Is It Enough for Crypto?

Today’s hot threads: possibilities of changes in the value of a crypto due to changes in its ‘supply schedule’, concerns whether Coinbase could be working ‘in the shadow’ and some rumors from Ethereum-community

  • @trevorjonesart: ‘My @Binance & $EOS paintings are finished! Now to work on the 3D animation & video for the AR features plus another 10 - 12 more "Picasso cubist inspired" crypto paintings for my solo exhibition. Which other cryptos need to be in this show? $BTC $ETH $BNB $LTC $XRP... ??’
  • @kacperwikiel: ‘Can value of a cryptocurrency be influenced by changes of supply schedule? What if governance variable ( award per block ) would be influenced by futarchy market?’
  • @fubuloubu: ‘People outside of the Ethereum community think the Ethereum protocol is fundamentally insecure. With the assumption that smart contracts are at the application layer of Ethereum (and thus not part of the actual protocol), can you name 3 instances of a mainnet protocol failure?’
  • @Truthcoin: ‘Would it be better if Coinbase started working *secretly*?’
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