which can be stored as well as traded against six pairs on Huobi Global. Users are also able to withdraw HUSD as any of the four applicable stablecoins.” It would seem that, while speaking at this event, Goodbody misspoke somewhat. According to the full exchange, the available pairs that are offered through HUSD are Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), EOS and USDT. What sets the USDT apart from other stablecoins is that it is the only one of these that is traded against the HUSD, as opposed to being part of its universal system. This is the second stablecoin effort that has decided to forego integration of USDT, which is the first pegged token. Regardless, the benefits that HUSD brings for users is that it can allow for the reduction of trading fees for those that are otherwise dealing with several types of markets. Much as we would like to believe,  there is no such thing as a market that lists every possible token and opportunity at the same time. So for many crypto traders, being able to move between exchanges is of the utmost necessity. Among these coin exchanges, Binance appears to be engaged in the creation of a stablecoin in a similar fashion to that of the HUSD, but unlike its counterpart, it has yet to announce a substantial amount of information about it. Unlike other digital tokens, the HUSD itself does not belong to any specific blockchain, but is merely a product in operation within the exchange. As a result, it cannot be subject to withdrawal or subsequently traded on with others. When these kinds of products emerge, they . will begin to look like the derivatives market on a superficial level Perhaps on the of net positives for that will be that they will have a far greater constitution. The addition of the TrueUSD, which will be the first token on the Trust Token platform which has yet to fully launch, it makes for a very interesting move by Huobi. Up to this point, the company is one of the few that has been outspoken in its support of Trust Token in any capacity. The Trust Token platform itself aims for the tokenization of any and all real-world assets using ‘smart trust' contracts. In doing so, it essentially enables anyone to offer a certain level of stock in something that they own. To date, its Initial Coin Offering has yet to officially launch, but TrueUSD is very real in the meantime, and operates on the exact same software.
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BITBOX Exchange Adds Support For The ICON (ICX) Cryptocurrency Coin

BITBOX Has Gone Ahead To add Some Support For The ICON (ICX) The Line Corporation has just gone ahead to announce that the ICON, also referred to as the ICX, is finally available for trade on their digital asset exchange that they call the BITBOX. On this exchange, the ICON can easily be traded with Bitcoin. Just to make the new addition official to their system, the BITBOX platform will be offering a 50% discount on any of the trading fees, this is for the ICX/BTC trading pair that will take place till November 30th. The ICON Has A Lot To Offer They have a slogan the ‘hyper connect the world,’ which has led ICON to be the leading blockchain developer in the market. But their main focus is the creation of an interconnected decentralized future for the market. The Line Corporation went ahead to team up with the ICON platform back in May to help in the establishment of a joint venture unchain. The partnership has been tasked with designing a token economy platform that will be able to reward the users much better than what is being offered in the market. Additionally, they are to develop an array of blockchain technology-based apps services that are able to operate efficiently; this is the likes of Wizball and 4CAST. Having ICON listed is another accomplishment for the Line Corporation in the prospects of building a token economy, one that will be able to provide the different users with a diverse variety within the market. The BITBOX company will not stop here is it plans on continuing to add more digital assets, which will be done through the open listing committee and review processes. Once the project is in place, it will allow different blockchains in the market that have been designed with different governing protocols to transact efficiently. When we look at the markets ICX, it has about $107.2 million in market capitalization; thus, this makes it the 43rd largest coin in the crypto market. Additionally, it is the 37th largest token found in the AltDex 100 Index; this is a benchmark index that has been designed to exclude the extraneous and stable coins in the market. More On The Discount Fee The company will be hosting a three-day trading discount fee for the ICX/BTC pair. This will be between 27th to the 30th of November, an event that has been organized by the Line Tech Plus Pte Ltd, also referred to as BITBOX. However, it is important to note that BITBOX still has the rights to reverse the 50% terms at any time, but if these changes are to take place, the company will inform and also amend the terms and conditions set for the 50% discount event. To participate in the 50% discount event, you will need to ensure you are a verified user on the platform, this is done through an SMS verification process. However, it is essential that you take a few minutes and read through the terms of the set event, just to ensure you are not caught off guard of any changes. If you do not reach the service eligibility to take part in the discount event, BITBOX has the rights to refuse you to take part on the 50% discount, thus, making it essential read both the terms and privacy policies. In the event you would like to pull out from the event you may do so at any time.
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DONOCLE ICO (DDL Token): Blockchain Lottery Cryptocurrency Coin?

What Is DONOCLE? Donocle stands for donation and circle. The platform creates a global lottery by utilizing the blockchain technology, without being limited to individual country. It has more than fifty types of coins and tokens. These are utilized on lottery draw method and prizes. Besides, Donocle is impartial and transparent to maximize on the fairness. Donocle has adopted an open data flow (ODF) system, which allows users to monitor the flow of coins and tokens on the platform as used as goods. Lotteries are a form of investment in which people invest small amounts of money for bigger sums of returns. How DONOCLE lockchain Lottery Cryptocurrency Coin Works It offers businesses that conduct lotteries locally within a country or institution an opening to the world, a global lottery ticket. Secondly, it embraces trust and transparency through a decentralized management system of blockchain technology. This blockchain technology operates on a platform called Donation Global Blockchain Lottery System (DGBLS). DONOCLE Lottery Service Users can purchase the lottery tickets using the types of coins and tokens available in the market. Usually they use six digits from Bitcoin nonce value as the raffle numbers. The total amount of coins paid for the tickets are then handed out on the winning ratio. Purchasing Lottery Tickets It is as simple as sending coins compatible with Donocle and marking the numbers when the coins appear on the dashboard. The price of the tickets is determined through the same procedure used to determine Bitcoin market price on a cryptocurrency exchange. DONOCLE Games Donocle offers two types of games: 496-game and the Mini lotto. The 496-game matches six numbers from one to forty-nine, plus a bonus number. The first two digits are excluded, the third and fourth numbers are used. If the numbers overlap, the block is considered invalid. The block nonce value of the Bitcoin is then used as the raffle number. The Mini Lotto determines a winner using the nonce value of a single block. Overlapping numbers are allowed and one only needs to match five numbers. In case there is no winner, the prize is deferred to the next raffle session. Seventy percent of the collection is handed out to winners based on the proportion of the composition shares. Winners may keep their shares of the cryptocurrency received as prize money or convert it into cash. Seventeen percent of the collection is used for the operation of the company. Profit Allocation System The core of Donocle services is its unique profit allocation system. The services contribute to the double function of the coins, which is to distribute and use. The POS system is convenient and offers an opportunity to create profit. Donocle lists the winning number once it confirms according to the raffle method. If there is a need for bulk purchase of lottery numbers, random markings are done. Thus, several thousand or hundreds of tickets are eligible for purchase by selecting automatic marking. There is an option for manual marking. The buyer marks the numbers of their choice. Coins and tokens purchased should be transferred to the Donocle wallet in advance to receive a complete confirmation from their network. The company can request Know Your Customer (KYC) to legally guarantee the prize money and prevent fraud. DONOCLE DDL Token ICO Details Parameters Of The ICO Token Symbol: DDL Token Sale Date: Present – TBA Accepted Payment Method: BTC, EOS, ETH Total Supply: 600,000,000 Token Standard: ERC20
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TronCard Launches For Easier Tron (TRX) Cryptocurrency Coin Payments

TronCard for Tron Powered Payments Tron released its TronCard Beta Program, which is now available to SEEDGerminator contribotrs. Those who contribute to the Poppy Project on SEEDGerminator will receive five Poppy tokens per SEED and one Poppy token per TRX that they contribute. Those who receive 10,000 Poppy tokens or more once they reach the HardCap will automatically be enrolled in TronCard Beta. TronCard Beta members will be the first of the community to receive the functional TronCard, which will be complimentary. Members will also be able to use the TronCard at Poppy retailers and at any number of integrated TRON wallets. They will also be invited to engage with Poppy and TronCard teams to ensure that the Beta program testing process is successful. TronCard is a TRON wallet with all features and it has several security features as well to prevent tampering, including NFC or QR options to transfer TRX. The TronCard is especially versatile a payment method because it allows for interfacing with Poppy and other popular TRON wallets. From the start, the TronCard was designed as an open payment platform that is able to function with several applications in the TRON ecosystem. The beta process allows the community to get involved in the development process so that an especially versatile payment method is possible. TRON works hard to ensure that the security and anonymity of TronCard Members is maintained. Addresses that receive over 10,000 Poppy tokens will be given special instructions that detail how to procure the individual card from third-party distributors with their initial Poppy distribution.
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Review the Top Cryptocurrency News and Bitcoin Happenings from Today [Video 2]

GlobalData Survey Reveals Asia is Outpacing USA in Cryptocurrency Wallet Adoption GlobalData Survey Reveals Asia is Outpacing USA in Cryptocurrency Wallet Adoption Blockchain is Boosting Cybersecurity with Message Encryption and Crucial Alert Systems Blockchain is Boosting Cybersecurity with Message Encryption and Crucial Alert Systems Japan's Internet Giant to Launch GMO Japanese Yen (GJY), a Yen-Pegged Stablecoin Japan's Internet Giant to Launch GMO Japanese Yen (GJY), a Yen-Pegged Stablecoin China Creates a “Blockchain Test Zone” to Setup a Free Trade Zone in Hainan China Creates a “Blockchain Test Zone” to Setup a Free Trade Zone in Hainan Under What Circumstances Would Bitcoin Adoption Decrease its Value? Under What Circumstances Would Bitcoin Adoption Decrease its Value? Thai Ministry of Commerce Seeks Blockchain Use for Trade Finance, Farming and Digital Rights Thai Ministry of Commerce Seeks Blockchain Use for Trade Finance, Farming and Digital Rights Pondering the Possibility of Learning About Bitcoin's Pioneering Days via Hal Finney's Cryptopreserved Brain Pondering the Possibility of Learning About Bitcoin's Pioneering Days via Hal Finney's Cryptopreserved Brain John McAfee's Team Delivered Useful Data to Arrest Alleged Crypto Fraudster Go Yongsung John McAfee's Team Delivered Useful Data to Arrest Alleged Crypto Fraudster Go Yongsung Joff Long Reveals New Luvv Crypto Token Plus CryptoAdix, BetaGroops and Heather App Joff Long Reveals New Luvv Crypto Token Plus CryptoAdix, BetaGroops and Heather App Canada's Supreme Court of British Columbia Allows Copytrack Crypto Firm to “Reclaim” 530 ETH Canada's Supreme Court of British Columbia Allows Copytrack Crypto Firm to “Reclaim” 530 ETH Tiberius Temporarily Stops Metal-Backed Cryptocurrency Coin Sales Due to High Fees Tiberius Temporarily Stops Metal-Backed Cryptocurrency Coin Sales Due to High Fees Bitwala to Launch Germany's First Blockchain Bank Account with solarisBank Bitwala to Launch Germany's First Blockchain Bank Account with solarisBank Bitcoin Looks to Strengthen Value as China's Yuan Currency Witnesses an All-time Low Bitcoin Looks to Strengthen Value as China's Yuan Currency Witnesses an All-time Low Taiwan's “Crypto Congressman” Proposes New Cryptocurrency-AML Rules Update Taiwan's “Crypto Congressman” Proposes New Cryptocurrency-AML Rules Update AirSwap Releases New Decentralized OTC Crypto Trading Product ‘Spaces' AirSwap Releases New Decentralized OTC Crypto Trading Product ‘Spaces' Litecoin (LTC) Cryptocurrency is 7 Years Old Dating Back to Genesis Block Creation Litecoin (LTC) Cryptocurrency is 7 Years Old Dating Back to Genesis Block Creation Crypto Fund Analyst Tells Investors to Limit Bitcoin Buying Exposure and Wait Until Next Price Action Crypto Fund Analyst Tells Investors to Limit Bitcoin Buying Exposure and Wait Until Next Price Action Bitfinex Fires Back Again After Report Claims the Exchange “Has No Legitimate Banking” Bitfinex Fires Back Again After Report Claims the Exchange “Has No Legitimate Banking” Binance Explains How the Blockchain Charity Foundation Will Work Binance Explains How the Blockchain Charity Foundation Will Work New University Bitcoin Study Shows China's Power to Destroy or Destabilize Leading Cryptocurrency New University Bitcoin Study Shows China's Power to Destroy or Destabilize Leading Cryptocurrency
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AION Cryptocurrency Coin Sees Ledger Wallet Devices Add Support

AION Cryptocurrency is Currently Supported on Ledger Devices AION has released a blog post on October 2, in which the company explains that they are now supported on Ledger Nano S. Ledger Nano S is one of the most known and used cryptocurrency hardware wallets in the market. It allows users to properly store their funds and virtual currencies knowing that they are completely protected against hackers or attacks. The company is Headquartered in Paris and has other offices in Vierzon and San Francisco. Ledger works with a team of experts in many different areas and offers a wide range of products and services. The most important virtual currencies are supported by Ledger in its different solutions. However, there are some other cryptocurrencies that are still not listed. AION is one of the latest additions that will clearly help the crypto community to have a safe way to store their favorite cryptocurrencies. AION is a multi-tier blockchain platform that aims to solve the limited operability between different blockchains. AION is currently the 68th most valuable virtual currency according to its market capitalization of $91 million dollars. Each AION token can be bought for $0.4077 dollars. In the blog post, the company wrote: “AION is pleased to announce that the AION Coin is now supported on the Ledger Nano S. AION Coin holders can benefit from the added security of holding their cryptographic private keys in Ledger’s industry-leading solutions. We are excited that Ledger can now be used to store your AION Coins during our Token Swap.” Ledger aims at securing cryptocurrency assets such as financial assets, cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). If you want to download he AION app on the Ledger Nano, you can do it following this link.
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Buy Ripple’s Cryptocurrency Coin (XRP Token) On These Top 6 Crypto Exchanges

There are several crypto coins in the market, and each is in demand at different times of the year. When we look at the Ripple XRP, we can see that the need for this particular assets has picked up recently. This has happened despite the current setback that has taken place the last few days, which is expected after having a 110% gain in just a week. Top Six Exchanges You Should Purchase XRP In 2018 However, the following six exchanges are worth checking out if you are considering to buy an XRP soon or just in the near future. OKEx In the current world where digital assets and crypto coins are the main assets being purchased, it is evident to most investors that the OKEx is a force that many would need to reckon with. The token has become a very popular altcoin exchange, which has been able to offer a very fair trading pair, not forgetting the XRP pairs have been booming in the market. The users of this token are able to trade the XRP against the ETH, BTC and the USDT having Tether being the most popular in the lot. If you are to compare the token with others in the market, you will find OKEx is not the most liquid in the XRP exchange, but the trading volume of the token has been hovering near the $100M mark daily. Bitfinex The token was once considered to be the world’s leading US-based exchange; however, it is facing a lot of competition in the market from the other platforms when it's exposing the various users to the Ripple native XRP. The Bitfinex principal trading XRP pair is against the US dollar, but this is not all as they are able to offer a BTC trading at this particular stage. When we look at the fiat currency, they have been playing a crucial role in the crypto market, and Bitfinex has been able to provide exactly this. Bithumb The South Korean exchange of latest has made their mark in the crypto market, and Bithumb has become one of the industry leaders in this regard, and this is all thanks to the KRW trading pair. Additionally, it is the only market provider for the XRP enthusiasts, and the good thing is it is able to generate sufficient volume that has been able to keep the platform within the top five. Bitbank Bitbank is a Japanese exchange that does not generate the needed buzz in media, but it has been very successful in the trading arena, this is when it comes to the XRP trading. Unfortunately, it only provides a JPY trading for the asset at the moment, but it is a very crucial fiat currency gateway that the users will need to get informed about. Japan has proved to be a prominent market for the XRP and cryptocurrencies in the market. Upbit The competition that exists in the South Korean exchanges has started to hit up since Upbit began to hit its current stride. The exchange has become very successful when looking at the XRP trading. The reason being it is able to pair with the Ripple asset comfortably against the BTC, Korean Won, USDT, and ETH. Having these four options available is beneficial to the users. Binance Every crypto coin that you find in the market can be bought, traded and sold on Binance very easily. And the XRP is no exception when it comes to this regard. Binance is able to provide the BTC, USDT, BNB and ETH trading pairs that can be used for the native Ripple asset. All these markets have been able to contribute to the overall volume of the platform, but from these mentioned it is the USDT that is the most popular.
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BAT Outperforms Bitcoin, XRP On New Brave Browser “Rewards” Feature

Brave Browser Announces BAT “Rewards” Feature On Tuesday, Brave Browser, a crypto-friendly internet application headed by the founder of Mozilla Firefox, Brendan Eich, made a surprising announcement, seemingly aiming to start of 2019 with a proverbial bang. Via a company release, conveyed through its in-house blog, the Brave and Basic Attention Token (BAT) team, which consists of Eich, coupled with an array of fintech, Silicon Valley, and crypto veterans, revealed that it would be previewing “opt-in ads in [the] desktop browser developer channel.” While this feature sounds nebulous, there’s more to this integration than meets the eye. In fact, as broken down in a PC Magazine feature article, this new advertising model will allow common Joes and Jills to earn crypto, in the form of BAT, and potentially other rewards in the feature. This new offering, dubbed Brave Rewards, will siphon 70% of earned ad revenue to users who agree to view advertisements. The remaining 30% will be paid to Brave’s war chest — a likely controversial play, but one necessary for the blockchain project’s long-term survival. Rewards will be available via Brave’s developer/test browser edition. It wasn’t exactly divulged when the innovative feature would hit the publics’ desktops, but the following GIF is how the feature will work: Looking outwards, the Brave team revealed that they expect opted-in users to earn upwards of $60 to $70 a year in the near future, with their preliminary projections predicting that $224 a year could be earned by 2020 through Brave’s in-house ecosystem. While this sounds great — an effective free $224/year for viewing ads — like all things too good to be true, there’s a catch. At the time of writing, Brave has announced support for BAT token withdrawal, as the company wants Rewards’ users to reward their favorite content creators, whether it be large new portals or Youtubers. After this feature goes live successfully, Brave intends to activate “publisher-integrated ads,” which will allow content creators to feature “private ads” on content creators’ pages through the startup’s systems. The company subsequently explained its Brave Ads offering and its applications/benefits from a top-down perspective, writing: With Brave Ads, we are reforming an online advertising system which has become invasive and unusable. Users have turned to ad blockers to reclaim their privacy from ads that track them and sometimes even infect them, and publishers are finding it increasingly difficult to earn ad revenue to sustain quality content with intermediaries that collect huge fees. It is important to reiterate that at this time, this newfangled feature is technically in its beta phase. Due to this positive news, the popular altcoin, which recently gained the support of industry powerhouse Coinbase, has posted a respectable price gain. At the time of writing, BAT is currently valued at $0.125 apiece, posting a 3% in the past 24 hours. The crypto, currently the 36th in this market’s standings, is currently outperforming Bitcoin (BTC) by 2.7%, and Ethereum (ETH) by 2.4%. Crypto Lulls: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP Post Barely Any Movement In the same vein of cryptocurrency prices, the broader market has posted close-to-zero movement in the past 24 hours. Per data from Coin Price Watch, BTC has found itself at $3,645 — a mere 0.58% gain over the past day. Other leading crypto assets have also posted slight gains, but have still underperformed BAT. XRP, the go-to asset for fintech upstart Ripple, is up 1.27%, as it sits just shy of the $0.33 price level at $0.3296. ETH, which recently tumbled due to the delayed Constantinople fork, has found itself up by 2%, regaining a portion of the losses incurred yesterday. While the market is trending slightly positive, some analysts expect that BTC is ready to dive. Speaking to MarketWatch, Jani Ziedens of Cracked Market claimed that BTC, if truly oversold, should be posting monumental gains right now, rather than finding itself in an extended lull. So, Ziedens added that this “lethargic base” indicates that demand is limited, “incredibly weak” even, and as such, lower crypto bottoms may be inbound. BAT Title Image Courtesy of via Flickr The post BAT Outperforms Bitcoin, XRP On New Brave Browser “Rewards” Feature appeared first on Ethereum World News.
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Cryptopia Hacker Moves Stolen Crypto to Binance; Community Alerts CZ and Funds Are Frozen

It is clear that hackers gave themselves a place to stay in the cryptocurrency industry, which was only made more evident by a recent security breach that happened over the last few days. Cryptopia, a leading exchange in New Zealand, announced a breach that ended in a major theft on January 14th. However, unlike the unfortunate tale that many other exchanges succumb to, that is not the end of the story. The official statement notes that Cryptopia has placed itself into a maintenance mode, helping them to protect their accounts until the regulatory authorities of New Zealand provide other details. Both the High Tech Crimes Unit and the local police are pursuing investigative efforts, though they have commented that “a significant value of cryptocurrency may be involved.” At this point, the actual amount has not been released, and no substantial details have been provided. Still, that has not stopped local news portal Radionz from reporting that the loss is close to $3.6 million. A Twitter user, ShaftedTangu, seems to know where these digital assets are going. On the posts, the user said, Hey @cz_binance Binance has stolen tokens from Topia hitting it sir. Can you lock it down? — I Dream Of Alts (@ShaftedTangu) January 16, 2019 Through a string of additional tweets, the user continued to track the funds, as he mentioned wallet address 0x9007a0421145b06a0345d55a8c0f0327f62a2224. In another tweet, he claimed, “Currently the 0x900 wallet contains around $10 mil USD of tokens, large amounts are $PRL $2mil, $CENNZ $1.168 mil, $Denacoin $2.73 mil, $MSP $0.99 mil” Luckily, just under four hours after the original tweet, CZ Binance replied. The reply said, Just checked, we were able to freeze some of the funds. I don't understand why the hackers keep sending to Binance. Social media will be pretty fast to report it, and we will freeze it. It's a high risk maneuver for them. — CZ Binance (@cz_binance) January 16, 2019 With such a nonchalant type of reply, it is quite a victory for Cryptopia and Binance that the funds could be frozen at all. However, the victory has not been won yet, considering there is no indication of exactly who performed the hack in the first place. Cryptopia has remained silent, though they posted to their own Twitter profile, saying, “We cannot comment as this matter is now in the hands of the appropriate authorities. We will update you as soon as we can.” As a result of these issues, Zhao posted that users should keep their holdings on exchanges, rather than a hardware wallet. However, his post caused an onslaught of negative replies, with some saying that his post implied that self-storage is substantially riskier than storing on a seemingly “reputable” exchange. Zhao later retracted, saying that he was not advising investors to store funds on exchanges. In the first half of 2018 last year, there was over $731 million lost in thefts involving exchange hacks. However, none have reached the severity experienced by the 2014 Mt. Gox hack.
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Binance Freezes ‘Some of the Funds’ Stolen in Cryptopia Hack

Some of the stolen cryptocurrency from yesterday’s Cryptopia hack has been sent to Binance, which has confirmed already freezing some of the funds.  Binance Freezing Funds Stolen from Cryptopia Twitter account @ShaftedTangu has alleged that some funds stolen as a result of Cryptopia’s hack have been siphoned through Binance. The amounts sent to Binance in question include roughly $7,500 in Metal (MTL) 00, $6,750 in KyberNetwork coin (KNC) 00, $7,181 OmiseGO tokens (OMG) 00, and $8,724 in EnjinCoin (ENJ) 00. All of it totals around $30,000. Changpeng Zhao, CEO at Binance – the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by means of traded volumes, has confirmed the allegations, reassuring that they’ve already frozen some of the funds. Zhao commented: Just checked, we were able to freeze some of the funds. I don’t understand why the hackers keep sending to Binance. Social media will be pretty fast to report it, and we will freeze it. It’s a high-risk maneuver for them. Just checked, we were able to freeze some of the funds. I don't understand why the hackers keep sending to Binance. Social media will be pretty fast to report it, and we will freeze it. It's a high risk maneuver for them. — CZ Binance (@cz_binance) January 16, 2019 Bitcoinist reported yesterday that Cryptopia’s security has been breached, resulting in ‘significant losses’. Police in New Zealand also confirmed. Binance Caught in the Fire Zhao’s tweet caused a reaction in crypto Twitter’s community as one user (@Crypto_Bitlord) expressed his bewilderment that Zhao referred to “social media” as a means of reporting rather than Binance’s own surveillance systems. I’m genuinely shocked stolen funds from @Cryptopia_NZ have easily passed through @binance UNDETECTED until social media flagged them. This raises some big questions. How is that possible with modern blockchain analysis? — Sir Bitlord (@Crypto_Bitlord) January 16, 2019 On the matter, Binance’s CEO said: It’s quite easy to generate a brand new address. We (and no one) recognize every transaction out there. We already have very in-depth and detailed blockchain analysis. Yet, the question remains – if a regular Twitter user has been able to detect the transaction in question, how, and more importantly – why did Binance miss it? Perhaps the better question, as posed by @Crypto_Bitlord is: So you are saying criminals can steal funds and just create a brand new address to send to before binance? In the meantime, Binance announced today the launch of their Binance Jersey fiat exchange. The platform is aimed at traders from Europe and it offers BTC/GBP, ETH/GBP, BTC/EUR, and ETH/EUR trading pairs. What do you think of Binance missing the transactions in question? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below! Images courtesy of Shutterstock The post Binance Freezes ‘Some of the Funds’ Stolen in Cryptopia Hack appeared first on
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