Influx of New Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds

According to Crypto Fund Research, the number of cryptocurrency hedge fund launches has increased dramatically in 2018 showing that 1 of 5 new hedge funds is a crypto fund

Crypto funds now constitute 20% of the total hedge fund launches in 2018. The industry witnessed 90 cryptocurrency fund launches by the end of the Q3 of this year, and the number could go as high as 120 by the end of Q4. Overall, there are 600 hedge funds projected to go live this year.

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Amuse to Giveaway Tickets for The Fact Music Award (TMA) Featuring the Biggest Names in Korean Music

Amuse is offering fans the opportunity of a lifetime to watch a  The Fact Music Awards that features, among other acts, K-pop phenomenon BTS. The award ceremony will be held on April 24, 2019, at the Incheon Namdong Sports Complex. The two and a half hours extravaganza will have an impressive and star-studded line up of top bands from the country, like Red Velvet, GFRIEND, MAMAMOO, MOMOLAND, Chung-ha, MONSTA X, I-DLE, THE BOYZ, Stray Kids, TWICE, iKON and others. The highlight of the evening will be the boy band, BTS, one of the biggest musical stories from Asia. BTS are no strangers to music lovers in Asia and around the world as they have given multiple hits and have performed before sell-out crowds in Asia, North America, South America, and Europe. Amuse is giving a chance to get free the award ceremony tickets and it’s really easy to get them. Find out more on how below. Tickets can be obtained by participating in the Amuse IEO, or Initial Exchange Offer. Amuse is creating a platform that will bring high-quality arts and culture to people through on-demand viewing. And it is to fund this venture, that they are hosting their IEO. The campaign will run simultaneously on Amuse’s own platform as well as on several crypto exchanges. Remember that tickets are limited and this is a rare opportunity to enjoy BTS, among other bands, live and exclusive. So you will need to hurry up to bag those tickets and book a date with the biggest names in K-pop. Tickets for the award ceremony will be given away from March 25th till April 15th. During this period, special registration on the platform will be opened. Here users will be able to buy AMS tokens and get a standard or VIP ticket for free. For the purchase of tokens worth 50 ETH, you will get a standard ticket and if you buy tokens worth 200 ETH, you will get a VIP ticket as a gift. The process is pretty simple. On the dashboard, the user will need to fill in a few quick details. After sending ETH to a given wallet address, a payment confirmation will be sent. Tokens will be deposited in the wallet. The detailed instructions and free ticket distribution are provided on special Amuse platform “We are extremely pleased and excited about this Fact Music Awards. Not only does it give us a chance to create a buzz around the path-breaking platform we are creating with Amuse, but also gives us an opportunity to present BTS in front of a massive home crowd before the band leaves on a whirlwind tour of America and Europe,” said Ms. Mun Song Hui, CEO of Amuse. “I am looking forward to fans taking this opportunity to see their idols live and also support us in our endeavor.” About BTS   BTS, short for Bangtan Sonyeondan (or Bulletproof Boy Scouts), is a seven-member South Korean boy band that debuted in 2013. They are the first Korean band to enter the prestigious US Billboard – a single inside the Top 100 and to debut an album at No.1. BTS will be the main attraction at The Fact Music Awards. After the opening Red Carpet, the main event will start at 7 pm sharp.     About Amuse Amuse is creating a unique content creation and distribution platform powered by the blockchain. The main service areas of Amuse platform will be – Creation studio Creator management Funding based on blockchain Payment through cryptocurrency Cultivation and promotion of arts and culture. The objective of Amuse is to become the No.1 platform for the arts and culture business where producers will simply focus on creating high-quality artistic content. The marketing and distribution of this content will be done by Amuse through a variety of network opportunities. Amuse will be an ecosystem that will dramatically improve the K-pop culture and help create future stars. Amuse integrates the cultural arts platform using blockchain. Apart from the ability to perform all transactions on the Amuse platform through AMS, token holders will get preferential treatment on the ecosystem. This includes ease of booking tickets during Amuse-sponsored concerts and other exciting events, giveaways, gifts and rewards for consuming Amuse-created content and much more. Users can download VOD content using AMS tokens. Advertisers will be able to integrate their ads into the ecosystem by paying AMS. To know more about Amuse, visit Amuse website. The latest updates Amuse posts in Twitter. Amuse has multilanguage Telegram support in English, Japanese and Chinese. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Press Release The post Amuse to Giveaway Tickets for The Fact Music Award (TMA) Featuring the Biggest Names in Korean Music appeared first on NullTX.

Hedge fund manager sentenced to 60 months security fraud, hacking scheme

A hedge fund manager convicted of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and computer intrusion, among other, crimes was sentenced in U.S. District Court to 60 months in prison Thursday. Vitaly Korchevsky, 53, was also ordered to pay a $14.4 million forfeiture and a $250,000 fine for his role in a scheme in which Ukrainian hackers broke into the networks of Marketwired L.P., PR Newswire Association LLC and Business Wire to steal more than 150,000 press releases containing financial information that wasn’t yet public, then sharing it with Korchevsky and other traders, who used it to execute trades that raked in $30 million profit between 2010 and 2015. “Today’s sentence sends a powerful message that, no matter how sophisticated or novel the scheme, cybercriminals and traders who steal information from U.S. companies and undermine the integrity of our financial markets will be held accountable for their actions,” Richard P. Donoghue, U.S.  Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, said in a Justice Department release. The trader’s co-defendant, Vladislay Khalupsky, 48, was convicted of the same charges and received a 48-month prison sentence Jan. 11. U.S. Secret Service Special Agent-in-Charge David E. Beach attributed the successful arrest and conviction of Korchevsky and his coconspirators to “building strong partnerships between local, state and federal law enforcement.” The post Hedge fund manager sentenced to 60 months security fraud, hacking scheme appeared first on SC Media.
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Hedge fund Numerai raises $11 million in funding from Placeholder, Paradigm

Hedge fund Numerai has announced closing on an $11 million investment from Placeholder and Paradigm. Numerai will use the funds to develop its Erasure protocol which facilitates the transaction of high-quality data feeds. According to CoinDesk, Numerai is also planning to expand the engineering team in order to launch the Erasure protocol. The protocol is connected to Numerai's decentralised data marketplace for predictions that goes by the same name. Users can stake their Numeraire tokens against predictions. According to Numerai, the NMR has already become one of the most-used tokens on the Ethereum network—it has been staked more than 39,000 times. In order to assure the investment went directly to fund the protocol, both investors purchased NMR, CoinDesk writes.  “By decentralizing the revolutionary ideas behind Numerai, Erasure is fundamentally changing the structure of the investment business,” said Joel Monegro, partner at Placeholder. “We’re excited to be a part of the Numerai community and to be participating in this transformation.”
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