It’s not humble pie, that’s for sure

It’s not humble pie, that’s for sure

Passions in the cryptocurrency world are heating up: new views on BTC, Peter Todd apology, Roger Ver and much more in our digest.

  • u/kybarnet states: ‘BTC built a culture where forks are ridiculed. All alternative chains are called scams. We worship the core devs. Treat the maximalists as heroes. We even have our own diet and books. This is not a healthy ecosystem’. And what do you think? You can join in comments.
  • Roger Ver Weekly Show — Why Switch From Bitcoin (BTC) To Bitcoin Cash? 31,000 Restaurants Using BCH & More Bitcoin Cash News:

Adam Back, Elizabeth Stark, Giacomo Zucco, Jameson Lopp and others are starting another Bitcoin Foundation called 'The B'.


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