Institutional investors walk a delicate line between a fear to lose and a chance to boost their fortune

Institutional investors walk a delicate line between a fear to lose and a chance to boost their fortune

Pundi X is expecting a growing number of retail shops equipped with POS machines, BitPico claims that BCH is completely centralized, and institutional investors stand aside from the crypto industry

Zac Cheah, Pundi X CEO, said that demand for point-of-sale machines is continuously growing

The last 6 months Pundi X got more than 25,000 requests from merchants, and is expecting that by 2021 the number of retail shops equipped with POS machines will grow to 100,000.

That looks like a very modest estimation. Given that this year Pundi X got more than 25,000 requests for their POS machines, and the crypto payment industry is only starting to emerge, we would like to make our own prediction. We think that by the year 2021 the number of retail shops with crypto POS machines will exceed 500,000.

There are more than 3.8 million retail establishments in USA only, and there's a lot more in the world. Yet there's no convenient way to convert crypto to fiat back and forth, without the danger of being exposed to volatility. LitePay was going to be a service that could have solved that problem, but it got canceled.

There are two problems with crypto payments now, both of them are fundamental: lack of liquidity for merchants, that is going to be solved by many infrastructure projects, like OmiseGO, and many banks, and the total unfriendliness of crypto for an average user. But all of these will change with the development of new wallets, payment systems, and crypto cards. All we need now is an infrastructure, and the mass adoption will come eventually.

After a promised stress test, BitPico claims that Bitcoin Cash is very centralized

Not only it's centralized, 98% of its nodes are located in the same place. BitPico declares that it's easy to bring down the whole BCH network, due to its centralization.

Bitcoin Cash always was a controversial pump coin. Since the beginning, after the hard fork in August, there were talks about its centralization, but somehow it got a lot of followers, shouting everywhere about 'original Satoshi vision'. However, it's very doubtful that Satoshi vision included a group of Chinese miners trying to get as much profit as they can. There was a bug in the original core that allowed to mine Bitcoin, spending 30% less electricity, and only Bitmain ASICs used this bug. The implementation of SegWit removed that bug. Of course, the first thing that BCH got rid of was SegWit code.

There's no any other coin on the market whose history would be so shady. Continuous attempts by Roger Ver to mislead new crypto users into buying BCH by making them think that Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin almost got him sued by community. Those flippering pumps, when Chinese miners were selling BTC while buying huge amounts of BCH cost a lot of money to many traders falling into that trap.

But aside from those efforts, which are now pretty weak, as it seems that BCH owners now understand that the BCH market dominance isn't going to happen, nobody is interested in BCH. Being a cryptocurrency for payments, it's being used less that DOGE. So it seems perfectly natural for it to be called BitmainCoin instead of Bitcoin, as they mine it by themselves. It was obvious a year ago, that it's impossible to step up, say 'I don't like Bitcoin, I want my coin to be commonly regarded as Bitcoin because I said so and because I mined a lot for myself and I want its price to exceed $20,000' and be taken seriously. It doesn't work that way.

Pension and Investments, a financial journal, stated that large investors evade crypto markets due to lack of safekeeping services

They simply can't trust their billions to new companies, like Coinbase, so they wait for established banks, like JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs, to offer such services.

Institutional investors and billionaires are very conservative. That's easily understandable, as there are thousands, if not millions of various persons and companies, wanting to take a piece of their wealth and disappear. Pension funds, hedge funds, various investment companies have excessive amounts of money, that is impossible to allocate easily, but really easy to lose, so they trust only to the most established financial companies, that have proven that they can take care of their clients' money.

All these new companies, like Coinbase, they are yet in the stage of infancy, and can't be trusted. Some investors will be able to buy Bitcoin via ETF, when it will be launched on CBOE. But some of them may be interested in buying other cryptocurrencies and tokens. And there should be someone who would take care of these funds, as the private keys of accounts containing billions of dollars in crypto can't be stored on flash card lying in a pocket of the fund manager. They can't be stored in the fund, because it's not safe, and they can't afford to lose that money.

So when big banks start to offer custodian services, maybe we'll see the most conservative institutions investing their money in crypto. And looks like we're pretty close to it.


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