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Current Media's $CRNC Token Set To List on Openfinance ATS And Its International Partner Network

Beginning Q4 2019, Investors Will Be Able to Freely Trade the Media Industry's First Blockchain-Enabled Digital Security on Openfinance. Openfinance, the leading platform for the secondary market trading of digital alternative assets, announced today Current Media's $CRNC Token will list on the Openfinance Alternative Trading System (ATS) and its international network of market participants during Q4 2019. $CRNC is the first media-focused security token, and notably will also be the world's first freely traded security token available to U.S. and non-U.S., accredited and non-accredited investors. "Our goal at Openfinance is to provide a digital security trading platform that offers private securities issuers an established venue for secondary market liquidity for their investors and offers those investors a variety of opportunities for diversification and wealth creation. Given our goal of building out a network with some of the world's leading digital asset platforms, we're thrilled to welcome Current's $CRNC token, which will enable users to invest in an entirely new business model that's not available anywhere else worldwide," said Juan Hernandez, Founder & CEO of Openfinance. Current is a reward-based streaming ecosystem with over two million registered users that compensates anyone for attention and data while consuming content. The company's token offering, $CRNC, gives brands discounted access to ad inventory within the Current network and enables users to earn rewards faster when streaming music from over 100,000 stations. The $CRNC token is part of Current's cutting-edge rewards platform that enables users to be more fairly compensated for their data, time and attention while engaging with media. The company counts billionaire Mark Cuban as one of their first backers. Investors in $CRNC include Kenetic Capital, FBG Capital, Binary Financial, GSR Capital, CollinStar Capital, Complex Media Founder Marc Ecko, Chandler Guo, Athena Bitcoin, GBIC, AlphaChain, 21 Capital Limited, Gravitas Ventures and a variety of others. "Current is the first B2C platform to implement deflationary token-economics for its own native token. From a U.S. perspective, this could only be possible under the classification of a digital security," said Dan Novaes, CEO and Co-Founder of Current Media. "When considering who our initial listing partner would be, Openfinance stood out - not only as the leading ATS platform for the secondary market trading of digitally formatted securities but also because of a unique distribution partnerships strategy ...Full story available on

Protos – Worlds 1st Tokenized Hedge Fund Trades Publicly

The world of tokenized assets continues to expand into the traditional financial sector. This month, the world’s first tokenized hedge fund, Protos (PRTS), became available to public investors via the OpenFinance trading platform. The Protos hedge fund reads like a whos-who of early crypto projects including classics like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero. The fund initially made headlines after Protos successfully sold over $6.5 million worth of tokens during its initial release. Now, developers are ready to allow Main Street investors a chance to trade this diverse investment instrument. Protos via Homepage Protos Trading The Protos fund trades on the OpenFinance Network which is an SEC-registered Alternative Trading System (ATS). As an ATS, OFN can offer users additional functionalities not available to traditional investors. These benefits include faster transactions, lower fees, and the ability to trade 24-hours a day. Comparingly, Wall Street investors can only trade hedge funds during the hours of 9:30 – 4:00 pm. Also, trading closes on national holidays. Protos Hedge Fund Protos investors gain access to a variety of early blockchain projects. These projects include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ada, XRP and zCash to name just a few. Speaking on what projects made the cut, company executives stated that the fund includes a host of highly liquid projects. Additionally, Protos partnered with a number of additional token issuance platforms including Polymath and Harbor to make the project a success. The Photos tokenized hedge fund operates as a security token per SEC guidelines. Notably, the token utilizes the Securitize DS Protocol to ensure lifetime compliance. OpenFinance Network – OFN OpenFinance is one of only a few security token exchanges. Currently, OFN lists six security tokens including the highly publicized Spice VC token. According to the SEC registration, OFN’s license allows the platform to trade Reg D, Reg A+, Reg CF, and Reg S exemptions. In a recent interview, OFN CEO Juan Hernandez praised the benefits of Reg A+ listings. He spoke on how companies can list tokens faster and with fewer requirements. Also, firms can raise up to $50 million in each Reg A+ campaign. When tokenized, Reg A+ crowdfunding events provide even further incentives. For example, in the past, only accredited investors could participate in these events. An accredited investor must show at least $1 million in liquid assets. As you could imagine, the majority of investors were left out of the loop. This strategy hurt companies the most because they were unable to accept more funds. Tokenization allows companies to receive funding from any investor globally. SEC Opens Doors to Reg A+ Token Offerings The SEC’s recent decision to begin Reg A+ approvals provides companies with some guidance as to how to proceed with an STO legally. In the past, companies complained about a lack of transparency in the sector. This lack of clarity creates a roadblock to large scale adoption. Today, Hernandez believes the advantages of tokenization are undeniable, and that investors will steer the market towards these services as they become more widely understood. Protos Envisions the Future The Protos hedge fund is a glimpse of what the financial markets will hold in the future. The fund’s diverse holdings are ideal for investors that desire to own a piece of the most important crypto projects released to date. The post Protos – Worlds 1st Tokenized Hedge Fund Trades Publicly appeared first on

Openfinance to Support Protos Hedge Fund Token (PRTS) to Its Trading Platform

OpenFinance Network, an alternative, end-to-end crypto trading, management, clearing and settlement platform, has reportedly added Protos, a hedge fund, to its portfolio. The Network, popularly called OFN, trades 24/7. Protos, on the other hand, is one of the pioneering crypto hedge funds to get listed and be traded on alternative trading platforms. Getting added to […]
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Protos Cryptocurrency Fund Now Available for Trading Exclusively on Openfinance ATS

Protos is the first tokenized hedge fund to trade on any ATS Openfinance, the first U.S. regulated platform for the secondary market trading of digital alternative assets, announced today Protos is available for trading to verified non-U.S. investors and accredited U.S. investors on the Openfinance Alternative Trading System (ATS). The Protos fund (PRTS) allows investors to participate in an evergreen fund by deploying capital across a broad range of digital tokens, cryptocurrency and other cryptocurrency investments. "By offering the first tokenized hedge fund to our investors, our platform is providing even more variety and opportunities for diversification," said Juan Hernandez, founder & CEO of Openfinance. "We're excited to be working with Protos Asset Management and providing our users access to an entirely new asset class." The Protos fund's goal is to capture profit opportunities in the digital token and cryptocurrency market while limiting losses and risk during periods of volatility or general market downturns. By investing in the largest cryptocurrencies by network value (market capitalization) and those which possess the most trading liquidity (as measured by transaction volume on the major trading exchanges), as well as in early stage cryptocurrency and blockchain related projects, Protos aims to produce returns, with a focus on controlling risk. "Protos is excited to partner with Openfinance to offer investors the opportunity to get exposure to this exciting asset class. At Protos we are motivated to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to investors, with institutional grade custody and risk controls," said Dr. Philipp Kallerhoff, CEO of Protos. As the first-to-market U.S.-regulated ATS platform for the trading of digitally formatted securities, Openfinance now has multiple securities ...Full story available on

Fooled by Eagerness: Security token trading activity falls further into obscurity

The security token market, which was touted as something set to revolutionize the investment industry, so far has not lived up to the hype. Despite bitcoin trading volumes reaching new yearly highs, the small amount of secondary trading activity for security tokens has been trending even lower.  By giving global access to capital, security tokens were meant to provide liquidity to traditional asset classes (especially those which have historically been illiquid such as private equity and real estate). According to data provided by SecurityTokenCap, however, liquidity for security tokens has almost been nonexistent.  The website lists the four tokens that trade on OpenFinance (LDCC, BCAP, SPICE, and 22X) as well as tZero’s very own “TZROP” token it offers on its alternative trading system, PRO Securities. Join Genesis now and continue reading, Fooled by Eagerness: Security token trading activity falls further into obscurity!
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Top 5 Security Tokens to Invest In – Opinion

Below are the top 5 security tokens which I personally believe have the most potential for liquidity and future growth. As a disclaimer, I’m a token holder in all the investments listed below. No financial compensation was given for this article. This is based exclusively on my personal opinion. #5 – (LDC) This was one of the earliest STOs in the space. The vision is to raise billions of dollars to help solve the most pressing humanitarian needs across the globe using global charitable raffles. They offer token holders 7% revenue share on all ticket sales. Some of the notable investors behind this project include: Pantera Capital – Joey Krug (co-chief Investment officer). Paraag Marathe (Chief Strategy Officer EVP, SF 49rs). Bruce Gibney (Founders Fund, seed investor of PayPal). What’s impressive with this project is the current progress that they have made which includes: The world’s largest lottery results and information provider to the digital media sector for U.S. and North American lottery games, including Google and Amazon Alexa. Provider of lottery results in more than 30 countries worldwide. In the US is a premier mobile lottery play service with multiple state approvals. This token can be purchased on the OpenFinance platform.   #4 – tZERO (TZROP) tZERO is working on building a regulated exchange for trading security tokens and digital securities. They are taking their time on developing this platform as they wish to ensure that they are fully legally compliant. Think of tZERO as the Binance of regulated security tokens. If they succeed in their stated mission, they will become a market leader in the digital securities space. Being fully regulated institutional investors and banks will be able to use this platform for all their exchange needs. We have reported on tZERO frequently including the painful due diligence process which is slowing the launch of the platform. Being fully legally compliant is a positive thing, and we prefer that they take things slow to ensure full compliance and legality. This token can be purchased directly on the tZERO platform.   #3 – 22x Fund (22X) 22X Fund invested in 30 pre-vetted start-ups that were part of Batch 22 of the 500 Startups early-stage venture fund and seed accelerator program. 500 Startups have invested in over 1200 companies, some of these notable investments include Udemy,, Canva, Twilio, talkdesk, & ipsy. All 22X Fund companies are part of Batch 22 from 500 Startups which took place in San Francisco in summer/fall of 2017. The 500 Startups Accelerator has a ~2% acceptance rate. The majority have raised previous funding and are revenue generating. Batch22 focuses on FinTech (9 companies), Data (7 companies), and Digital Health (4 companies). The list can be found here. Investors receive tokens in 22X which will own between 2.5% to 10% of the equity in each 22X portfolio company. This token can be purchased on the OpenFinance platform.   #2 – Blockchain Capital (BCAP) This was the initial security token that started the revolution. BCAP tokens represent tokens in a venture fund managed by Blockchain Capital. Blockchain Capital really needs no introduction when it comes to blockchain. They were founded in 2013 and have such notable investments as ABRA, Augur, Bancor, BitFuty, BitGo,, BlockStream, Coinbase, Ethereum, Harbor, Kraken, Ripple, Securitize, & Templum. The BCAP token was launched in April 2017 and raised $10M in six hours. In June, 2019 Coinbase Custody announced support for the BCAP token. The importance of this news cannot be understated, as this is the first security token to be supported by Coinbase. This token can be purchased on the OpenFinance platform.   #1 – SpiceVC  (SPX) My personal favorite is SpiceVC and this token is managed by an experienced team that are heavily involved in the digital securities space. They are investing in the future of security tokens and digital securities. Their most notable investment is in Securitize. Securitize is the token issuer that has shown the most traction when it comes to tokenizing security tokens. They have directly tokenized, or offered tokenization services to the bulk of the companies on this list. Other notable investments by SpiceVC include: SAGA – An upcoming stable currency Slice – The tokenization of real estate ROX – Tokenization of commercial real estate. Archax – A digital securities exchange to be launched in London, UK. – An online lottery security token. Bakkt – A digital assets security exchange company created by ICE, the owners of the New York Stock Exchange. Bakkt is one of the most anticipated exchanges in the cryptocurrency space and has the potential to bring in institutional grade investments into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. This token can be purchased on the OpenFinance platform. Disclaimer: is not is not licensed by or registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, FINRA, or any other financial services regulator. Specifically, is not a FINRA registered Broker Dealer and does not offer or sell securities, or engage in any other Broker Dealer activity. Nothing in this website constitutes an offer, distribution, solicitation, or marketing of any security. Furthermore, is not an exchange, alternative trading system, escrow agent or transfer agent. does not provide legal, accounting, tax, or regulatory advice, or hold custody of any cash, virtual currency, security token or other digital asset for or on behalf of any third party. The post Top 5 Security Tokens to Invest In – Opinion appeared first on .

OpenFinance Brings Support State-side for Third Party Digital Securities

Third-Party Assets OpenFinance has expanded their support for the trading of third-party digital securities on their platform. OpenFinance has supported this feature for a while now, in Europe, and is now bringing the service to the United States. The reasoning for this timing is due to the holding periods enforced on digital securities. Upon being sold to accredited investors, digital securities must be ‘locked-up’ for a certain time frame. Two assets, SPiCE Token and BCAP, have been released from ‘lock-down’, now making them eligible. These two assets mark the first of a variety that will soon become available, as well. This maturation of listed assets found on their platform is important for OpenFinance. Many are drawn towards digital securities due to the promise of increased liquidity in their investments. With various assets now being freely traded, this promise will be realized, as the assets can now be traded among a much larger pool of investors. This development is just one of many on their way to eventually becoming more than just a trading platform for digital securities. The goal is to, not only offer these services, but to facilitate STOs as well. These endeavours are made possible through OpenFinance’s various designations bestowed upon them by regulatory bodies. OpenFinance worked hard in cooperating with the powers that be, to become the first ‘U.S.-regulated secondary market trading platform for digital alternative assets’. Commentary In making this announcement, Juan Hernandez, CEO of OpenFinance, took the time to comment. The following is what he had to say on the matter. “Designed to act much like a traditional trading platform, Openfinance provides a broad set of third-party digital securities to investors – offering enhanced versatility and added liquidity to all of its users, which will soon include U.S. Investors along with our already active global users…The ability for U.S. Investors to trade these digital assets and access liquidity marks a significant next step in the evolution of the digital securities market. We look forward to introducing additional trading opportunities in the near future as our platform expands.” He continued, “While alternative assets have traditionally been available to a small subset of eligible investors, Openfinance is democratizing the space and making these opportunities available to a broader universe.”  OpenFinance OpenFinance is a United States based company, which was launched in 2017. Above all, OpenFinance works to develop solutions for the digital securities sector, through the implementation of blockchain technologies. Company operations are overseen by CEO, Juan Hernandez. We had the privilege of interviewing Juan Hernandez recently. Interview Series – Juan Hernandez, CEO and Founder of OpenFinance In Other News Over the past year, we have detailed developments pertaining to OpenFinance various times. Here are a few articles showing what this promising company has been up to as of late. OpenFinance Security Exchange Receives Financing from Sharpe Ventures OpenFinance Network Launches First U.S. Security Token Trading Platform Krypital Group and OpenFinance Network Align to Advance Security Token Ecosystem The post OpenFinance Brings Support State-side for Third Party Digital Securities appeared first on .

AnySizeDeals Launches Inaugural ASDToken Conference at CoinDesk’s Blockchain Week NYC

New York, NY – AnySizeDeals announced today that its new flagship crypto conference; ASDToken will be launched as part of the line-up at CoinDesk’s Blockchain Week NYC. The conference is the first of it’s kind to focus exclusively on real estate tokenization and will take place on May 16th, 2019 at The Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn, NY. The event is from 8:30am to 3:00pm and will feature some of the most prominent names in the Blockchain and PropTech space. Registrations are now open @ Some of the notable speakers include: JOSHUA STEIN/ CEO & Co-Founder – Harbor TOBY MOSKOVITS/CEO – Heritage Equity Partners ASH ZANDIEH / CIO – CREtech STEVEN NERAYOFF / CEO – Alchemist JEFFREY BERMAN / General Partner – Camber Creek STEPHEN KING / CEO – imbrex PATRICK O’MEARA / Chairman & CEO, Inveniam Capital Partners DANIEL FETNER – Chief of Staff, Corigin Ventures ODED SHOSHANY / CEO – Orbise MARK VANGE / CEO & Founder – Token IQ MONIKA PROFFITT/CEO & Founder – Rise Housing CLYDE VANEL / NYS Assemblyman – District 33 PERRIN QUARSHIE – CEO, RealBlocks JUAN HERNANDEZ / CEO – OpenFinance EVAN MALANGA / Director of Business Development – Securitize ANTHONY ELIA / CEO – FinanceDA RANGA KRISHNAN / CEO – BEI.RE ASHA DAKSHINAMOORTHY/ Product Lead – AlphaPoint ALEXANDRA LEVIN KRAMER / Partner – CKR Law STEVE NSON /CEO – AnySizeDeals The conference schedule is a full day of panel discussions and networking opportunities. Some of the topics that will be covered are: ”To Tokenize a REIT”: What are the challenges and opportunities of bringing digital securities to the REIT Market, from Regulatory Matters to Access to Liquidity. “Regulator”: What are some of the regulatory challenges of security tokens and what’s the ideal framework to facilitate the issuance of tokens. “To Token or Not”: What’s the Business Case for Asset Tokenization and Fractionalization in Commercial and Residential Real Estate. “Blockchain Beyond Crypto? Beyond Crypto what are the other applications of Blockchain within the real estate ecosystem. “This conference is really a can’t miss for real estate investors interested in learning about the benefits of tokenization as an investment vehicle,” said Steve Nson, organizer of ASDToken. Tickets for the conference are currently on sale at About AnySizeDeals AnySizeDeals (ASD) is the global leader in real estate innovation conferences. Verticals covered include Blockchain, AI, Robotics, PropTech & Opportunity Zones. Learn more information at Contact: Conference Press Team, The post AnySizeDeals Launches Inaugural ASDToken Conference at CoinDesk’s Blockchain Week NYC appeared first on BitcoinChaser.
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The Rise Of Tokenized Securities Exchanges

Juan Hernandez, CEO of security token trading platform OpenFinance, talks about the importance of security tokens and security token exchanges, as well as the mounting competition between exchanges.
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Securitize Announces ‘Securitize Ready’ Network

Securitize has just announced the launch of a new program. Known as the ‘Securitize Ready’ program, it was launched with the goal of creating an diverse network, providing all of the services needed to manage digital securities. Joining the Party This endeavour is not solely that of Securitize. The entire purpose of the program is to bring together services offered by a variety of companies; Thereby providing access to each participant’s specialties, from one spot – a ‘food-court’ of sorts for blockchain services. In doing so, companies interested in issuing their own security token can concentrate on their core business – rather than fret over the legalities and intricacies involved with a digital securities offering. Here are a few of the companies that have already signed up, with many more expected to take part in the future. OpenFinance Network Rialto Trading Coinbase Custody C Block Capital Securitize has pre-existing relationships with multiple of these companies. By aligning themselves with other industry influencers such as OFN and Coinbase, Securitize shows no sign in relinquishing its place as a trailblazer in digital securities. Commentary In their press release, Steven Lucido, Head of Strategic Partnerships & Accounts at Securitize, commented on the launch of the program. The following is was Lucido had to say. “Securitize Ready frees partners to focus on their core business while providing their clients access to the industry’s most widely adopted issuance and lifecycle management technology. It represents a win-win for both partners and the issuers they work with.” Securitize Securitize is a United States based company, specializing in blockchain based services, tailored toward digital securities. Led by CEO, Carlos Domingo, Securitize successfully completed a $12.75 million Series A round in 2018. Since this raise, the company hasn’t looked back, and has gone on to establish themselves as an authority in the rapidly developing digital securities sector. In Other News As one of the most developed, and adopted, digital security platforms in the industry, we have detailed events pertaining to Securitize various times of the past few months. Below are a few articles touching on these events. Securitize Partners with Vemanti Group on STO Securitize Partners with OTCXN on Security Token Launch Platform Securitize to Expand Asian Presence through Partnership with C Block Capital Group Securitize Raises $12.75 million in Series A funding of Digital Securities Platform The post Securitize Announces ‘Securitize Ready’ Network appeared first on .

Coinbase’s Securitize Launches Network For Token Issuance and Management

Coinspeaker Coinbase’s Securitize Launches Network For Token Issuance and ManagementSecuritize first entered the cryptocurrency market as a result of support from Coinbase. However, it has come a long way since then.The security token startup has announced the launch of a new network for referrals that will enable companies to manage and issue digital securities, according to the announcement on April 9th.Newly announced ‘Securitize Ready Program,’  should accelerate the adoption of Securitize platform and DS Protocol for digitizing securities on the blockchain. With the use of Securitize’s DS protocol, the company aims to provide an automated compliance platform for security tokens and ensure the whole process, from onboarding to issuance and investor management, is done within regulatory guidelines.The network is offering the services of the different partners that have joined them, which includes Rialto Trading, OpenFinance, and Coinbase Custody. It also has opportunities for services from CBlock Capital, a private investment group. This is not a complete list of all partners and Securitize has expressed interest in adding other partners in the future.Clients for each of the included partners will have support as they create and manage their own security tokens with the support of broker-dealers, lawyers, and advisory firms. The available resources will also ensure that regulatory guidelines are met with these securities, according to Securitize.Steven Lucido, head of the program, said:“Securitize Ready frees partners to focus on their core business while providing their clients access to the industry’s most widely adopted issuance and lifecycle management technology. It represents a win-win for both partners and the issuers they work with.”Compliance for the platform and the digital securities protocol is completely maintained through secondary trading. The platform also makes it possible to take advantage of “automated” features, including share buy-backs, voting, and dividends. So far, Securitize has been able to help 22x, SPiCE VC, Blockchain Capital, and Augmate with their sales of digital securities.Late last year, Securitize closed a Series A funding round led by Blockchain Capital that raised $12.75 million. The round also included participation from Coinbase Ventures, Global Brain, NXTP, OK Blockchain Capital, and Xpring at Ripple.In January 2019, Securitize joined the IBM Blockchain Accelerator program. According to a report, Securitize CEO Carlos Domingo said that the firm’s goal is to build a debt issuance platform using blockchain technology.To help with the sale and tokenization of securities for firms, Securitize formed a partnership this year with OTCXN, a blockchain infrastructure company. The collaboration combined the securities compliance platform of Securitize with the custodial ledger system of OTCXN.In the framework of this collaboration, these two startups said to be creating services that will enable institutional traders to deal with tokenized crypto assets and avoid settlement risks associated with traditional systems.Coinbase’s Securitize Launches Network For Token Issuance and Management
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Litecoin (LTC) Celebrates Its 8th Anniversary!

Litecoin (LTC) is celebrating its 8th anniversary.  Eight years ago, the Litecoin Network was launched the day in which Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder, died at 56. The firs […] The post Litecoin (LTC) Celebrates Its 8th Anniversary! appeared first on UseTheBitcoin.
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Banks are Feeling Threatened of Bitcoin and for Good Reason, Tim Draper

A new opportunity for a new currency Governments have to adapt to not control through currency Venture capital investor and Bitcoin bull Tim Draper currently in an interview shared how currencies today are based on faith in the government. But Bitcoin is a currency that isn’t backed by the government rather frees us from that […]
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Bitfinex and Tether Lawsuit Analysis: The Severity of Roche Freedman’s Case

Stablecoin firm Tether and its associate exchange Bitfinex have received a suit filed by a New York-based legal firm Roche Freedman against Tether token (USDT, stating that it is engaged with market manipulation as the consequence of an unpublished paper. The case encloses that the above-mentioned firms were involved in a “sophisticated scheme” on account […]
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Ripple Consolidates its xRapid, xCurrent and xVia Features Under One Network; RippleNet

Ripple recently announced the consolidation of its services within RippleNet offering. The blockchain-oriented firm known for its convenient transfer features in the blockchain ecosystem made these changes to enhance service delivery to clients. The New Ripple Network Outlook A spokesman from Ripple noted that besides the change of name, the firm had sought to make […]
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