New Agenda Item: Fiat Fridays. Yes? No? Maybe?

This week an insane amount of times the topic of privacy rises. It is finally so acute that it can not be ignored: everyone quotes CEO of Apple and expresses his arguments in favor of the four conditions of privacy indicated by him. Twitter users also share their views on the need for stablecoin

Today's fiat-backed 'stablecoins' are a stopgap measure to compensate for Central Banks that aren't hip enough to issue Fiat on a blockchain.

  • @WhalePanda: ‘Reminder that Hal Finney was already talking about Hodling Bitcoin vs spending it directly (and talking about layer 2) in 2010 while some people are trying to push the narrative now that it only started during the block size debate.’
  • @tim_cook states: ‘We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. No matter what country you live in, that right should be protected in keeping with four essential principles:’
  • @coindesk: ‘Money is survival of the fittest. @danheld breaks down why bitcoin is thriving:
  • @ErikVoorhees: ‘I’m glad Tim Cook cares about privacy ... but instead of new laws, he should look at the laws that mandate the extraction of personal information (global universal surveillance under the guise of 'financial regulation'). That is the threat, not Facebook.’
  • @econoar: ‘Here are all of the reasons why @coinbase or @circlepay could seize your USDC coins. It sounds like they will blanket blacklist addresses that use @AugurProject, @FunFairTech and others given the language. There is even mention of debt/refinance activity so #DeFi apps too?’
  • @ummjackson and stable coins! Go to thread:
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