It Couldn't Be More Deserved

It Couldn't Be More Deserved

Yesterday Twitter just exploded from the news about ShapeShift and KYC. Complemented by the huge rate decline, all this is doing the rounds

  1. ‘Announcing ShapeShift Membership and the FOX Token @ShapeShift_io’-story started yesterday. They suggest to switch to Bisq and Openbazaar.
  2. On the same topic, @Melt_Dem holds a different point of view: ‘this is perplexing and sad. i am so disappointed to see @ShapeShift_io compromise all of its values in this way. i guess cash is king — always…’
  3. @WhalePanda just does not lag behind: ‘RIP Shapeshift. You will not be missed.’
    In our opinion, only you have not yet supported the hottest discussion of the last day!
  4. Andreas M. Antonopoulos:
  5. @RyanSAdams states:

Gold has been a SoV for thousands of years.
If Gold is disrupted by BTC no one should assume BTC is safe from disruption by another — not until it’s reign measures in centuries. This means a safe SoV won’t exist in our lifetimes. Then again, maybe safe SoV was a myth all along

@RyanSAdams (via Twitter)

6. And all colors of despair on the rate crush:

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