Kraken: Change Of Power (Exchange Security Report Update)

Recently we covered the Exchange Security Report by ICORating with Coinbase Pro at the top of 100 crypto exchanges, scoring 89/100. Today the Report was updated, with Kraken reaching the max score, 96/100

Here is a quick look of each crypto exchange, with the security score (in terms of percentage) attained and the area that is the most troublesome:

ICORating Exchange Security Report

  • Coinbase Pro, Score: 89, Area of Weakness: Registrar & Domain Security (3,5/5)
  • Kraken, Score: 80, Area of Weakness: Registrar & Domain Security (2/5)

ICORating Exchange Security Report

ICORating Exchange Security Report V 1.1 Update

  • Kraken, Score: 96, Area of Weakness: Registrar & Domain Security (4,5/5)
  • Coinbase Pro, Score: 89, Area of Weakness: Registrar & Domain Security (3,5/5)

ICORating Exchange Security Report V 1.1 Update

In comparison with the previous report, the security score of other cryptocurrency exchanges given in the updated version has not changed.

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