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Celsius Network Offers up To 12% APR on USDC, TUSD, USDT and Other Stablecoins

The Celsius app offers the industry highest rates and supports six different stablecoins all eligible to earn up to 12.03% annually with interest paid out weekly Celsius Network (https://celsius.network/), the industry-leading cryptocurrency platform, announces today it has increased interest rates for stablecoin deposits to 12.03% APR. Users who choose to earn interest in Celsius Network's blockchain-based CEL token can earn up to 30% more than the 9.25% depositors who are paid in-kind on their coins. Celsius is raising its rates because it is consistently earning higher returns on its deposits and distributes 80% of its income to its depositors; as it earns more, it distributes more. Unlike other platforms, ...Full story available on Benzinga.com

Ripple-Promoted Token Price Analysis XRP / USD: Great Revival

Ripple’s token has posted double-digit gains following a major rally in the altcoin space The XRP / USD pair could start to move towards the $0.3500 level in the short-term Technical pullbacks under the $0.3000 level should find strong buying interest from the $0.2850 level XRP has finally made an upside recovery after spending close to five weeks trading under the psychological $0.3000 level. A broad-based rally in the altcoin space inspired the XRP / USD pair to move to its highest trading level since August 8th this year. The XRP / USD has so far found technical resistance from just before the $0.3150 level, with the cryptocurrency recording impressive double-digit gains. In fact, from the August trading low, the Ripple-favored token has now recovered over thirty percent higher. The cryptocurrency has recently been on shaky ground around the $0.2600 level, with the XRP / USD pair showing few signs that buyers were returning. The latest recovery in the XRP / USD pair could be a game changer for the cryptocurrency in the medium-term, particularly if buyers can steady price above the psychological $0.3000 level. The technicals for the XRP / USD pair are showing various scenarios that may play-out in the short-term. A bullish pattern is starting to take shape across the lower time frame, which could eventually form into a large inverted head and shoulders pattern if buyers can force price towards the $0.3500 level. The bullish pattern has a $0.1200 upside projection, which could eventually propel the XRP / USD pair towards the $0.4700 level. The daily time frame also shows that a descending triangle pattern breakout is currently underway. Looking at the near-term downside, moves below the $0.3000 level can expect to find strong dip-buying demand from around the $0.2850 level. Any sustained moves below the $0.2770 level should be troubling for XRP / USD bulls. According to the latest sentiment data from TheTIE.io, the short-term sentiment towards Ripple is overwhelmingly bullish 89.00 %, while the overall long-term sentiment towards the cryptocurrency is bearish, at 35.00%.   XRP / USD H4 Chart by TradingView Upside Potential The four-hour time frame is showing that XRP / USD pair has moved above its key short-term moving averages, which further highlights that bulls are back in charge in the near-term. The daily time frame highlights that the XRP / USD pair’s 200-day moving average as the likely upside target, around the $0.3500 level. The $0.3500 level also corresponds with the neckline of the previously mentioned inverted head and shoulders pattern.   XRP / USD Daily Chart by TradingView  Downside Potential The four-hour time frame is showing that the recent rally in the XRP / USD pair has created pockets of untested demand, around the $0.2850 and $0.2780 levels. Price may eventually lower to test these areas once indicators become oversold. The daily time frame is currently showing major trendline support around the $0.2650 level, while the XRP / USD pair’s 50-day moving average is located around the $0.2850 level. Summary The Ripple-promoted token has staged an impressive double-digit rally after spending weeks trading towards the worst levels of 2019. Technical analysis shows the $0.3500 and $0.4700 levels as the likely upside targets if bulls can maintain the recent upside pressure.   Find out more about Ripple in our coin guide. A deeper look into the merits of the project can be found in our DARE.   XRP ChartChart byCryptoCompare baseUrl = "https://widgets.cryptocompare.com/"; var scripts = document.getElementsByTagName("script"); var embedder = scripts[ scripts.length - 1 ]; var cccTheme = { "General":{"borderWidth":"0px","borderColor":"#FFF","showExport":true}, "Tabs":{"borderColor":"#FFF","activeBorderColor":"rgba(33,150,243,0.85)"}, "Chart":{"fillColor":"#222","borderColor":"rgba(33,150,243,0.85)"}, "Conversion":{"lineHeight":"10px"}}; (function (){ var appName = encodeURIComponent(window.location.hostname); if(appName==""){appName="local";} var s = document.createElement("script"); s.type = "text/javascript"; s.async = true; var theUrl = baseUrl+'serve/v3/coin/chart?fsym=XRP&tsyms=USD,EUR,CNY,GBP'; s.src = theUrl + ( theUrl.indexOf("?") >= 0 ? "&" : "?") + "app=" + appName; embedder.parentNode.appendChild(s); })(); #ccpw-ticker-22580 .ccc-chart-header { background: #2196F3} #ccpw-ticker-22580 #ccc-chart-block .exportBtnTop, #ccpw-ticker-22580 a.tabperiods.tabperiods_active, #ccpw-ticker-22580 .coin_details { color: #2196F3; background: rgba(33,150,243,0.15); } #ccpw-ticker-22580 .coin_details { border: 1px solid rgba(33,150,243,0.16); } .ccpw-container_chart #ccpw-ticker-22580 .coin-container:after, .ccpw-container_four #ccpw-ticker-22580 .coin-container:after {border-color:#ccc !Important;}   The post Ripple-Promoted Token Price Analysis XRP / USD: Great Revival appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

Binance.Us Adds Support For Native Token, BNB As User Registration Officially Opens

Popular cryptocurrency exchange, Binance is opening registrations for its new arm, Binance.Us today. On the event of this official announcement, Binance also announced that while user registration opens to potential customers today, the platform has added support for its native cryptocurrency, BNB alongside six others; bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), XRP, bitcoin cash (BCH), litecoin (LTC) and stablecoin Tether (USDT). Binance.Us Opens User Registration The news was made public a few days ago when Binance announced that it was opening registration for users of the new platform on the 18th of September. At the time, only six cryptocurrencies were announced to be expected as at the launch date. However, Binance.Us will be listing BNB as the 7th cryptocurrency to receive trading support in the new Binance arm, barring customers across 13 regions in the United States including Texas, New York, and Florida. News of the development initially appeared on Binance.Us Twitter handle while several Twitter users posted screenshots of the development on Twitter. At the time, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao “CZ” retweeted one of such tweets, confirming the development. With registrations for https://t.co/AZwoBOy3iq opening today, we are proud to announce one addition to our Phase 1 digital asset offerings. $BNB deposits will open along with registrations today!#BinanceUS🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/OonO9rSX1O — Binance.US (@BinanceAmerica) September 18, 2019 BNB Responds To The Development The news has been bullish on BNB so far. The Binance native cryptocurrency, BNB has risen up the charts following developments relating to its deposit allowance on the new platform. Over the last 24 hours, BNB was seen to have gained over 5%. This has pushed the price of BNB beyond its long-held $20 corner. At the moment, the coin trades at $22.08 as various indications also point to delayed bull movement. BNB recorded a 24-hour trading volume of $351.93 Million with a market cap of $3.43 billion, sitting the coin at the 8th rank according to stats on CoinMarketCap. Source: Coinmarketcap Binance is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange at the moment and it boasts of millions of customers globally. The exchange platform keeps expanding and introducing new features and products, some of which include expansion to New Jersey, futures trading, the new lending platform, and the popular Binance Decentralized Exchange, Binance DEX. The post Binance.Us Adds Support For Native Token, BNB As User Registration Officially Opens appeared first on Coingape.

Blockstack now with enough runway till end of 2021 but the quality of apps on the network needs improvement

Blockstack recently completed the first SEC-approved token offering, raising $23 million between its Reg A+ offering for the general public as well as its Reg S offering for institutional investors in Asia. The company plans to use those proceeds to further develop its growing network of decentralized apps. However, many have complained about the quality of those apps, which could potentially put a strain on user growth. Offering Results allow for runway until 2021 Through the Reg A+ cash offering, Blockstack sold 140.3 million Stacks tokens for proceeds of $15.5 million. This consisted of the $10.9 million raised through the general offering as well as the $4.6 million in proceeds from early Blockstack supporters who purchased through the voucher program at a discounted price. Join Genesis now and continue reading, Blockstack now with enough runway till end of 2021 but the quality of apps on the network needs improvement!
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Binance.US adding 7th coin to its platform – native token BNB

Crypto exchange Binance’s U.S. platform is launching with seven coins, instead of six as previously announced. Binance.US has now also added its native token BNB to its platform in the “first phase,” several users posted screenshots of the development on Twitter. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao “CZ” retweeted one of such tweets, confirming the development. Previously, Binance.US said that the platform will initially support only six coins: bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), XRP, bitcoin cash (BCH), litecoin (LTC) and stablecoin Tether (USDT). Binance.US is launching today, barring 13 states including New York, Texas, and Florida.
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ATAIX Brings Telegram’s Unlocked Gram Tokens to the Public

The ATAIX exchange has announced that it will be the first to sell the native currency of the Telegram Open Network (TON), Gram [GRM], with sales commencing on September 19th. Initially bought by investors during Telegram’s astounding $1.7 billion ICO last year, Gram is one of the most widely talked tokens that have yet to hit the market. ATAIX’s Gram sale will be the earliest opportunity for individual investors to buy Grams, which can then be traded immediately after the launch of TON and the release of tokens by the issuer. Telegram is quickly becoming one of the most popular messaging and communications platforms available, recently surpassing a membership of over two hundred million users worldwide. The Gram token will be accessible through a wallet built directly into TON, meaning its users will require little-to-no prior knowledge of cryptocurrency in order to send and receive it. Due to the likelihood of high demand, a series of Gram sales may be conducted in waves, with each wave offering a higher price per Gram. The current price of Gram can be found at ataix.com/gram. Gram token sales will begin on September 19th, 2019. In order to participate, purchasers must open an account on ATAIX and perform a mandatory KYC procedure. Trading of Gram will be subject to terms published on ATAIX. Gram will be sold for Tether [USDT], which is a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. USDT may be obtained by purchasing it on an exchange, using EUR, BTC, ETH, and more than 20 other cryptocurrencies. USDT can also be purchased on ATAIX directly using BTC, ETH, XMR, DASH, BCH, XRP, as well as some other major altcoins. About the Telegram Open Network The Telegram Open Network (TON) is designed by Telegram co-founder Dr. Nikolai Durov and is developed with speed, efficiency, and security in mind. It is also the first application of its type to store its data on a highly-scalable blockchain network which is capable of handling millions of transactions per second. With a remarkably streamlined user interface, TON aims to be friendly to both users and service providers. Its blockchain-based network is specifically designed to host and provide a variety of services built by Telegram as well as other developers and publishers. According to Telegram, TON can best be described as a huge, distributed supercomputer. About Gram The Gram [GRM] token is the native cryptocurrency of the TON blockchain. It will serve as a utility token and be used chiefly within the TON economy as the primary means of payment for its products and services. Gram is well-positioned to become one of the most successful and widely used cryptocurrencies to date, as it will be utilized by Telegram’s massive community and further supported by an up-and-coming TON economy. It has the distinct advantage over other utility tokens of being backed by a working product that is already tremendously popular and successful. Its technical development was inspired by both Bitcoin and Ethereum. The total supply of Grams will be limited to 5 billion. About Telegram Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app and desktop platform that is focused on being faster and more secure than its competitors. It has over two hundred million registered users, with over 70 billion messages sent each day. About ATAIX ATAIX is an EU-based digital asset and cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade easily and store their cryptocurrencies, tokens and fiat currencies in a safe, user-friendly, and fast platform. ATAIX is operated by EuroToken OÜ, registered in Tallinn, Estonia, and operates under the number 14454785 in accordance with the following two licenses: 1) Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency (License No. FVR000231), and 2) Providing a virtual currency wallet service (License No. FRK000194). Disclosure/Disclaimer: This press release is sponsored and produced by a third-party source and should not be viewed as an endorsement by ZyCrypto. Readers are urged to do their own research before investing or having anything to do with the company, goods and/or services mentioned in the above article. The post ATAIX Brings Telegram’s Unlocked Gram Tokens to the Public appeared first on ZyCrypto.

XRP Price Breaks Violently Upwards Adding 16% Over Just 24 Hours

Coinspeaker XRP Price Breaks Violently Upwards Adding 16% Over Just 24 HoursThe crypto market has lately been quite volatile with Bitcoin displaying strength in its increased dominance. However, that dominance seems to have faced some challenges from several other altcoins that surged on sharply on September 18. With Ripple’s XRP leading the way, it seems like the altseason is coming soon.The sudden surge in XRP could have come as a response to reports a looming fork of the token. These reports arising from a civil war that has been happening among the XRP community may amount to nothing. In that context, XRP investor CryptoBitlord wrote in August:“I’m thinking about forking XRP so we don’t have to deal with the founders dumping. This will be a community effort.”There has been increasing ‘noise’ in the XRP community recently after Ripple sold XRP to fund various investments. In July, Ripple announced a quarter-to-quarter increase of XRP sales of almost 48%. Ripple now reportedly owns almost 60 billion of the available 100 billion XRP tokens.Moreover, a change.org petition calling on Ripple to stop “dumping” XRP has acquired more than 3,600 signatures since it was created in August. These reports and many other factors could be the reason for the abrupt surge in the XRP priceXRP Price AnalysisOn September 17, a major breakout pattern formed with the resistance near $0.2630 on the hourly chart. XRP/USD gained bullish momentum and quickly broke the $0.2620 and $0.2650 resistance levels. That opened the door for sharp gains past the $0.2720 and $0.2800 resistance levels.Additionally, the token rallied above the $0.3000 resistance area gaining more than 15% in the process. Simultaneously, there was a break above the bullish continuation pattern with resistance forming around the $0.2930 level on the same chart. A new monthly high was achieved around $0.3128 with the token currently consolidating gains.The nearest support is forming near the $0.3060 level coinciding with the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the recent rally between the $0.2839 low and $0.3128 high. On the downside, many supports exist near the $0.3060 and $0.3000 levels.Also, the 50% Fib retracement level of the same recent rally stands near $0.2985 to act as a solid support. The next major support is around $0.2950 and any strong move below it could expose a retest of the $0.2800 support area.Looking on the upside, the nearest resistance has formed near the $0.3120 level. If more upward movement comes, the next resistant zones have formed around the $0.3200 and $0.3220 resistance levels after breaking the $0.3150 resistance. The major resistance that has developed for the current bullish wave is now around the $0.3250 level.Observing the chart closely, it is notable that the XRP price is trading in a strong uptrend above the $0.2950 and $0.3000 support levels. In the near term, a downside correction is highly probable. However, the price remains well bid over the $0.3000 and $0.2950 levels in the coming sessions.The hourly MACD currently shows many positive signs in the bullish zone while the hourly RSI is correcting towards the 70 level. However, the uptrend now seems stronger with XRP expected to continue with the gains in the future.XRP Price Breaks Violently Upwards Adding 16% Over Just 24 Hours

Bitcoin can reach $20,000 with the Help of Federal Reserve, Says BitMEX’s CEO

After reaching its all-time high in December 2017, Bitcoin went on a downward trend. The persistent crypto winter of 2018 made the token to lose almost 80%. However, the token has since recovered some ground currently hovering above $10,200. History shows that the recent Great Recession birthed and popularized two leading financial trends. The financial trends that came from the recession were cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and the unconventional monetary policies quantitative easing enhanced by negative interest rates. Since that time, most of the world’s central banks have introduced trillions into the economy. They have done this through the cutting of interest rates and introducing open market operations to maintain equity markets and general economic data trending higher. According to various leading commentators, investors, and analysts, the sustenance of the former will majorly help the latter. The unorthodox monetary policies will act as major catalysts for the leading cryptocurrency. The CEO of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, recently stated that after the Federal Reserve initiates quantitative easing, Bitcoin could explode towards $20,000. Even if the Fed does not ease the rates, the money will continue to flood into the economy through the central bankers. That will set the stage for scarce and non-sovereign assets like Bitcoin. The Regulators Previous reports revealed that the monetary body that oversees the Euro, European Central Bank, did cut its interest rate for deposits by up to 10 BPS (0.1%) to -0.5%. Concurrently, the central bank announced that it would start another round of quantitative easing (QE). It also promised to buy some 20 billion Euros (equal to $22 billion) worth of bonds and “other financial assets”. The bank will make these purchases monthly hoping that the economy will remain stimulated. However, it is highly unlikely that the bank will purchase crypto assets like Bitcoin. Additionally, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) is expected to activate easing policies. But, PBoC recently maintained its medium-term lending facility loan rate. The chief economist for Greater China and North Asia at Standard Chartered, Ding Shuang, believes that all other indicators support a strong case to cut rates. He was speaking also referring to the real economic activity data released from China which confirmed a downside risk. He added: “Looking forward, if a large part of U.S. tariffs increases become effective, the downside risks are even bigger.” Why will Dovish Central Banks Boost Bitcoin? It has a lot to do with the inflation and money supply effects on the economy. A former portfolio manager at a leading Wall Street fund who changed guards to dive down the “Bitcoin rabbit-hole,” Travis Kling, said that the mentioned policies are a bid: “Amongst central bankers to devalue their currencies as soon as possible” He thinks that with the whole world competing to see who can devalue their fiat currency fastest, assets that have ‘provable scarcity’ should start shining. By that, Kling must have something like Bitcoin in mind. In a recent event, Kling said that BTC is currently acting a risk asset. However, he said that it is a risky asset that has a particular set of investment features that might become more attractive as the monetary and fiscal policy becomes more ‘irresponsible’. Like what you're reading? Subscribe to our top stories The post Bitcoin can reach $20,000 with the Help of Federal Reserve, Says BitMEX’s CEO appeared first on FXTimes.com - Daily Cryptocurrency and FX News.

Ripple Coinbase Linkup Rumour Fueling XRP FOMO in 20% Surge

Today is all about the altcoins as a sea of green envelops crypto-asset markets and bitcoin is nowhere to be seen. In a rare move, many of the major altcoins are making large gains independently of their big brother. Ethereum is still going strong but XRP and XLM are today’s top performers. XRP On A Roll Ripple’s token has been on the floor for most of 2019. It has been one of the worst-performing altcoins this year and has been lulling around a yearly low for most of this month. Spurious token movements by the San Francisco based fintech firm have angered the community as fears of mass liquidation intensified. XRP has dumped to a yearly low of around $0.25 since the summer’s altcoin rally. Over the past few hours, however, the cross border payments token has seen one of its largest moves this year with a pump of almost 20% to top out over $0.31. Daily volume has surged from $850 million to almost $2.5 billion and this one is clearly leading the pack at the moment. Forbes is barking up the wrong digital tree, as usual, attributing the movement to a proposed hard fork from the community. What is likely to be driving it are rumors of a tie-up between Ripple and Coinbase though nothing official has been announced. “Breanne Madigan drops some crumbs at minute 9:37; it seems like Coinbase is an xRapid exchange and it’s currently originating MoneyGram flows into Mexico.” xRapid scouts — I summon you. Breanne Madigan drops some crumbs at minute 9:37; it seems like Coinbase is an xRapid exchange and it's currently originating MoneyGram flows into Mexico. Should be interesting to track.@tenitoshi@hmatejx@hallwaymonitor2https://t.co/CFV5uFe1pE — XRP Research Center (@XrpCenter) September 15, 2019 Also getting a good dose of FOMO today is Stellar Lumens which has traditionally moved in tandem with XRP. The payments token has been flat for most of this year but woke up today with a 14% movement to reach $0.066. Ethereum Still Climbing ETH is building on its weekend momentum as it pushes above the $200 barrier to top out at $215 a few hours ago. Ethereum has made over 18% since the weekend and is currently trading at around $212. There has been a lot of fundamental goodness for the world’s second-largest crypto-asset which has been in a weak state for a while now. The next major resistance target for Ethereum is around $230 and at the moment it appears on track to reach that. There are a couple of other altcoins grabbing a double-digit gain today and they are Tron and Tezos. The big market movement has come at the expense of bitcoin which has dropped below 70% dominance for the first time in six weeks. Has altseason finally begun? Add your comments below. Images via Bitcoinist Image Library, Twitter: @XrpCenter The post Ripple Coinbase Linkup Rumour Fueling XRP FOMO in 20% Surge appeared first on Bitcoinist.com.

CryptoExpo – Singapore 2019

When – October 26, 2019 Where – Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre The world of mysterious and extremely popular topic – crypto – is going to be opened to the world during Crypto Expo Asia, Singapore which is going to take place at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre on the 26th of October. This huge expo-forum is not just about building network between crypto companies and gurus from all over the world but more so about getting to know what crypto world is actually about. This event is a great opportunity for visitors to take part in the biggest show filled with experts, exhibitor booths, loungers and of course educational seminars. This is an opportunity to meet and talk to the best crypto experts and professionals from worldwide companies working with ICO, blockchains and cryptocurrency. Educational speakers in the workshop and speaker halls are going to share out their experience and to answer important and vital questions about the crypto-world. Inside the large interactive exhibit hall every visitor will get the access to the newest crypto tools including the ones directly from fintech companies. Not to mention that Crypto Expo Asia agenda is in line with the latest trends and developments of the industry and the expo-forum program is filled with entertainments, incredible shows, music, fantastic prizes and live performances. Crypto Expo Singapore is held by Finexpo – one of the largest companies who have been organizing financial events since 2002. Finexpo has connected over 30,000 traders, investors and financial advisors and more than 3,000 financial companies and brokers from cryptocurrency, stocks, option and futures markets from all around the world including Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Cyprus, Slovakia, Latvia and Russia. 100,000 visitors attended seminars from 500 international financial experts and gurus. Our goal is to provide attendees with high-quality information, latest trends and brand-new techniques from the world of trading and to make a modern basis for communication between companies and customers. Online registration https://singapore.cryptoexpo.asia/ The post CryptoExpo – Singapore 2019 appeared first on BitcoinChaser.
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The Curious Case Of Bunz

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is not necessarily a duck. BTZ, a rewards token deployed by the Bunz trading app, does many things that a cryptocurrency does. You store it on a digital wallet, people get Bunz rewards for community contributions or through daily airdrops, and it can be used for transactions within the app. This digital currency or reward point scheme has even had a good measure of success in terms of adoption. BTZ is accepted by businesses around its native city of Toronto, providing an example of real-world use of a “cryptocurrency.” The emphasis on the quotes is necessary because as many of its critics point out, it is not decentralized; it doesn’t even work like a cryptocurrency under the hood, at least not yet. However, it is an interesting case to look at, especially as its evolution seems very similar to the evolution of trade. In the Beginning There Was Barter All trade started through barter: two people with different goods exchanging them for mutual benefit. The same is true for the Bunz Trading Zone, a Facebook group started by a Toronto dweller who has seeking to get a can of pasta sauce in exchange for goods she did not need anymore. The Facebook group quickly grew to tens then hundreds of thousands of members and expanded to other cities. Eventually, with a round of capital and some development the Bunz app was launched and users encouraged to switch to the app. Still, the most important rule was no money. Then There Were Means of Exchange When the barter system did not suffice, people found another way of trading through proxy: shells, cacao in Yucatan, rice and rice futures in Japan, and metal coins all over the world. Some were only currency (like shells) and others money with inherent value (like gold coins), yet they allowed for people to trade with greater divisibility of goods and value their goods against a common currency. In Bunz, people began using gift cards with monetary value, transit tokens, and other means of exchange to overcome the limits of trading through barter and circumvent the no money policy. Along Came Fiat At some point governments and central banks decided to break away from the gold standard. They instituted the use of currency that has value within their territory as legal tender, but is not backed by anything else than just a promise from the government. Arguably, this is where Bunz is now: in April 2018, five years after the Facebook group started, Bunz announced the launch of a digital currency for their app. BTZ (or bits, as they call them), can be used for trading within the app. Users earn BTZ by contributing to the community or through daily airdrops. The parallel between fiat by central banks and BTZ by Bunz appears somewhat obvious, as a central authority determines the supply of a currency that has value only within its territory or app. There Will Be Crypto In the rest of the world, cypherpunks, crypto proponents, and libertarians are working hard to achieve a scalable decentralized cryptocurrency that is widely accepted. As for Bunz, the CEO had mentioned the intention to decentralize and allow users to take BTZ off the Bunz app back in April 2018. Whatever the future holds, we still think it is an interesting case of the evolution of trade which could potentially end in a cryptocurrency. Furthermore, along its 5-year history Bunz has succeeded in creating a loyal community and being accepted in over 200 local businesses (granted, sometimes as rewards or discounts). The post The Curious Case Of Bunz appeared first on BitcoinChaser.
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Bootstrapping Blockchains: After Successful NULS 2.0 Mainnet Launch Several Projects Queue for Staked Coin Output (SCO)

AccuChain, HENA, Token Network, and OUR WORLD Seek NULS Community Backing San Jose, Calif. – Sept. 16, 2019 – NULS, the adaptive blockchain solution for enterprise, today launched its NULS 2.0 Mainnet, complete with microservice-layer design, ChainBox, an out-of-the-box blockchain solution for developers, and a new staking system, staked coin output (SCO), a service which […] The post Bootstrapping Blockchains: After Successful NULS 2.0 Mainnet Launch Several Projects Queue for Staked Coin Output (SCO) appeared first on CCN.com
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Opera Brings BTC to Android; Now Looking to Add TRON

Who would have known Opera and bitcoin could go so well together? We’re not necessarily talking about classically trained singers that wear Viking horns and hit high notes, but rather the Norwegian financial platform that’s been touting the addition of bitcoin to its Android app since July of 2018. Opera and BTC: A Perfect Match? The app was launched privately and was later available to the public in December. Opera inherently became one of the first browsers to support bitcoin directly, and customers did not need any extensions or follow-up downloads to engage in crypto transactions. From there, bitcoin support came to the Opera iPhone app. Opera presently has about 350 million users, and many enthusiasts see this as a prime movement in the fight to make bitcoin mainstream. In a blog post, the company writes: With this release, Opera opens its crypto wallet to the world’s most popular blockchain, making it possible to send and receive BTC directly from the browser the way one would with an image or a music file. This means anyone can now not only send bitcoin and Ethereum to another person but can also use it while interacting with websites to pay for goods or services. Up to this stage, Opera only provided support for Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency and a primary competitor to bitcoin. However, the company is also introducing plans to support Tron in the coming months. The last few weeks have marked by a whole new list of platforms or companies showing support for cryptocurrencies they otherwise were ignoring. One such example comes in the form of the new HTC smartphone known as Exodus 1s, which can allegedly support a full bitcoin node. This means that the phone can hold the entire blockchain ledger. Other examples include Electrum, a new bitcoin wallet which has recently added the Lightning Network to its platform. The Lightning Network is designed to assist with scalability on the bitcoin blockchain. While bitcoin is the oldest, largest and arguably the most popular of the world’s cryptocurrencies, it often lacks the up-to-date technology of its newer altcoin counterparts. Thus, it suffers from slow transaction times and smaller blocks. How Lightning Is Making Things Simpler The Lightning Network initiates micropayments that occur off-chain to ensure that they are pushed through quickly. Electrum’s addition of Lightning is likely to enable faster speeds for customers and ensure that payments are pushed through with ease. We’ve also received word of a new startup called Moon, which allows Amazon customers to purchase goods and services from the online retailer with crypto. The application also works through Lightning-based technology and appears to recognize the Amazon page once you log in. When you’re ready to check out, it provides you with a crypto pay option that shows how many available funds you can spend. The post Opera Brings BTC to Android; Now Looking to Add TRON appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
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Opera Continues Bullish Crypto Mainstream Drive With Bitcoin Payments

Browser minnow Opera is ramping up cryptocurrency support for Android users in version 54, which has just been released on Tuesday. Among a host of other cosmetic improvements and a new UI, this latest release improves upon the current crypto wallet with support for both Bitcoin and Tron payments. Ethereum has been the staple payment […] The post Opera Continues Bullish Crypto Mainstream Drive With Bitcoin Payments appeared first on CCN.com

Carson Wentz Gossip Turns Eagles Into Daytime Soap Opera

After the beating the Dallas Cowboys gave the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night, fans were probably wondering how things could get worse. When they woke up Monday morning, they found out. It appears that at least one fool decided to burn his Carson Wentz jersey following the loss, and – more significantly – Alshon Jeffery is […] The post Carson Wentz Gossip Turns Eagles Into Daytime Soap Opera appeared first on CCN.com

The Ethereum Ecosystem: Still Relevant After All These Years

Ethereum first went live in 2015, and since then, it’s become one of the market’s top coins. And while four years may not be a lot in most markets, in crypto it’s a lifetime. For Ethereum, it has been quite a ride. With a market cap of $19 billion, Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency in existence, and recent reports show that it provides a benchmark for the market. Of course, there’s much more to its success: the Ethereum ecosystem is thriving in its own right. In short, Ethereum is one of the most extensible blockchains. It offers developers the opportunity to create tokens, dApps, collectibles, financial applications, and more. Plus, Ethereum itself will soon be better than ever. Here’s what the Ethereum community is up to right now—and what the Ethereum ecosystem has to offer. Dominance Over dApps and Tokens Ethereum currently leads the dApp market with its sheer number of listings. Right now, it has a total of 2000 dApps—four times more than TRON or EOS, its closest competitors. Ethereum also closely matches those blockchains in terms of dApp volume—each platform handles about $10 million of crypto through its apps in a typical day.   Daily dApp transaction volumes in dollars, via DAppReview   To be fair, EOS and TRON dominate in terms of dApp users and transactions (although many of these are simple gambling apps). Still, Ethereum has a few notable apps in those measures: MakerDAO attracted 2200 users on Monday, making it the third largest dApp by user count. Meanwhile, dYdX, a derivatives platform, handled $371,000 on Monday—making it the 9th largest app by that metric. Ethereum’s token standards are also incredibly influential. Of the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market cap, at least 20 are based on Ethereum’s ERC-20 token standard—including big names like BAT and LINK. Plus, Ethereum’s non-fungible ERC-721 standard has begat collectible items like Decentraland properties and CryptoKitties. New Opportunities For Investment As Ethereum matures, there might be new ways to invest. Recently, the CFTC declared that Ethereum is a commodity, meaning that ETH futures may become an option for institutional investors in the future. It’s conceivable that Bakkt might add ETH futures alongside its BTC futures—though it hasn’t said so explicitly. Additionally, there are some retail platforms that already trade Ethereum futures, such as BitMEX and Kraken. These options attract speculative investors who might not trade on the crypto market itself. Even though futures don’t affect Ethereum’s value directly, they bring value into the crypto ecosystem and facilitate price discovery. There are other investment opportunities as well. MakerDAO, for example, allows you to lock up your Ether as collateral and create Dai stablecoins in return. Meanwhile, peer lending platforms like ETHLend allow you to earn interest by lending out Ether. Suffice to say, there’s a lot you can do with your Ether holdings. Preparing For Ethereum 2.0 Ethereum’s next big milestone will be Ethereum 2.0, which will introduce staking, which allows coinholders to earn rewards. It will also improve scalability through features like sharding, which will allow the blockchain to handle many more transactions. Though Ethereum 2.0 is a multi-year effort, staking should be available in the next few months. At the moment, different Ethereum development groups are running separate testnets. These became interoperable in early September, and according to Ethereum’s creator, Vitalik Buterin, a public network is rapidly approaching. This will be the “last major milestone [before] the network,” Buterin stated during a recent event in Hong Kong. Buterin has also suggested that the upgrade will be seamless. In a post on Ethresear.ch, Buterin suggested that app developers will need to migrate, but coinholders won’t need to do anything at all: “You may want to move your funds into [an ETH2] wallet eventually, but you do not strictly have to and there is no time limit,” he wrote. Can Ethereum Stay Relevant? Of course, not everyone is happy with Ethereum. Some dApps, such as Ethermon, have moved to blockchains like Zilliqa due to the promise of faster transaction speeds. Meanwhile, some projects with ERC-20 tokens have migrated to other platforms like Binance Chain. Finally, some critics believe that sharding is not secure. But despite criticism, Ethereum probably won’t go away. Its brand, market standing, its dominance over dApps, and its ability to drive hype for version 2.0 seem to be a winning combination. Though it has many competitors, Ethereum has first mover advantage and the biggest developer community in crypto —giving it a head start and making it the favorite to continue to tower over the competition.     The post The Ethereum Ecosystem: Still Relevant After All These Years appeared first on Crypto Briefing.
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