Meh: Yet No Hidden Reason For Fluctuations Here

Meh: Yet No Hidden Reason For Fluctuations Here

Turkish stock exchange applies blockchain, Belgium offers ICO regulation, new deadline for Visa crypto cards issue, Greek's big plans for BTC-ATMs, an opinion of representative from the Royal Bank of Canada on Goldman Sachs's policy, and Kraken's assurances on its stability

  • Borsa introduces blockchain-based database. The Turkish stock exchange develops a blockchain infrastructure to enable financial institutions interact with one another in a more efficient way.
  • Belgium calls for crypto regulation from EU. In its report, Brussels-based think tank urges EU to develop a unified framework on ICOs to reduced investor risks. We remind our readers that EU had a discussion on ICO regulation earlier this week.
  • Cryptocurrency Visa cards are now a thing. Over the next two months, the Hong Kong blockchain startup will be shipping 100,000 cryptocurrency debit cards to Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • Greeks want more bitcoin ATMs. A local company plans to install three more bitcoin ATMs in addition to the existing five. More and more Greek people are turning to bitcoin, as they lose faith in their government.
  • Wall Street may not be done with crypto. Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs cancelled the plans of establishing a crypto trading desk but Mitch Steves of Royal Bank of Canada assures Wall Street will have a say in crypto.
  • Kraken spikes rumors about closing operations:
  • VeChain to start manufacturing with their new partner BYD Company. This marks the first enterprise level application of blockchain technologies. BYD will be recording data from all of its cars, buses and trains onto a public blockchain.
  • Bitcoin is still experiencing a strong downward pressure, having lost about 8% in the last 24 hours. Same red long candlesticks across most other assets.


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