Let's Talk About Blockchain and Future (Regulatory Digest, Dec 28 — Jan 09)

Japan and Hong Kong are considering ETFs, Japan banks may issue own currencies, positive developments from India, Malta and Dubai having intentions to become 'blockchain'-territories, new regulation by Texas, cautions on Bermuda's draft regulation, and Israeli official's negative opinion

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ABCC Exchange Supports New Singapore Regulation

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SIRIN LABS Opens London Store to Promote FINNEY Blockchain Smartphone, Japan Location Next

Sirin Labs, the firm that launched “world’s most secure phone” two years ago, announced the reopening of its flagship store in London. The store was being rebranded and it will go down in the books of history as the first store in the world that sells blockchain smartphones. The Finney Blockchain Phone Finney is a $999 blockchain smartphone which is running on Sirin OS and is considered ultra-secure. Currently, Finney is available for purchase in the store and online on sirinlabs.com. The Sirin Lab’s Finney device is a combination of design and mobile technology. One of the strongest features of Finney is the Safe Screen which has an independent power switch. The sliding design is an interesting engineering element. This activates the cold storage wallet which grants you access to where you can transact safely and sufficiently verify information. Finney is equipped with Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) which shields from host-based attacks, network attacks, and detects cyber threats. The device’s anterior and posterior has 3D Gorilla Glass. The phone has been framed using mirror polished aluminum and high gloss metal. It also has a metallic Shield Element that surrounds the fingerprint scanner, sensors, and camera. In September 2017, Sirin Labs made public its intentions of creating as well as manufacturing the blockchain smartphone. 2019, Foxconn International Holdings (FIH Mobile) was selected to spearhead the manufacturing of Finney, developing the cold storage wallet hardware and the operating system. The Chairman of Sirin Labs, Kenes Rakishev, stated that as a thriving technology hub, London has attracted more investors as compared to other European centers. After raising more than £1.8 billion, London became an ideal location for Finney. He hopes that the blockchain smartphone will be a platform for other tech firms in the city to reach a larger audience. Zvi Landau, the Co-CEO at Sirin Labs pointed out that, Finney smartphone has provided the security and freedom to the crypto community all over the world. He added that the firm is proud to be selling a leading device that will provide users with a great experience.
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