Microsoft to Integrate Blockchain in Software Products

Microsoft to Integrate Blockchain in Software Products

The tech giant is preparing to incorporate blockchain technology to its popular connectors in Microsoft Flow

This will make it easier for users to transfer data from the connectors to the cloud and onwards to the blockchain. Some of the connectors to be included are Dynamics 365 CRM Online, Office 365 Outlook, Salesforce, SAP, SharePoint Online, and Twitter.

Microsoft Flow and Logic Apps, both offering cloud services and tools, are to be part of the Azure Blockchain Workbench which runs on Ethereum Proof-of-Authority. This consensus protocol is designed for permissioned networks without the need for mining. According to Cody Born, software engineer of Azure, it is 'more efficient while still retaining Byzantine fault tolerance.'

Azure has been used by many IT professionals, and upgrading it with blockchain technology may bring the whole ecosystem to the next level, but this use of blockchain once has evoked the question of whether it is reasonable at large.

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