Increase Demand for Bitcoin and Blockchain-Related Work

Increase Demand for Bitcoin and Blockchain-Related Work

Labor market researcher, Glassdoor, studied US job postings from its website and found 1,775 unique openings connected to the blockchain industry as of 2018 August

Job openings in the emerging industry see a 300% boost from last year’s 446 job listing statistic. Glassdoor gathered information by surveying postings within its database using text search, with keywords such as Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. To measure the market more effectively, Glassdoor included general terms relating to blockchain.

Job Posting Demographic

The labor market research firm found work opportunities are concentrated in 15 areas; a remaining 21% are diluted across the country.

A big chunk of jobs are located in the financial and tech capitals of the US: New York (24% with 421 job openings in Glassdoor) and San Francisco (21%, 381 openings). San Jose (6% with 99 openings), Chicago (5%, 84 openings), and Seattle (4%, 63 openings) fall among the top five of the list.

For the international blockchain work listings in Glassdoor: London has 189 openings, Singapore 85, and Toronto 82.

Top Hiring Companies in Glassdoor

ConsenSys and IBM are looking to add over 214 employees, while Coinbase is to add 63 to their workforce. Figure, Oracle, and Kraken have 37 job postings with Glassdoor.

In-Demand Roles

Technical and specialized roles, such as Software Engineer and Technology Architect, are some of the most sought after. But as a company develops, roles not linked with technical know-how also increases. Business-related positions available are Analyst Relations Manager, Product Manager, Risk Analyst, and Marketing Manager.

Salary Bracket

Glassdoor applied their Know Your Worth tool to approximate the salary of blockchain-related work. Annual salaries range from $36,046 to $223,667. The findings also established a median base salary of $84,884 per annum.

Glassdoor concludes that even though cryptocurrency market capitalization has fallen by 50% this year, the burgeoning investment in human capital is a sign the industry will remain and continue on growing for the long-term.


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Volume, 24h
5,221,781,537 USD
141,446,273,139 USD

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