Latest news: Ripple hires Kahina Van Dyke as a Senior Vice President and reminds the difference between the company and XRP

Latest news: Ripple hires Kahina Van Dyke as a Senior Vice President and reminds the difference between the company and XRP

At the recent AMA Ripple announced the shift of its focus. Now instead of targeting big companies like Western Union, it aims at small startups and payment providers in an attempt to sell them xRapid platform. The official launch of xRapid is going to happen this year

The sad truth for Ripple is that no one wants to use their xRapid. Yes, they are quite successful with their xVia product, that doesn't require using XRP tokens. Large banks are happy to cut their costs for cross-border remittances, but they don’t want to risk they money by exchanging it for XRP. Big payment companies have their stuff optimized, and it seems that they don’t trust a company that has a dispute with SEC over the legal status of their tokens.

Of course, Ripple wants the adoption of XRP to happen, as it would mean that the value of their funds would rise, but nobody else seems interested. That leaves us with questions: why XRP market cap is so high? What value does it have? Does it have any potential? So far, it hasn’t proved that it has any utility, and looks like a means of gratuitous funding for Ripple. It doesn’t grant its holders any benefits and it’s far from commercial adoption. How long will it last?


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