If Bitcoin Takes Over The World It's Going To Drop The ‘Bit’

The Twitter community is more active than ever: security tokens, decentralized blockchains and the future of Bitcoin – this is what bothers the community

  • @_Kevin_Pham: ‘I don't care Bitcoin being succesful,
    I care about humanity being succesful,
    Bitcoin is merely a means to that end.
    Nothing more, nothing less.’
  • @NakamotoQuotes: ‘If SHA-256 became completely broken, I think we could come to some agreement about what the honest block chain was before the trouble started, lock that in and continue from there with a new hash function.’
  • @NeerajKA: ‘China will now officially try to extend its Great Firewall to blockchains’
  • @brucefenton: ‘One rule of thumb in investing in a securities token / digital security is:
    ‘If you wouldn’t have bought the investment as a paper agreement, don’t buy it now just because it’s a token.’
  • @business: 'The crypto winter that’s seen major digital assets crash by as much as 90% hasn’t been bad for all of the firms building infrastructure'

Decentralized Blockchains make much better ledgers than centralized 3rd parties for securities - but that alone doesn’t make the underlying investment worthwhile.
It all comes down to terms and the business / agreement represented by the secutity

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