NEO works on a step-by-step plan: there is nothing to complain about

NEO works on a step-by-step plan: there is nothing to complain about

NEO Foundation, the developer of NEO blockchain, announced the beginning of a new decentralized era for the network and the election of the first node

The only problem that puzzled everyone was the fact that this node was elected by the NEO Foundation itself — users will get the ability to vote only in 2019.

Every decentralized system needs its initial push forward to be ignited. Some of them are developed faster, but with many flaws. Some of them get polished for months or years, building a flawless product. The problem with truly decentralized blockchains is that they are hard to upgrade, requiring consensus among all miners/forgers. The problem with blockchains, governed by delegates, is to build a governance model that won't allow them to form cartels.

Anyway, the first step is to develop the system, to make it as perfect as possible, and then just step away and let it be. In case of NEO we see the continuous development, step-by-step the team makes progress, and in the end, they'll achieve the planned decentralization. Is it really necessary to complain about it, while they are still building the blockchain?


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