Money is a way more than just ‘money’

Money is a way more than just ‘money’

Last week, users of were particularly active. Either these rate rollercoaster were so influenced, or the interesting topics were added — the Finrazor team conducted an investigation. And here you are:

That sounds like it could mean a lot of BCH moving out of cold storage and being sold by users who want a quick buck.

To support Lightning is literally to undermine the goals of P2P cash. I can't make it more clear than this. Let all who have ears, hear.

Want more? Your next comment can be #163.

Being in the majority isn’t a good thing all the time. I actually think it’s better to be completely emotionally detached from money, it makes it easier to think objectively and at the end of the day not to take it too seriously. It is JUST money

A funny picture precedes this phrase, and this meme pulled just a blast from the discussions. To speculate about the importance of money in our life and how much the сryptocurrencies can compete with them — you can just here.

  • VC Firm Andreessen Horowitz Launches $300 Million Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Fund. The article states: ‘Although the Bitcoin whitepaper is now almost 10 years old, we believe we are still early in the crypto movement. The infrastructure needs to be improved and the applications are difficult for non-early adopters to use […] the space is developing extremely rapidly, partly because the code, data, and knowledge is largely open source, and partly because of the increasing inflow of talent.’ So… What would be our basis of adoption? Market cap vs gold market cap? Total transactions? If either one of those, care to take a stab at what percentage we were at in December?

I was suggesting that some people like to ignore the parts of the document they don't like. I think Bitusher ignores most of it though.

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