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The Revolutionary Exchange -DEXAGE- has secured an IEO on BitForex and Exmarkets

Dexage a user-centric Hybrid exchange startup has proven that it is a viable project from its recent vetting and approval for an IEO on two reputable exchanges. If you have been following this project, you will know that team has not deviated from its road map. Its ICO ended May 31st 2019 and its IEO is started on the 22nd of June 2019. Its investors are delighted with this development and the tenacity of the Dexage team. The question you might have now is; What is an IEO? And how do I participate in the Dexage project? Here are 4 parts for easy understanding and quick assimilation. What is an IEO? An IEO is a way through which cryptocurrency startups raise money to execute their project. The acronym IEO stands for Initial Exchange Offering. It is an advancement in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) because it is conducted on an exchange rather than the startup’s website. ICOs are unregulated and thus dubious projects were able to raise money through this means from unsuspecting investors. In 2017 and early 2018, billions of dollars were generated through ICOs, however nearly 80 percent of these ICOs were identified as scam. IEOs are safer, legitimate and more reputable form of ICOs; Because they are conducted on Exchanges, these Exchanges want to maintain theirtrust and reputation thus they strictly vet these startups before listing their token for IEO. Another advantage of IEOs is that the tokenssold are received immediately and these tokens become available for trading on the exchange that conducted the IEO. One of the first IEOs was carried out on BinanceLauchpad; $7.2 million was raise in the sales of BitTorrent token in less than 15 minutes. In Fetch.AI’s IEO the hard cap of $6 million was reached in 22 seconds. It is safe to say that tokens issues through IEOs are tokens from a legit project. Who does the IEO benefit? An IEO is of benefit to the investor, the startup and the Exchange. When aninvestor invests in a startup through an IEO, he can rest assured that the project has been vetted by Exchange before its listed thus the risk of investing in fraudulent Project is eliminated. The Startup saves money and time in heavy unprofitable marketing,in looking for an exchange to list its token for trading after crowd sale, and in competing with fraudulent Startups in the free ICO market. They only need to concentrate more in developing their project. The Exchange gains the satisfaction that they are listing a token they have vetted to be legit; they also earn in listing fee and fees from trading of the token on its platform. Why did Dexage go into IEO? Dexage is a decentralized exchange with a multi-tier trading ecosystem. Its features include: Decentralized Crypto Exchange Centralized ExchangeP2P Fiat -Crypto TradingDXG Staking P2P Lending Mobile Chat Dapp for Socio-economic TransactionDXG Decentralized Automated OrganizationIntelligent One-Click Diversification for Crypto Asset Manager The legitimacy of Dexage has been proven by 2 reputable exchanges that have vetted and approved the Dexage IEO on their platform. Where and When will the Dexage IEO be carried out? The Dexage IEO will be carried out on two exchanges BitforexExmarkets Bitforex is an exchange that is registered in the republic of Seychelles, it has bases in the Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong etc. Its 24 hours trading volume is about 1.2 billion USD. Most IEO that run on this platform get sold out. Dexage IEO on BitForex is slated to run from the 1st of July to the 5th of July 2019. Exmarkets is an exchange that is a subsidiary of Chain Framework ltd. Dexage IEO on Exmarkets will run from the 22nd of June to the 8th of July 2019 Trading of the DXG tokens both platforms start on the 22nd of July 2019. Note that once a coin is sold out on a platform, the IEO will automatically end on that platform. CONCLUSION Dexage if a platform that will revolutionize Trading. It’s a project trader are looking up to as it gives traders complete control of their funds eliminating middle man fraud or Hackers invasion. The approval of the project by BitForex and Exmarkets further proves that its solid. Investors who are yet to invest in the project still have an opportunity. Head over to Bitforex and Exmarkets create an account and buy during the IEO. The IEO price is $0.0008 per DXG token. The post The Revolutionary Exchange -DEXAGE- has secured an IEO on BitForex and Exmarkets appeared first on Bitcoin Garden.
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DexAge gains a significant role among the initial offers of the Q2 2019

DexAge decentralized marketplace and global adoption The DexAge decentralized exchange is a new autonomous and self-sustainable system, fueled by the social connection between traders and investors who use the platform. DexAge’s trading model capitalizes the power of users and channels it creating feedback synergies. The DXG platform combined with its dApp makes it possible to run in a decentralized framework; an approach that is gaining followers in the community. An online environment designed to enable several functions as described below. Operators, users, and investors find a new competitor in which to exchange and lend cryptographic assets. Also, it offers an interface enriched with other nuances to enhance the use of decentralized wallets in day-to-day operations. No need for multiple registrations, or cede personal data to various third-party organizations. This is one of the premises that DexAge fulfills. In the ecosystem and through dApp, users can communicate and share their ideas. Or perhaps, share knowledge by chatting with each other before closing a business transaction. The cases of use are multiple, in an increasingly digitized global environment in which companies and people interact with each other. A daily example is meetings, webinars, and talks through other well-known applications. Whether decentralized or centralized. The single, centralized authority model that controls the entire system has become obsolete. Since the founding team of DexAge, this sentence has been assumed, and power is given to the shareholders of DexAge. This kind of decentralization of power makes them the primary force influencing growth and development. You can join the telegram community at the following link. DEXAGE DEX TELEGRAM CHANNEL: Original Source – The platform that will power the DXG token offers a full range of P2P functions Asset escrow is a hot topic in the blockchain ecosystem throughout 2018 and what we carry from 2019. Even Vitalik Buterin stated without hesitation his inclination for DEX exchanges as the way forward. Centralized exchanges are bright in the dark for cyber bandits. Unlike their decentralized counterparts, exchanges with a single manager and incidences tend to be the chosen victim. On the other hand, decentralized exchanges are not perfect. However, they avoid being an easy target. In a menu combining decentralised deposit services, p2p chat, and DEX, commissions are reduced to a minimum. This saving, compared to traditional loan systems, will generate economic equity. The elimination of such costs without intermediaries encourages all parties to feed liquidity and demand loans 100% crypto.  The platform, led by Preciuous Kenneth W. and Suano Neenwi, joins the list of emerging companies in the Blockchain sector. The characteristics described in the documentation go beyond the conventional trade of a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. Trading in the traditional way will be the primary function. However, a few implementations added by the development team will facilitate the exchange through custody between peers; decentralizing each feature. It will also show that escrow trading (Mainnet) will be launched in the second week of May, while other DexAge projects will follow the initial suite later. The initial offer of the DXG token offers several alternatives for its acquisition For those interested in participating in the initial sale of DXG there are multiple avenues. The fixed value for the Token is $0.01, so the opportunity to join with the 1000% discount is attractive. During the writing and publication of the article, it is sold at $0.001 (US Dollar – USD). Once the initial offer is finalized and all launch requirements have been adjusted, activities begin. The DXG token will start shooting in the second quarter of the year a few weeks before the platform is released. It can be seen on its roadmap, which are the first two priorities for the year 2019 full of expectations. Global tokenization continues, replicating every trade-related aspect. The blockchain ecosystem weaves new commercial networks without intermediaries, new p2p networks. In a progressive but evident transition, we observe as entrepreneurial initiatives, of community nature, anticipate habitual giants of the market. OFFICIAL DXG LINKS https://dexage.io!/trade/DXG-ETH P2P Lending Marketplace. Transactions carried out on the decentralized platform, whether for trading or lending, have been designed to be coordinated by decentralized deposit services. This point is developed based on secure, intelligent contracts in the blockchain. For information on this point, we recommend reading the White Paper carefully. Through the use of referral schemes, staking, voting rights, and portfolio diversification, the platform will empower its stakeholders and lead to its mass adoption. The loan market is expected to generate several benefits; in principle, it encourages keeping tokens in stakeholder ownership. This movement creates temporary scarcity by temporarily removing them from circulation. On the other hand, the demand for credit generates cases of use and application of the platform token. This creates a speed of money that is expected to enjoy an excellent performance while waiting for feedback and solve small errors. Soon more exchanges will list DXG adding value, liquidity, and ease of access to the token Duly audited smart contracts will coordinate decentralised warehousing services. Via Smart contract, robust centralized networks such as Ethereum, offer a precious quality; 24/7 functionality and rigid compliance with agreed sentences. At the same time, automation with code requires an unpolluted system, adequately audited and carefully tested. Since the core team of DexAge has confirmed the agreement for the listing in LAtoken. So after the sales and finished the Bounty/Airdrop deals of the DXG token will be negotiated in LAtoken. In addition to LAtoken and Bitcratic (DEX), it is progressing that negotiations are currently underway with other exchanges/bags for the upcoming listing of the DXG token. Documents and more details at the links below WhitePaper: Team & Advisors: Roadmap: DexAge Twitter: DexAge Telegram: Facebook Page: Github: The post DexAge gains a significant role among the initial offers of the Q2 2019 appeared first on Bitcoin Garden.
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Dexage ICO (DXG Token): Decentralized Trading And Lending Exchange?

What Is Dexage? DexAge is a digital platform that seeks to establish an autonomous P2P ecosystem where users, traders, and investors can serve as the power and not just the nuts and bolts. The growth and development of DXG depends on the empowerment of its stakeholders, which the platform strives to achieve through the multipurpose functionality of the DexAge tokens. By enabling their users to stake, vote, pay loans, and manage their assets in a decentralized exchange, DXG and its stakeholders will eventually thrive with the proliferative potential of cryptocurrencies. The vision of the project is to create a trustless, permissionless P2P crypto exchange and trading platform, independently driven by a united web of traders, users, and investors. What Makes Dexage Special? DexAge is a decentralized platform, which implies that users have full control over their funds. The platform provides liquidity through P2P loans and crypto-fiat trading marketplace. Besides, the DexAge Social Connect feature will enable users to share mutual interest, trade ideas, meet up, and seamlessly send funds to one another through the chat app. The profit generated on the platform is shared equally among stakeholders who stake their DXG token on the platform as well as through the referral program. The utility token DXG, generated through exchange fees, staking, and others is useful within the ecosystem making price volatility minimal. Dexage Features DexAge enables P2P crypto-to-crypto exchange, crypto-fiat trading, P2P lending, and chat on DAPP, through a user-centric approach where the whole platform is driven by social web. The following are some of the reasons for choosing DexAge. Decentralization: The blockchain-driven decentralized exchange platform enables users to operate in a robust community that is highly resistant to hacking. Autonomy: DexAge is an autonomous, self-sustainable system that is driven by Social Connect between traders and investors who use the platform. The stakeholders have all the power to control the entire system, as there is no single authority to do that. Therefore, stakeholders are the prime force behind the growth and development of the platform. Social Web Driven: Since the innovative business model of DexAge capitalizes on the power of the people, the DXG platform together with the DApp will not just allow traders, users, and investors to trade and lend digital assets. It will equally enable them to communicate and share their ideas and knowledge while interacting with one another through meetups and by chats on DApp. Trustless System: The P2P crypto transactions at the DXG platform are coordinated by decentralized escrow services that provide secure smart contracts. Dexage Benefits The DXG platform leverages the social connect of their users, traders, and investors. This drives a greater P2P crypto trading, P2P crypto lending, and P2P crypto-fiat trading across a blockchain-based decentralized exchange platform. Benefits from the platform include: P2P lending P2P escrow trade Instant crypto transfer into DXG chat Decentralized network Dexage Technology Services DexAge seeks to enable decentralized exchange of digital assets with P2P crypto-fiat trading and lending marketplace, through social connect. The platform achieves this through the Referral scheme, staking, voting, and community participation, P2P trading, portfolio diversification, DXG Chat DApp, crypto acquisition, as well as crypto asset liquidity. Dexage DXG Token ICO Details Parameters Of The ICO Token Symbol: DXG Token Sale Date: Present – 02/28/19 Token Price: $0.01/DXG Accepted Payment Method: BTC, ETH, LTC Total Supply: 5,000,000,000 DXG Token Standard: ERC20 Soft Cap: $5,000,000 Hard Cap: $24,000,000
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Reminder: Bakkt is Launching Bitcoin Futures in the Coming Day

Bakkt is Finally Here That’s right, Bakkt is finally here. After months upon months of deliberation, hype, and odd regulatory setbacks, the cryptocurrency venture that has been backed by the New York Stock Exchange, Microsoft, and Starbucks is launching. Starting Monday, July 22nd, the exchange will be testing physically delivered Bitcoin futures, which will be one of the first product of its kind to be regulated in U.S. markets. It is currently unclear who will be testing the product, or in which way the contract and custody solution will be tested. But, this development marks a huge step in the right direction for the cryptocurrency market. Bakkt confirmed the launch date for its testing period at a recent summit that was held in the New York Stock Exchange, whose chief executive is wed to the head of Bakkt. Per first-hand recounts of those in attendance, the cryptocurrency startup has also confirmed that it will be fully launching its Bitcoin futures product by the end of Q3, should nothing go wrong during testing of course. A Catalyst for Bitcoin & Crypto Growth In a recent Fundstrat Global Advisors research note posted to Twitter, Sam Doctor of the market research firm explained his thoughts on the conference. Citing the buzz being emanated by the over 150 investors and institutions in attendance, Doctor argues that there is “institutional anticipation” for the exchange’s Bitcoin futures. He expounded: “As we have written before, Bakkt tackles many of the barriers to adoption for traditional investors seeking to expand their mandate to include crypto.” Doctor adds that “appears to be a critical mass of adopters ready to come on board on Day 1 of the Bakkt launch”, noting that the firm’s sales team is starting to ramp up discussions with everyone from brokers and market makers. He thus confirms that should the hype translate into actual investment, the long-expected launch of the Bitcoin product, which will give many institutions their first taste of so-called “physical” BTC, could be a “huge” catalyst for the growth of this already budding market. Institutions Are Buzzing Per Placeholder’s Chris Burniske, the venture capitalist author of industry primer “Crypto Asset”, the overall feel of the room was rather bullish. He wrote the following, making the case that Wall Street has its eye on the cryptocurrency space once again. All in all, the @Bakkt event signals great things for #bitcoin and #crypto at large, even if I did miss some of the funk of OG days.— Chris Burniske (@cburniske) July 18, 2019 Title Image Courtesy of Samson Creative Via Unsplash The post Reminder: Bakkt is Launching Bitcoin Futures in the Coming Day appeared first on Ethereum World News.
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