New rules are coming

Let's take a look at the most significant news that has recently affected the digital asset markets.

The European Parliament has introduced new rules for Cryptocurrency regulation for EU countries

According to new rules implemented by the European Parliament, in a move to limit anonymity of financial transactions and crack down on money laundering, cryptocurrency exchange platforms, virtual wallets and banking institutions in the EU will now be obligated to verify their clients and register with the proper authorities.

The Parliament also supported measures to provide access to data regarding the beneficial owners of firms dealing with cryptocurrencies and offered protection and anonymity to whistleblowers who report money laundering.

Banks and financial regulators often speak about the high investment risks of cryptocurrencies. Whether market regulation by the European Union will help cope with crypto money laundering, if it exists, remains unclear.

On the one hand, regulation slows down market development in general and creates a great deal of difficulties and restrictions which could lead to another wave of account freezing.

But on the other hand, in a more global sense, this regulation will help improve the cryptocurrency market’s overall legal status, making it more appealing to financial funds and investors.

AntPool is burning BCH

After some confusion regarding why some BCH (Bitcoin Cash) had been disappearing into ‘black-hole’ accounts, it was revealed that AntPool was burning this BCH on purpose, which they consider will be good for the overall BCH economy.

AntPool believes that BCH is reaching a ‘tipping point of becoming a widely used public blockchain,’ as the network and amount of users grows. The mining pool is sure that the number and rate of transactions will increase significantly after the hard fork on May 15.

The presence of active users is very important for a blockchain ecosystem as well as that of hodler-investors.

Without these holders, BCH’s exchange value loses significant support. We believe that they too should profit from the growth of BCH by their continued stake in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem


The logic of AntPool is clear. Burning coins will create a deficiency of BCH (Bitcoin Cash), and the price of assets will jump up and investors will see a return on investment. But pictures with the inscription 'Pump is not enough? Let's burn them!' already begin to appear in the BCH community. It is difficult to tell how this all will affect the asset’s future price and how many people will remain holders after the 15th, but we’ll sure find out.

Ether Capital recently began trading on the Canadian Stock Exchange and became available to investors on the Aequitas NEO Exchange on April 19

The completion of this transaction and commencement of public trading represents a critical step in Ether Capital’s mission. We are excited to provide investors with the opportunity to invest in the first publicly listed company focused solely on the Ethereum ecosystem and to help drive industry-shifting disruptive technologies

Som Seif, Executive Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Ether Capital

According to the company’s chief information officer, Ben Roberts, before entering into the Canadian Stock Exchange, the company talked with the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) to get their blessing, after which they talked to banks to get them comfortable and to set up a custody solution to house the asset safely.

This is good news for ETH (Ethereum) and its holders. As you remember, last year the announcement of the beginning of bitcoin futures trading led to a great boost in price, which allowed it to pass through several resistance levels. At the same time, the capitalization of the cryptocurrencies market and bitcoin in particular has considerably increased.

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