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STOs in the Mass Market

“What are the biggest challenges for STOs and when can we expect its mass market adoption?” It’s a burning question for 2019 that Kate Goldfinch associate editor TFT put to Dave Hendricks, CEO and co-founder, Vertalo Dave Hendricks, CEO and co-founder, Vertalo The biggest challenge to the adoption and success of security token offerings (STOs) is a market perception of high cost and low liquidity. Buyers of any new product or service often wrestle with issues related to price.  Price sensitivity, often referred to as ‘elasticity of demand’, is strongly correlated with the availability of other options to potential buyers.  This elasticity of demand problem impacts the two potential security token offering beneficiaries: Issuers and Investors. Potential issuers of STOs – businesses raising money or fractionalising assets – have many options in the market with well-established pricing and processes.  Adoption by issuers will not increase before outcomes (such as liquidity) become more reliable and offset increased implementation costs and risk. Potential Investors in STO-based offerings have a wealth of investment vehicles to choose from.  Demand elasticity will only favour STOs when these new offerings provide alpha that is higher or more reliable than other investments.  Very few investors will purchase STOs based on the novelty of the delivery vehicle, and even fewer will invest in small token-based funds with questionable secondary liquidity regardless of how they’re issued. Once issuers bring higher-performing but often illiquid assets – such as debt and real estate – to the market via efficient, transparent, and competitively-priced STO processes, more investors will recognise (like many of us already have) that this technical innovation is about unlocking investment opportunities that were previously unavailable to mainstream investors, not about funding Lamborghinis or yacht parties. The post STOs in the Mass Market appeared first on The Fintech Times.
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Entoro and Vertalo to Fuse Services to Advance Digital Securities

AllianceToday, CEO of Vertalo, Dave Hendricks, announced the next step in an ongoing relationship between Vertalo and Entoro. This step will see investment bank, Entoro, integrate cap table and compliance services with their own platform – one which provides Offerboard and Clear Rating services.While this fusion of services marks a big step, Hendricks has indicated that Vertalo has been working with Entoro for the better part of a year now. This next step was taken with a shared goal in mind – advance the digital securities sector, by reducing costs and increasing efficiency.CommentaryIn their press release, representatives from each company spoke about the on-going relationship between Entoro and Vertalo. The following is what each had to say.Dave Hendricks, CEO and Cofounder of Vertalo, stated,“Vertalo has been working behind the scenes with Entoro for the last year and has benefited greatly from Entoro’s deep understanding of both traditional and crypto capital formation technologies. The partnership between Vertalo and Entoro will provide all of Entoro’s clients with Vertalo’s crypto cap table and compliance technology, whether they are issuing a security token or a standard regulation D, S, or A+ offering.”James C. Row, Managing Partner of Entoro, stated,“Entoro is excited to add Vertalo’s technology to our offerings…Over the next year it will be important to provide value added services to the digital securities ecosystem to give issuers and investors trust and comfort. Entoro is on board with Vertalo’s vision for reducing cost and complexity while enabling secondary liquidity for digital assets.”EntoroEntoro is a global investment bank, headquartered in Houston, Texas. Above all, Entoro works to provide its clients with efficiency and versatility through the use of modern technology. This allows for the bank to offer services ranging from Blockchain Ecosystem Advisory, Capital Formation, Merger and Acquisitions, and more.Managing Partner, James C. Row, oversees operations. Through utilizing over 25 years of experience in finance, Row looks poised to ensure Entoro a bright future.VertaloVertalo is a young company, specializing in compliance and communication services, for blockchain based companies. The company maintains headquarters in Austin, Texas, since being founded in 2017.Under the guidance of CEO, Dave Hendricks, Vertalo has managed to establish various key partnerships within the digital securities sector. Some of these partnerships, beyond the one discussed here today, include OpenFinance, PrimeTrust, Polymath, and others.In Other NewsWhile Vertalo has graced our headlines various times over the past few months, this is a first for Entoro. Here are a few looks at some of the company activity we have covered recently, pertaining to Vertalo, beginning with our exclusive interview with CEO, Dave Hendricks.Interview Series – Dave Hendricks, CEO and Cofounder of VertaloVertalo announces launch of ‘Lifecycle Management Platform’Vertalo Partners with Securrency, Integrating Protocols into PlatformThe post Entoro and Vertalo to Fuse Services to Advance Digital Securities appeared first on

Interview Series – Dave Hendricks, CEO & cofounder of Vertalo

Dave Hendricks is the CEO and cofounder of Vertalo which is a stakeholder Registry and Cap Table platform for SEC Compliant Security Token offerings. They connect broker-dealers, issuers, exchanges and ATS’s.AT:  Could you share with us what Vertalo does?DH: Vertalo seeks to help more issuers, tokenize more assets, at lower cost and lower risk.  And at less expense.  Vertalo’s core offering is a crypto cap table, in other words a ledger of token holders.  ICOs didn’t care about cap tables, but equity investors do.Investors can be added to a Vertalo-built cap table before, during, or after a fundraise or ICO.  Vertalo’s wallet registration process is the connective process between issuers – who want to know who owns how much of their company – and investors, who want to know how much they own of the company.  Vertalo is glue for the overly confusing STO ecosystem.  Vertalo helps issuers manage their investor community and Vertalo helps investor manage their holdings – all via a simple graphical interface that is way better than etherscan. AT:  Is this on a public or private blockchain? If both, could you elaborate what information is on the public versus the private?DH: Vertalo is chain-agnostic.  If an issuer wants to write their token using Hyperledger, or Hashgraph, or NEO, or Stellar they can do that and Vertalo’s cap table and investor registration functions will operate the same way. AT:  Do you perform the KYC/AML accreditation yourselves?DH: Vertalo partners with major Accredited/Qualified and KYC/AML Services, since there are more than 200 different jurisdictions and we want to focus on what we do best.  We are developing a subscription service with several of these vendors to simplify secondary trading (where KYC-AML is so important).  More on that later in Q1. AT:  Could you describe how the platform enables issuers to manage the investor community?DH: Vertalo’s Cap Table combines the features of a traditional ledger with network connectivity.  The Vertalo cap table represents a relationship between two parties, determined by consensus.  Issuers use the vertalo registration smart contract process to invite and add an investor to the cap table.  That registration process creates a ledger which is more than a list of holders, it facilitates communications between the issuer and investor so that tokens, dividends, and documents can be transferred between the parties. AT:  There are many non-blockchain options to manage a cap table. What are the benefits of using a blockchain, and more specifically Vertalo?DH: Token trading is real-time.  If someone trades a security token, the investor ledger by law must be updated with the new address/holder of the token.  So a blockchain-based cap table ledger operates at the speed of blockchain, faster than paper and with better record-keeping.  Without a blockchain-based ledger for a blockchain based security, who would manage the legal requirements for maintaining a list of shareholders?  This was not a concern for ICO issuers, so they didnt create this tech.  ICOs just cared about exchanges.  STO issuers need to maintain compliance with securities law.Developing blockchain-based cap tables is also the first and fundamental step towards greater liquidity for private assets, because cap tables are where the investor ownership rights are best enforced.  The reason that issuers and investors are tokenizing their offerings is to ultimately achieve greater liquidity by enabling their shareholders to sell on exchanges and ATSs subject to the issuers rules.No traditional private equity cap table platforms connect to exchanges, and even obtaining a stock certificate from a traditional cap table platform is a days-long effort.  And when you receive a paper share from a traditional cap table platform there is no where to sell it, since you have to get permission from the board, and then there are few marketplaces for anything other than Uber or Lyft, etc..Tokenized offerings are issued on the predication that the tokens/shares will be ‘tradeable/’ after a restriction is lifted.  By connecting the Vertalo blockchain-based cap table to exchanges and ATSs, we enable token holders to achieve the liquidity that is main differentiating feature of a security token offering, while complying with basic securities law. AT:  How does the Vertalo registry reduce costs for Broker dealers?DH: Broker-Dealers have fiduciary requirements to check KYC and AML.  Vertalo’s investor registry function, which connects KYC verified email addresses to blockchain wallets, was designed in conjunction with major broker dealers to help them comply with basic AML requirements.  Vertalo built its platform to be whitelabeled by broker-dealers so they don’t have to build or manage this process themselves. AT:  You offer investors who register with Vertalo the opportunity to instantaneously share their investor profile with broker-dealers and issuers. How do investors sign up for this?DH: This feature will be built out later this year.  Our focus is on the Picks and Shovels for our business clients. AT:   One of the tools that you offer is the verification of wallet ownership? How is this performed?DH: The Vertalo Wallet Registration process uses a smart contract to run a process that is similar to the method by which a bank verifies your ownership of an account, by depositing random amounts into an account. We send an email to the registered account holder, with a link to kick off a process. If you can log into that account and verify the amounts, that is the beginning of proven ownership.  It’s actually a little more complicated than that, but to the proper owner of a wallet, it is a very smooth process.  We use a special utility token (no, you can’t trade or transfer it) and smart contracts for this process. AT:   Are there any notable projects that are currently using the Vertalo platform?DH: We were our first client.  I think that Vertalo issued the third or fourth real, US compliant Security token in March 2018.  That is why we built this.  We are working with PrimeTrust, Issuance, Entoro, and we will be announcing some Major real estate, fund, and debt issuances that are launching in February and March. By the end of Q1 there should be more than 10 projects or Broker-Dealers using the tech to simplify their token issuances, investor relations and cap table management. AT:   Is there anything else that you would like to share about Vertalo?DH: Issuers should create a great product, find a great law firm, find a great broker-dealer and call Vertalo.  We can stitch all the parts together for you and also help you save a tremendous amount on your overall tokenization costs.The post Interview Series – Dave Hendricks, CEO & cofounder of Vertalo appeared first on

Vertalo announces launch of ‘Lifecycle Management Platform’

Digital Asset Lifecycle Management PlatformVertalo has officially launched their anticipated Lifecycle Management Platform. This platform represents a variety of services tailored towards digital securities.  The following are a few of these services which are offered with the intent to save its users money.Digital asset cap table managementInvestor onboarding and registrationDigital asset compliance and token transfersICO remediation and restitutionBy taking these particular workloads off the plate of various companies, Vertalo is able to save them both time and money. In other words, this is achievable due to Vertalo’s specialized approach, which allows them to complete such tasks with a practiced and efficient approach to each.Vertalo in the NewsIn recent months, we have reported on Vertalo numerous times. In this time, Vertalo has established signed partnerships with various market leading companies.EarlyIQEntoroIssuanceOpenFinancePolymathPrimeTrustSecurrencycomIn addition, Vertalo also indicates that they have more partnerships in the pipeline that have not yet been announced.Predictions from a FounderOn the back of the Platform launch, Vertalo’s founder and CEO, Dave Hendricks, has recently released 10 predictions for 2019.  Here is a list, accompanied by his confidence level in each prediction.PredictionLikelihood of Occurrence1.       A large bank will enter into the crypto custody business.100%2.       Several traditional broker-dealers will open ATSs for STO trading.100%3.       2017 ICOs issued in the U.S. will be the first security tokens traded on exchanges.99%4.       Asian investors and funds will pivot to the U.S. to invest in digital assets.95%5.       The SEC will approve several Reg A+ deals related to tokens.90%6.       ‘Legacy’ financial institutions will become digital asset infrastructure buyers.90%7.       Ethereum will lose ground as the predominant platform for the next generation of coin offerings.70%8.       Regional authorities will increasingly match U.S. crypto policies and may surpass the U.S. in STO activity.60%9.       Tokens will be traded on ‘major’ exchanges in addition to new broker-dealer operated Automated Trading Systems.50%10.   Rules related to accredited investor requirements will be relaxed.1%*for full details on predictions by Dave Hendricks, check out his recently penned article here*VertaloVertalo was founded in 2017, and is based out of Austin, Texas. Above all, they specialize in both compliance and communication services, for companies based on blockchain.Founder Dave Hendricks has commented in the past that Vertalo is not and end-to-end platform, but rather a complementary one. He has stated, “Vertalo is not an ‘end-to-end’ solution; rather we complement service providers in the digital securities community, enabling them to do what they do best – whether that is issue tokens, raise or custody funds, or manage secondary trading of tokens.  By connecting with service providers, and placing proof of ownership and trade eligibility in the wallets of investors, Vertalo delivers on the promise of decentralization for issuers and investors in digital securities, while enabling compliance with securities laws and disclosure requirements”The post Vertalo announces launch of ‘Lifecycle Management Platform’ appeared first on

Issuance partners with Prime Trust

Issuance partners with Prime TrustIt was just announced by Issuance, that they have partnered with a financial institution. Known as Prime Trust, this company brings multiple capabilities to the table, greatly expanding the services offered through Issuance.A shared vision brought on this alliance – foster growth within the securities sector. As a result, those utilizing the bridging services of Issuance, will have easy access to a variety of financial services as well.It also comes as part of a recent string of developments on behalf of Issuance. Each development has expanded their access to new services through their growing ecosystem of partnerships.IssuanceIssuance was founded in 2018, and is based out of Los Angeles, California. The main purpose of the company is to act as a bridging platform. Above all, Issuance works to connect investors with appropriate digital securities issuers.Issuance CEO, Darren Marble, spoke on the partnership with Prime Trust, stating, “The issue of trust and custody — how to safely store digital securities and other digital assets — has always been a weak point in the industry,” says Darren Marble, CEO of Issuance. “Coming out of the ICO era, investors demand reliability, safety, and trust in the burgeoning digital securities space. We are honored to partner with Prime Trust to support the increasing demand for creative SEC-compliant fundraising solutions by both private and public companies.”Issuance has recently found themselves on our radar as of late. Only last week, we were reporting on their newly established partnership with Vertalo. Between these two partnerships, Issuance is becoming a well-rounded, platform.In addition to establishing new partnerships, Issuance plans to indeed ‘practice what they preach’. They have indicated that in the near future, they will be issuing digital securities of their own. It is expected that once released, these tokens will be available to trade on platforms such as OpenFinance Network.Prime TrustPrime Trust was founded in 2016, and is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The company brings various services to the table in their partnership with Issuance. For instance, Prime Trust offers custody solutions, processing services, and more. All while adhering to AML and KYC regulations.Prime Trust CEO, Scott Purcell, commented on the partnership. He stated, “Our partnership with Issuance supports our mission of better serving the evolving demands of both capital markets and growing companies,” said Scott Purcell, CEO of Prime Trust. “While we help ensure our clients execute compliant offerings from the start, Issuance steps in to fill the critical role of advising companies on how to successfully access funding and by presenting investors with desired deal flow.”This is not the first time that Prime Trust has made the news recently. In late August of 2018, the company announced a partnership with Polymath. That particular alliance would see Prime Trust provide custodial services for ST-20 tokens.The post Issuance partners with Prime Trust appeared first on

Vertalo and Issuance Join Forces

Vertalo Partners with Issuance In a positive development, a recent partnership between Vertalo and Issuance has been announced.  The nature of this partnership will see Vertalo compliment Issuance by providing its users with access to features such as cap table management, verified token ownership, andmore.  By partnering, each company is able to bring their unique specialties, in an effort to form a well-rounded and comprehensive platform. The announcement of this partnership comes in the wake ofvarious developments within the digital securities sector.  It is clear that a race is on, and that intuitive, comprehensive platforms are needed. Partnerships such as this will bring the industry one step closer to themuch touted liquidity, transparency, and efficiency to be offered by digital securities. Issuance Based out of Los Angeles, California, Issuance was founded in 2018.  While their services are broad, the primary focus of Issuance is to act as a bridge between digital security issuers and investors. As the product is a digital security, this means that those utilizing services offered by Issuance are accredited investors. CEO of Issuance, Darren Marble, spoke on the partnership with Vertalo.  He stated, “Digital securities issuers and investors are demanding better tools and transparency for their issuances, investor relations, and cap tables.  We’ve passed the point where issuers can throw up a dashboard for investors and manage their offerings via spreadsheets…Our partnership with Vertalo will give our clients the compliance,communications, and cap table tools that tie together initial investment with secondary trading.  As the leading provider of strategic advisory and marketing solutions to issuers of digital securities, both our clients and investor network look to us to provide greater clarity in the offerings we market, and Vertalo helps us achieve that.” This is not the first time that Issuance has caught our attention in recent months.  Only weeks ago, we spoke on their acquisition of CrowdFundX.  Our detailing of that move can be found HERE. Vertalo Vertalo was founded in 2017, and is based out of Austin, Texas. While various companies tout themselves as an end-to-end solution within the digital securities world, Vertalo has taken a differing stance.  Vertalo CEO, Dave Hendricks, addressed this in a statement,“Vertalo is not an ‘end-to-end’ solution; rather we complement service providers in the digital securities community, enabling them to do what they do best – whether that is issue tokens, raise or custody funds, or manage secondary trading of tokens.  By connecting with service providers, and placing proof of ownership and trade eligibility in the wallets of investors, Vertalo delivers on the promise of decentralization for issuers and investors in digital securities, while enabling compliance with securities laws and disclosure requirements” As with Issuance, we have also detailed Vertalo in recent weeks.  For more news on their activity within the industry, visit HERE. The post Vertalo and Issuance Join Forces appeared first on

Vertalo Partners With Securrency, Integrating Protocols Into Platform

Integration Vertalo and Securrency have announced a new partnership.  This will see Vertalo integrate token protocols developed by Securrency onto their platform. This platform integration will allow for Securrency to benefit from the cap table services, compliance oversight, and other offerings by Vertalo. One such offering will be open to those that issue their own security tokens via Securrency.  They will now gain access to Vertalo’s ‘Liquidity Enablement Platform’. What all this means is that companies interested in issuing their own digital security, can do so with relative ease.  They will be able to rest assured, knowing that their issued tokens are fully compliant with securities regulations.  At the same time they will also benefit from an increase in coveted liquidity. Protocols These protocols are known as CAT-20, and CAT-721.  Each are tailored for use as security tokens.  CAT stands for Compliance Aware Token, and is marketed as an ‘interoperable ledger-agnostic security token protocol’. After issuance, these tokens can be utilized on any blockchain.  This may range from ETH to EOS, and even STR.  These tokens inherently govern themselves, to ensure constant adherence to regulations. The announcement of these protocols was made in early October in a press release.  Here, Securrency CEO, Dan Doney, stated, “We developed the CAT-20 and CAT-721 standards because security tokens should be truly liquid – they should not be limited to one ledger and they should be easy to trade, transfer and regulate…This new protocol will enable speed, efficiency and transparency for issuers – from Wall Street to Main Street – while meeting compliance at a global scale.” Vertalo Founded in 2017, Vertalo is based out of Austin, Texas.  They specialize in both compliance and communication services, for companies based on blockchain. Speaking on the partnership with Securrency was Vertalo CEO, Dave Hendricks.  He stated, “Securrency has identified compliance as a precondition for adoption of digital assets by regulated financial institutions.  Through its integration with Vertalo’s Registry and compliance service, Securrency enables issuers, broker-dealers and custody platforms to launch offerings that eliminate regulatory hurdles and meet internal risk management requirements.” With other partners such as OpenFinance, Polymath, PrimeTrust and more, Vertalo is set to become a major player within the security token industry in the coming years. Securrency Founded in 2015, Securrency is based out of Washington, D.C.  They are a technology company that facilitates the issuance and trading of digital securities. Speaking on the partnership with Vertalo was Securrency CEO, Dan Doney.  He stated, “Through this unique pairing, Vertalo and Securrency will be able to provide their clients with the promised compliance alongside improved liquidity for their assets, thus ensuring a seamless trading process unparalleled by other organizations. We believe that this collaboration will help us follow through on our commitment to simplicity and transparency for our clients.”  The post Vertalo Partners With Securrency, Integrating Protocols Into Platform appeared first on

Vertalo to integrate security token protocols of Securrency into registry and compliance

CryptoNinjas Vertalo, a stakeholder registry and compliance platform for regulated security tokens has announced a collaborative effort to bolster the future of the security token economy with Securrency, a provider of financial and regulatory technology products for the... Vertalo to integrate security token protocols of Securrency into registry and compliance

Vertalo Integrates Prime Trust’s Digital Asset Custodial Services

Vertalo, platform that provides registry and compliance services to regulated security tokens, recently announced a strategic collaboration with the Nevada-based firm, Prime Trust. Prime Trust is a company that offers custodial services for both traditional and digital assets. By forming this partnership, the Vertalo network now supports all stages of the securities as well as the smart token lifecycle. The expansion of the Vertalo network will enable corporate investors looking for dependable custodial storage of their digital assets to access such services, in addition to the inherent functionalities of Vertalo, including registry of ownership and disclosure. Dave Hendricks, the CEO of Vertalo, was enthused by the partnership with Prime Trust. Dave stated that the paradigm shift from paper and database issuance of traditional securities to digital securities issuance driven by blockchains has compelled firms to invest in first-rate custodial platforms such as Prime Trust. He concluded by saying that the integration of Prime Trust services into the Vertalo network will bolster the efficiency of their services. As mentioned earlier, Prime Trust stores both traditional and digital assets, including cash, bonds, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and so on. Scott Purcell, the CEO of Prime Trust, was excited about the agreement with Vertalo. Purcell lauded Vertalo as an industry trailblazer regarding the future of cash and securities.
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Vertalo joins OpenFinance Network as newest security token listing partner

Vertalo, a stakeholder registry and compliance platform for regulated security token offerings, today announced it is integrating with OpenFinance Network (OFN), the trading platform for tokenized securities, to facilitate instantaneous, real-time trading of security... Vertalo joins OpenFinance Network as newest security token listing partner

EarlyIQ, Vertalo Collaborate To Enhance Crypto Security Token Investor Accreditation

Vertalo And Earlyiq Collaborate To Enhance Admissibility Of Investors For Safety Tokens A stakeholder records office platform for amenable safety token offerings known as Vertalo has decided to collaborate with EarlyIQ, which offers simple and safe virtual meticulousness and acquiescence solutions for the current fiscal market. The two entities declared an official incorporation collaboration. The partnership between the two firms will go a long way in enabling clients who purchase security tokens to be in possession of their certification, KYC as well as AML (anti-money laundering) outcomes. This is vital in offering instantaneous certification and admissibility information as well as expediting the conventional embracing of safety virtual asset investment and parity. Transform The Fiscal Industry Lou Kerner, the Managing Partner of CryptoOracle, asserts that security tokens are bound to transform the fiscal industry in several ways. This include bringing about liquidity to assets which are privately held. In this regard, it is vital for those who want to purchase or sell security tokens to be in a position of proving proprietorship and entitlement. This will help to facilitate instantaneous transactions on exchanges. The platform of Vertalo registry is created in such a way that it can assist lessen dormancy in the sale or buying of tokenized possessions by administration of lasting KYC. The authentication of investors and incontrovertible asset possession on the innovative technology are also of great significance. Dave Hendricks, the CEO and co-founder of Vertalo is also of the view that it is vital for sellers and buyers of security token possessions to maximize on the availability of the killer app for safety virtual assets. This will circumvent any managerial interruptions which may arise as a result of incompetent offline admissibility authorizations. The company’s integration and collaboration with EarlyIQ will be instrumental in assisting issuers shorten the period from the obligation of an investor to funding. Additionally, the ancillary sale and acquisition dormancy will be abridged by distributing the proprietorship of investor authentication and KYC information from third party stands to end consumers. It should be noted that the end users are the proprietors of the assets and are the ones to gain the utility of their information. The Vertalo platform contains personal admissibility outcomes as well as the status of qualified investors are placed on the innovative technology, where issuers and interchanges can have access to instantaneously quality people who desire to purchase or sell virtual assets. Over and above, the collaboration of the two companies will go a long way in solving the challenges of competences, charges and interruptions which can inhibit safety virtual assets from accomplishing their possibilities of bringing about liquidness to the sale of virtual properties.
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Vertalo and EarlyIQ partner to improve investor eligibility for security tokens

 Vertalo, a stakeholder registry platform for compliant security token offerings and EarlyIQ, a provider of simple, secure online diligence and compliance solutions for private financial markets today announced a formal integration partnership. The partnership will... Vertalo and EarlyIQ partner to improve investor eligibility for security tokens
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US Telecoms Giant AT&T Now Accepting Crypto Payments via BitPay

US Telecoms Giant AT&T Now Accepting Crypto Payments via BitPay United States telecom and media giant AT&T now accepting cryptocurrency for paying phone bills online, according to an official press release on May 23. AT&T will process bills paid in cryptocurrency using crypto payments platform BitPay. BitPay is a platform that converts cryptocurrencies to fiat […] Cet article US Telecoms Giant AT&T Now Accepting Crypto Payments via BitPay est apparu en premier sur Bitcoin Central.
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Now Is Not The Time’ Rabobit Cryptocurrency Wallet Project Canceled By Dutch Bank Rabobank

Rabobank Goes Back On Its Rabobit Crypto Wallet Project Netherland-based bank Rabobank has pressed the pause button on its quest to build a cryptocurrency wallet according to TNW. The project which started since early last year is reportedly being abandoned by the bank which sought to bridge the gap between bank accounts and cryptocurrency. A […]
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AT&T Will Now Accept Bitcoin For Your Phone Bill

US-based mobile users can now use bitcoin and cryptocurrency to pay their bill thanks to a new partnership between AT&T and BitPay. AT&T Will Take Your Bitcoin Bitcoin’s path to mass adoption continues forward as major US telecom giant AT&T has announced that customers now have the option to pay their bills in cryptocurrency. The addition of crypto payments makes AT&T the first major U.S. mobile carrier to offer this option and Kevin McDorman, AT&T’s vice president of Communications Finance Business Operations said: We’re always looking for ways to improve and expand our services [and] we have customers who use cryptocurrency, and we are happy we can offer them a way to pay their bills with the method they prefer. Currently, the crypto payments are limited to bill payment only and AT&T did not specify whether customers would be able to purchase smartphones and other accessories online or in AT&T’s brick and mortar stores. Customers interested in making crypto payments can simply select BitPay as the payment option when they login to their accounts online or through the myAT&T app. Will Corporations FOMO into Cryptocurrency? AT&T is not the first major US-based corporation to accept cryptocurrency payments as Overstock, Expedia, Subway, Shopify, and Microsoft are just a few of the major multinational corporations accepting crypto payments. Just recently, Whole Foods and a slew of other big-name retailer have also started accepting bitcoin via another third-party payment partnership. But considering AT&T’s name recognition and dominance in the telecom sector the announcement is sure to make waves and is extremely positive news for the cryptocurrency sector. Are you going to spend your bitcoin on a cell phone bill? — Mr.Hodl (@MrHodl) May 23, 2019 As one would expect, not everyone is over-the-moon about the telecom’s new found love for cryptocurrency. Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano excitedly tweeted the news and is currently being bombarded by an array of semi-skeptical replies to AT&T’s announcement. Would you use your Bitcoins to pay your phone bill? Share your thoughts in the comments below!  Images via, Twitter, Shutterstock The post AT&T Will Now Accept Bitcoin For Your Phone Bill appeared first on

AT&T now accepts Bitcoin as payment for its 150+ million subscribers

AT&T, the world’s largest telecommunications company, became the first major U.S. mobile carrier to accept Bitcoin for payment. AT&T customers will now be able to select BitPay as a payment option, allowing for bill payment in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The telecom company had over 150 million subscribers as of Q4 2018. “We’re always looking for ways to improve and expand our services,” said Kevin McDorman, vice president, AT&T Communications Finance Business Operations. “We have customers who use cryptocurrency, and we are happy we can offer them a way to pay their bills with the method they prefer.” This story is in progress. The post AT&T now accepts Bitcoin as payment for its 150+ million subscribers appeared first on CryptoSlate.
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