MOBU is a security token issuance protocol and a licensed operation stock exchange. MOBU also offers crypto payment banking solutions to investors.
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MOBU STO – A Security Token Issuance Platform With a Twist

If you have been in the cryptocurrency space for the past year I’m sure you have heard of ICOs. These are investment vehicles utilizing crypto that pulled in hundreds of millions of dollars worth of funding for various projects. The biggest problem with ICOs was the unregulated nature of the offerings which subsequently resulted in many scams and failures. As a result, a new trend is emerging called STOs or Security Token Offerings. Just like with ICOs, STOs allow interested investors to contribute to a project. However, the biggest difference is that STOs are highly regulated and the platforms that issue those securities must adhere to rigorous rules set in place. Furthermore, not everyone can participate in an STO, usually the person must be an accredited investor and also must pass KYC verification prior to contributing funds. As with ICOs there are various issuance platforms for STOs, some of the more notable ones include Polymath, TokenIQ, Securitize, Swarm and much more. This is where MOBU comes in. MOBU is a security token issuance platform that will allow companies looking to run an STO to be able to execute it up to regulatory standards. The best thing about MOBU is that they plug into the already successful ERC20 token standard. According to their whitepaper: “The MOBU abstract smart contract will contain the code that is required by the STOs to conform to the MOBU ERC20 platform and the MOB20 standard protocol to adapt to the ideas and requirements of MOBU.” The twist when it comes to MOBU is that the security token issuance platform is running an STO of their own – STOception! By contributing to their STO, one is essentially betting on the platform’s success. When investing in the STO, one will get MOBU tokens in return. According to the whitepaper, the token’s revenue will come from various fees the platform will charge for listing STOs and transactions on the platform. Furthermore, there are already five confirmed issuers that have signed up on MOBU. One does have to be an accredited investor in order to participate and one also has to pass KYC verification as with most other STOs. The minimum investment requirement is 1 ETH which is quite low compared to some other STOs. The STO started on February 1st, 2019 and will commence until April 30th 2019. Originally Appeared on STOCryptoList The post MOBU STO – A Security Token Issuance Platform With a Twist appeared first on NullTX.

ICO Analysis: MOBU

There’s a lot of buzz around security token offerings (STOs), and for good reason. There’s an $80 trillion securities market that has barely been touched by blockchain. Uncertainty and discrepancy in regulations have stifled the market up to this point. But it’s just a matter of time before the world is swimming in STOs. This […] The post ICO Analysis: MOBU appeared first on Hacked: Hacking Finance.

Mobu ICO Signature Bounty For MoonForum

MoonForum Signature Campaign Earn additional stakes per week by posting in MoonForum. (signature codes will be announced soon, please stay tune!) Genesis Rank – Extra 0.5 stakes Premining and Up ranks- Extra 0.75 stakes Rules: 1. Create account in 2. Minimum 5 meaningful posts per week must be made during bounty period. Off-topic, spam and meaningless posts will not count. 3. Posts should have a minimum length of 70 characters 4. Posts on local section are allowed but not more than 30% of the total posts. Read more

Mobu ICO: Blockchain System For Creating Compliant Security Tokens

Mobu is a decentralized platform, as well as an end-to-end solution that makes it possible for ICOs to release compliant security tokens through the blockchain. It seeks to address the difficulties that are associated with releasing an ICO accompanied by a security token because of technical, legal, and regulatory requirements. The Mobu platform is able to make this a possibility through its blockchain-based solution. The solution is able to eliminate any worry that cryptocurrency developers may have pertaining to the procedures that must be followed when looking to offer a security token. Mobu ICO Details Token Type: ERC-20 Token Soft Cap: 1,000,000 USD Token Hard Cap: 35,000,000 USD Token Price: 0.15 USD (with a twenty percent bonus dependent on the participation date) Token Sale Date: 1st December 2018 Token Last Sale Date: 31st January 2019 Mobu Development Team The team behind the development of the Mobu platform is one that covers various professional fields, with all the participants being well-versed with blockchain. For instance, its CEO Juan Engelbrecht has vast experience on stocks and equities in the South African market, having worked with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in the past. Apart from working with stocks, and equities and being in possession of a cost accounting management degree, Juan also happens to be one of the earliest supports of the blockchain infrastructure. Over the years, he has worked tirelessly to try and combine his various passions. He also has a very high appreciation for decentralized technology. Another member of this team is Paul Pelser, the CFO. Paul has a double commerce degree. He is also a chartered accountant with vast experience working as an auditor with one of the biggest manufacturers in South Africa. The Problem to Be Addressed by Mobu Mobu seeks to address the challenges that are associated with the creation of security tokens, in addition to any other digital assets that can be used as security tokens. The issue is quite serious, given the fact that it can be very difficult for a developer to produce a compliant token when they are not well-versed with the framework to be used. In addition, there also exists a number of legal complications that are likely to interfere with the security tokens. This can be very restrictive, considering that this is a valuable industry, but one, which has unfortunately been ignored by blockchain. How Will Mobu Resolve this Issue? Mobu will provide a solution that seeks to address the root of the problem. This will be done by launching a platform that can be used to introduce security tokens. Mobu will provide all the expertise that is required to handle all kinds of laws and regulations, such as guaranteeing token compliance. Apart from assisting cryptocurrency companies and developers to launch their security tokens, the platform will also be providing additional benefits, e.g., providing developers with direct, and unrestricted access to verified, and fully compliant investors. It will also limit the number of securities that can be traded by the investors through the use of smart contracts.
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Facilitating Compliant Security Tokens Release on Blockchain: Introducing

Setting the mood for tokenized securities, Mobu establishes a platform that allows firms and companies to launch digital securities on the blockchain, while giving investors the choice to finally back compliant digital tokens July 31th, 2018: As a technology that has turned the financial markets upside down with its innovative and groundbreaking design, blockchain-powered tokens have faced legal issues that have forced launching platforms to create digital assets that are utility tokens. Security Tokens and Their Legality As a multi-trillion dollar market, securities are largely ignored on the blockchain. With blockchain, digital securities crossed physical borders and touched multiple legal jurisdictions, leading to a serious confusion on what laws and regulations to follow by the developers. Digital securities are cheaper to float, trade and are cost effective in generating than traditional ones. Yet, when looking at the data of digital securities on the blockchain, of the 86 tokens launched in first term of 2018, just two were securities. Considering that these tokens were able to raise an astounding $400,000,000, the need of a firm plan for launching securities is the need of the hour. Mobu: Solving the Blockchain Securities Problem As a platform for launching security tokens, Mobu offers cryptocurrency developers the expertise to handle different laws and regulations so that their tokens are compliant. Freeing firms from the headache of legality, the platform also gives: Direct access to verified (KYC/AML) investors and compliant security token firms. Limits securities to be traded between approved investors through smart contracts covering due diligence and authorised compliance centers. Gives investors the confidence on asset liquidation by allowing to exit the fundraising if security issuer does not adhere to agreed timeline. Agreement with different banks so crypto to fiat transactions are not blocked. Voting rights and dividends to investors. Overall efficiency due to adoption of blockchain. The Team That Powers it All The Mobu team is a multi professional and talented assemble of people who have a vast and extensive experience not only in blockchain, but the financial world too. Leading the pack is their CEO, Juan Engelbrecht. Trading in equities for major stockbrokers in South Africa and then later directly on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, his respectable Cost Accounting Management degree has been put in good use. As an early supporter of blockchain and cryptos, his love for the decentralized technology has helped him bring the two different worlds together. A double commerce degree and a qualified chartered accountant, Paul Pelser is the perfect man to be the CFO of Mobu. Experienced auditor, he has worked with the largest local industrial manufacturer in South Africa. Other notable members include Frikkie van Biljon, a computer programming wizard and legal advisors Petri van Zyl and Izak Viljoen. The Mobu platform offers a professional atmosphere that not only gives tokenized security offering firms the ease of floating digital assets, but also gives investors confidence that their investments are protected by the same laws applied on traditional ones. Visit the Website: Read the Whitepaper: Chat on Telegram: Follow on Twitter: Like on Facebook: Check out the Medium: Read on Reddit: This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of NullTX. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.
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XRP, BAT and Dash are The Favorite Cryptos Among Uphold Users

A recent report published by Uphold revealed that the most popular tokens among its users are XRP, BAT, and DASH. The investment in these cryptocurrencies has increased considerably during the period from January 2018 to January 2019. According to information from AMB Crypto, Uphold reported that despite the sharp drop in the prices of cryptocurrencies, its user base reached record stats: Not only did they increase their userbase to more than 1 million registered users, but the number of funded wallets and transactions also grew by more than 2X compared to last year. The Uphold team revealed that altcoins played a special role in the growth of its platform. Dash had the highest increase, followed by Basic Attention Token and Ethereum. However other tokens such as BTC, LTC, and BTG also reported significant growth despite the negative performance of the markets: Holdings of all currencies increased materially over the period, but DASH and BAT were the 2018 standouts (up 281% and 183% respectively). Uphold also saw good growth in holdings of ETH (up 70%), BTG (up 54%), BTC (up 41%) and LTC (up 24%) Uphold Explains The Reasons Behind The Popularity of Every Token According to the firm’s analysis. The growth rate of BTC, LTC, and ETH was lower than last year. Apparently, the public lost interest in these cryptocurrencies to focus on other more attractive alts such as XRP, which grew from 0 to 39% from March 2018 to January 2019. Uphold Interface The growing interest in XRP is consistent with the intense media presence that Ripple has had in the community over the past few months. The launch of xRapid and the numerous partnerships with essential players in the world of finance increased the trading of this cryptocurrency which eventually reached number 2 in the global market cap. Something similar happened with Basic Attention Token. The cryptocurrency is strongly pushed by Brave browser. The popularity of the browser and the positive rating of several specialized sites, as well as the launch of BAT trading in Coinbase Pro, were critical for the token to become one of the favorites among Uphold users. Uphold finally attributed DASH’s growth to a successful campaign in which they made their philosophy have an important influence on the community. “DASH represents itself as digital money which can be used to make instant, private payments online or in-store using its secure, open-source platform hosted by thousands of users around the world.” The post XRP, BAT and Dash are The Favorite Cryptos Among Uphold Users appeared first on Ethereum World News.
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New Shapeshift Crypto Exchange Rebrand Plans Announced by CEO Erik Voorhees at ETHDenver

At the recently held ETHDenver, ShapeShift CEO Erik Vorhees announced that his company would be undergoing a major rebranding exercise in 2019. The first step in this will take place on Monday, February 17, 2019. During this time, the exchange will begin holding a closed beta programme where selected users will be invited to test out a new and improved version of Shapeshift. The new version, Vorhees says, will focus on improving on the user experience. These improvements will include making the user interface simpler and synchronizing the use of all the exchange’s products including its cryptocurrency pricing tracker CoinCap. This Information was made available by the CMO of ShapeShift Emily Coleman. Besides making this announcement, Vorhees also spoke at a panel focused on leadership “in times of ambiguity.” In this panel, he was joined by founder of cryptocurrency micropayments service Lily Liu, CSO of ethereum venture capital studio ConsenSys Sam Cassatt, and co-founder of decentralized application platform Holochain Arthur Brock. Tough Calls As part of the discussion, the panelists were asked what the hardest decision was that they have had to make in the running of the business. “If you’re going to be a company in the crypto industry, you’re attached to the severe market cycles of the industry. That’s full of good and bad,” said Voorhees. Vorhees, on his part, said that the hardest decision he had had to make was the introduction of know-your-customer protocols on the exchange last year. “I felt like I had to do something morally wrong to allow the company to persist…It’s a really awful position to be in,” said Voorhees. According to Vorhees, the decision was a hard one because he was personally against the idea of asking users to give up their personal information. He eventually conceded to the decision as a form of picking and choosing his battles and considering the long-term implications. Despite the tough decision that was made, Vorhees is still confident that, in the future, people will be able to carry out transactions in a completely decentralized manner and without any censorship or interference. “Society is comfortable about this idea that people should be able to talk freely with each other … the fact that money is treated differently is a huge injustice. I hope that crypto breaks that discrepancy,” he said. Despite the CEO’s optimism, the company has faced some challenges in recent times, especially with having to lay off a third of its staff due to the crypto price slump.
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Federal Judge in Crypto Proceeding Re-examines Blockvest (BLV Token) Case

In November of 2018, a California federal judge refused to approve a preliminary injunction as was requested at the time because there were a few inquiries and it was yet to be determined if, based on the Howey Test, the token in the case was a security. However, the same judge seemed to have re-assessed the situation and has made the decision to grant a motion the SEC’s requested, for Partial Reconsideration. Details of the Case The SEC, at the time, had charged a few offenders on account of transacting business involving sales of securities that were unapproved and not registered. The tokens, called BLV tokens, were defended by their stakeholders with the claim that they had been pre-approved by the CFTC, the National Futures Association and even the SEC. The accused also claimed on their website, that they had received approval from an agency called the “BEC”, although that seemed to have been fabricated. The Re-Assessment Generally, it almost never happens that during a prosecution, a federal judge will have a change of mind. This only happens when a motion for re-examination has been put forward. However, when a case has new evidence or laws have been changed or wrongly applied, a judge could consider a change of mind. The judge has now decided that the information on the accused’s website contained offers for transacting in unapproved tokens and this still holds water whether or not a transaction was completed. The Howey test is a divided into three parts and all three were violated. The accused expressed their opinion that an injunction is too much of a response from the courts especially because some progress had been made regarding admittance of guilt, an addition of a proper counsel to the team and the decision for these people not to do an ICO. However, the court did not agree especially because of the made up agency – BEC – and many other different falsities. The court also considered the possibility that the accused might not discontinue all the wrongdoings. Reactions to the case and the court rulings have been polar with some proclaiming it as appropriate while other have expressed that it might be an overreaction.
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Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: Dash, Neo, Binance Coin, EOS, Ethereum

Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: Dash, Neo, Binance Coin, EOS, Ethereum Argentina has recently settled an export deal with Paraguay in Bitcoin. Although the net value of the deal was only $7,100, it is a welcome step. Gradually, more countries will recognize the advantage of using cryptocurrencies for cross-border deals. Digital asset management fund Grayscale […] Cet article Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: Dash, Neo, Binance Coin, EOS, Ethereum est apparu en premier sur Bitcoin Central.
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