'McAfee remembers. Tell them winter is coming': crypto crimes move to a new level

What's new? Mt.Gox will make a refund, crypto crimes will be exceeded, fake news on crypto taxes, Tether's volume increases, Ukrainian miners don't need a license, John McAfee claims he was poisoned & other news

  • Mt.Gox bankruptcy process has come to an end. Its trustee won't sell any more coins, as all remaining funds will be returned to its former customers in form of bitcoin and bitcoin cash. However, the refunding is expected to happen only in the middle or at the end of 2019, as all these legal procedures will take a lot of time.
  • Some Israeli experts agree that crimes in crypto space will be more numerous than all other cyber crimes. These crimes include hacks, money laundering and building financial pyramids and just straight scams.
  • It becomes harder to fight all kinds of cyber and financial crimes that use privacy-oriented coins, like Monero and Zcash. That was stated by Robert Novy, a Deputy Assistant Director of the US Secret Service’s Office of Investigation. He asked the Congress to come up with some countermeasures to prevent the use of these coins on US territory.
  • All news about the 10% taxation of crypto gains in South Korea were false. The South Korean government claimed it has no plans yet to collect any crypto-related taxes.
  • Tether volume has seen a drastic increase in the last few days. More than 3 billion a day, that signifies that many traders try to hedge against the further market drop. The volume of USDT even surpassed the volume of Ethereum, becoming the second largest cryptocurrency by the trading volume on the market.
  • Ukrainian miners aren't obliged to obtain any special license to maintain their activity, the Ukrainian government claims. The region becomes more and more attractive for mining due to favorable conditions and cheap electricity. However, there are other obstacles for local miners, including uncertainty of regulations and problems with corrupted officials.
  • John McAfee claims he was poisoned by his enemies, who wanted him dead. To confirm this, he posted two pictures of himself in the hospital. 5 hours later McAfee returned with a new tweet, announcing a new hardware wallet with unprecedented levels of security, the BitFi wallet.
  • Vitalik Buterin spoke at Chinese show, said that Ethereum won't see any more forks with the aim to restore lost funds. At the same time, he made a remark that it's still possible that in the process of migration to sharding there will be one-time recovery to as many users as possible. Also, he expressed his disagreement with existing rules that provide many privileges to accredited investors over small investors and called it a plutocracy.
  • The South Korean government will finance the blockchain sector, providing more than $200 million by 2022. The initiative is aimed to help more than 100 companies and 10,000 professionals in the industry, thus increasing its competitiveness in the world.
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