John McAfee Advises Calm in Confronting a Bear Market

John McAfee Advises Calm in Confronting a Bear Market

At this time, BTC is valued at around $4,492 with a 1.80% drop and altcoins are also in the red, but McAfee tells that after a bear market ‘glorious spring’ always follows

The founder of McAfee Associates and a crypto bull encourages calm.

The Cyclical Market

McAfee has many times seen similar market phases and compared the bear market to winter, to be followed by the bull of spring. He considers the downturn temporary and deduced that the current decline was caused by confusion, a public brawl, fear, and uncertainty.

Long term is the only way smart people invest.

John McAfee

For McAfee, long-term investing, even though a hard road to take is the way to advance.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Soldiers On

Undeterred by the market movement, companies are continuously finding use cases for blockchain: South Korea is looking into blockchain for tracking meat supply, Independent Reserve launches an accelerator program, and Chainlink affiliates with Cornell researchers for a blockchain oracle system.

On the side of cryptocurrencies: XRP has surpassed ETH as the second largest cryptocurrency based on market capitalization.

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