McAfee Alliance with Coinbene

McAfee Alliance with Coinbene

John McAfee teams up with Coinbene and announces free listing for cryptocurrencies that decide to leave HitBTC. This alliance was revealed during a Blockchain Cruise press conference.

John McAfee continues to pressure HitBTC. A few months back, he has called out the exchange. He alludes there are exchanges connected to banks and governments. He continues that HitBTC is the worst in terms of corruption. It has been claimed the exchange asks for $500,000 just to be listed. It presently lists 783 coins available for exchange.

Traders who have tried the platform have voiced out their complaints on the internet, some on Reddit. They questioned why they cannot withdraw funds on occasion, the fees HitBTC charges, and the lack of maintenance notices.

In rankings, HitBTC is the seventh largest exchange as per CoinMarketCap with its volume down by -10 percent. Coinbene, a Singapore based exchange, is numbered at 34 with its volume up by 4.22 percent.

On another note, McAfee has praised the cryptocurrency Apollo. Apollo had declined to be listed on HitBTC’s exchange because of the astounding accusations of fraud against the platform.

Apollo Currency

0.001486 USD 20.60%
0.00000017 BTC 0.00%
Volume, 24h
1,776,051 USD
21,675,969 USD
< 0.01%

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