New Ponzi game: most crypto investors are gamblers by nature

New Ponzi game: most crypto investors are gamblers by nature

A new game, similar to Ponzi scheme, has become one of the most popular DAPPs on Ethereum

The game, called Fomo3D, allows to buy the key, which adds 30 seconds to a timer. Some of this money spent go to a prize fund, a part of this money is paid to previous key buyers. If the timer stops, the last buyer wins everything. Currently, the timer is frozen at 24 hours, as it can't go above it.

Wasa-wasa-wassup. It's sad to see Bitconnect fading from everyone's memory, overtaken by new hot Ponzi schemes. It's sad to see that the only use Ethereum has now is to be a hosting platform for collectibles and financial pyramids, in other words, only for gambling. But at the same time, it shows the nature of people, that flooded crypto. They are gamblers by nature. Most people are. This year’s downturn scared off many people, but the rest is still here. Why are lotteries so popular? Why pyramid schemes get so many participants? Why is Las Vegas so crowded day and night?

Everyone wants to feel lucky, feel the excitement, playing with money. Blockchain industry gave them the possibility to call themselves investors, which sounds more plausible than gamblers. There are some solid innovative projects in blockchain space, but many other projects just offer the 'get rich' scheme, that’s why they prosper. Anyway, let’s hope we’ll see some real-world use for Ethereum this year.

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