McAfee Alliance with Coinbene

McAfee Alliance with Coinbene

John McAfee teams up with Coinbene and announces free listing for cryptocurrencies that decide to leave HitBTC. This alliance was revealed during a Blockchain Cruise press conference.

John McAfee continues to pressure HitBTC. A few months back, he has called out the exchange. He alludes there are exchanges connected to banks and governments. He continues that HitBTC is the worst in terms of corruption. It has been claimed the exchange asks for $500,000 just to be listed. It presently lists 783 coins available for exchange.

Traders who have tried the platform have voiced out their complaints on the internet, some on Reddit. They questioned why they cannot withdraw funds on occasion, the fees HitBTC charges, and the lack of maintenance notices.

In rankings, HitBTC is the seventh largest exchange as per CoinMarketCap with its volume down by -10 percent. Coinbene, a Singapore based exchange, is numbered at 34 with its volume up by 4.22 percent.

On another note, McAfee has praised the cryptocurrency Apollo. Apollo had declined to be listed on HitBTC’s exchange because of the astounding accusations of fraud against the platform.

Apollo Currency

0.002381 USD -26.14%
0.00000065 BTC -26.14%
Volume, 24h
237,442 USD
35,861,645 USD

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Presidential Candidate John McAfee Flees U.S. for Alleged Tax Fraud

U.S. presidential candidate John McAfee announced on Tuesday that he has fled the country. According to McAfee’s recent Twitter video he’s “living in exile” on a boat because he’s been charged with felonies handed down by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Also Read: Former Mt Gox CEO Reflects on Incarceration in Japan While Facing More Prison Time Crypto Figurehead John McAfee Is on the Run The former antivirus tycoon and cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee says he’s got problems with the U.S. tax agency the IRS. McAfee recently explained in a video that he was charged for “using cryptocurrencies in criminal acts” by Tennessee court officials. McAfee also detailed that four members of his 2020 presidential campaign have also been charged with “unspecified charges of a felonious nature” and his wife as well. “I have not paid taxes for eight years and I have made no secret of it,” McAfee emphasized while sitting on a rocking boat. John McAfee says a grand jury in Tennessee is looking to charge him and his entourage with tax fraud. “They want to silence me and I will not allow that,” McAfee continued. “I am running my campaign in exile on this boat for the duration — I will not allow them to imprison me and shut my voice down, which they will do immediately — Why? I am a flight risk. Obviously, I am in flight,” McAfee remarked. Today, crypto community, we are at war, and I am on the frontlines. McAfee’s Recent Anti-Taxation Statements May Have Made Him a Target The infamous cryptocurrency proponent has been known for being brutally honest and makes statements about digital currencies nearly every day. McAfee’s video also refers to prior statements concerning taxation such as the first week of January when he told his 890,000 Twitter followers that he refuses to pay taxes to the government. The candidate also said he was a prime target for the IRS and seemingly dared the agency to come after him by saying “here I am.” McAfee further stated that taxation is illegal and he’s “paid tens of millions already and received jack shit in services.”     “I’m done making money and I live off of cash from McAfee Incorporated — My net income is negative,” McAfee detailed. The tweet storm continued: I’m challenging the agency responsible for fueling our Government’s madness — the IRS. The IRS will not sit idly by. I know this. But I have prepared my entire life for this battle.  McAfee with his wife Janice and possibly the four unknown campaign members. The presidential candidate talks about U.S. officials taking away some of his “high-tech firearms” before leaving the country. In the video published on Jan. 22, McAfee said he will continue to be on the run on his boat and he plans to release campaign videos every day while in exile. He says as long as he’s on the run he cannot be officially charged by the tax agency. In another tweet that followed the first announcement, McAfee explained his situation a touch further and said: “Today a grand jury was convened by the IRS to indict Janice and myself and four various unnamed campaign workers for various tax fraud issues.” McAfee again told his fans that digital currencies and specifically privacy-enhanced coins will circumvent the state.   “Every so often and very rarely a clash of old and new cultures brought about by technology changes civilization,” McAfee concluded. “Cryptocurrencies is one of these technologies and probably the most dramatic to have occurred in human history since the invention of fire — Because cryptocurrencies free the individual from the yoke of currency controlled by governments.” Governments will not be able to collect taxes when everyone is using privacy coins. It seems from prior statements and photos on Twitter earlier this week that McAfee may be on his way to Venezuela. However, McAfee will not reveal his geographic location and intends on staying on the boat for “two years.” The businessman believes he can obtain enough fuel and has the fishing skills to stick it out for quite some time on the run.  What do you think about John McAfee claiming to be in exile on a boat due to unpaid taxes? Let us know in the comments section below. Image credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, and Twitter.  Want to create your own secure cold storage paper wallet? Check our tools section. The post Presidential Candidate John McAfee Flees U.S. for Alleged Tax Fraud appeared first on Bitcoin News.
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John McAfee Embarks on Self-Exile to Impede IRS Case Against Him, Wife and Multiple Team Members

McAfee embarks on Self-Exile to Impede IRS case against him John McAfee, the antivirus pioneer who created the first commercial antivirus software, has revealed in a video that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is after him. In a video posted on Twitter by his official handle, McAfee is sitting on a boat and speaking about “unspecified IRS crimes of a felonious nature” leveled against him. He also says that his wife and four of his campaign workers have also been charged. McAfee, who also revealed that he hasn’t paid tax in eight years, said in the video that the IRS has “convened a grand jury in the state of McAfee” because of him. The McAfee 2020 Campaign is, as of this day, in exile. I am being charged with using Crypto Cuttencies in criminal acts against the U. S. Government. More videos coming shortly. Stay tuned. — John McAfee (@officialmcafee) January 22, 2019 Details John McAfee has said that he believes that at some point, cryptocurrency will “come head to head with governments.” He predicts that if coins are widely used, governments will no long be able to collect income taxes and this will eventually force them to shrink. This, he believes, will not go down lightly with the government and will cause a “war”. Campaign Future According to the video, John McAfee has imposed on himself, an exile on water at an unspecified location where he will continue to run his campaign about cryptocurrency and the government as he has been doing for about two years now. He says “They want to silence me, I will not allow that. I am running my campaign in exile on this boat for the duration. I will not allow them to imprison me and shut my voice down which they will do immediately.” He also promised to continue to put out more videos to keep the public updated of the state of his affairs and then ended the video by calling on the crypto community to inform them that they are at war with the government and he is at the frontlines. At this time, no official comment from the IRS has been made. Partial disguise (fake beard not included) used in walking past government observers surrounding our neighborhoid a few weeks ago. — John McAfee (@officialmcafee) January 22, 2019 Our events if the day and our interaction with the U S. State Deoartment. And . . . . What exactly is a grand jury? — John McAfee (@officialmcafee) January 22, 2019 The truth, and nothing but. What, really, is behind all of this? — John McAfee (@officialmcafee) January 22, 2019 How we will run my campaign in exile: — John McAfee (@officialmcafee) January 23, 2019
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