It's Time to Grow Up

This week the twitter-community suggest everybody rely only on themselves: ‘Satoshi is a myth, let's better talk about possible mining taxes’!

What are your plans for the 10th anniversary of the Genesis Block?

  • @el33th4xor: ‘Interesting discussion on tax implications of mining. It impinges on two recent tends:
    1. Forked coins may be subject to tax at the time of fork
    2. Founders' Reserve (a la Zcash) might incur a tax hit.’
  • @balajis: ‘Blockchains are the next step after open source, as they provide open data & open execution. You don’t just see the source code with something like Bitcoin or Ethereum. With a full node you see all historical data, all pending writes, and can retrace every step of code execution.’
  • @Fredilly: ‘Satoshi is mythological.’
  • @jonmatonis: ‘Currency choice and method for point-of-sale transactions are always consumer driven. When government legal tender laws and institutional KYC rules prevent free market money from emerging, just go merchant to merchant for satisfying consumer choice.’

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