Next Wave of Crypto is Not Going to be Built on Hype

This week we are discussing the usefulness of Bitcoin, talking about the crisis in the cryptoindustry and can not pass by the hot news around the Vitalik Buterin.

  • @MiguelCuneta: ‘The people that say #Bitcoin is gonna die don't realize that it is almost certain that THEY will die first. It's just software, pure code, a technology. To kill Bitcoin, you need to kill the internet and every physical copy of the Satoshi's white paper. It will outlive all of us’
  • @suprraz: ‘Bitcoin is designed to keep this type of money out of the ‘hands of authorities’
  • @Xentagz: ‘Grayscale continues buying Bitcoin while fools are selling. Now owns over 1% of circulating BTC supply’
  • @HeadedNine: ‘You could easily argue that no crypto project has performed better in 2018 than zcash in terms of: 1) rate of development; 2) setting and hitting milestones; 3) communication with users and regulators; 4) advances in cutting-edge technology which other projects will use.’
  • @etcdev: ‘Unfortunately ETCDEV cannot continue to work in the current situation and has to announce shutdown of our current activities’
  • Vitalik: next wave of crypto is not going to be built on hype.
    @VitalikButerin admits that #ETH lead the 2017 bull run built on hype. #TRON will lead next bull run built on massive adoption dapps and @BitTorrent . #TRX $TRX
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