Opera Labs for Desktop Opens to Beta Testers

Opera Labs for Desktop Opens to Beta Testers

Opera, the fifth most favored internet browser, released a desktop version that supports ETH, ERC-20, and ERC-721 tokens

Its new Ethereum based browser tagged as Opera Labs begun the testing phase on the 24th of September. A group of select testers will be able to sample the new offering before it’s released to the general public. Opera Labs lets its users connect with Ethereum DApps and Web 3.0. This will enable millions of its users to access supported tokens and other collectible Dapps like CryptoKitties, Ethereum’s largest cat breeding app.

To put emphasis on security, users will have to pair their Android Opera cryptocurrency wallets with the desktop version in order to authorize transactions. Transactions are confirmed using the phone’s security lock through PIN or fingerprint. The user’s private keys safely are stored on the mobile phone. The phone acts as a hardware wallet without the need for the private keys to be transmitted.

Opera has plans to expand its support to other cryptocurrencies in the near future. Over 332 million users use Opera as their browser of choice. It is the first to integrate ETH support in their mobile browser, which was released last July 11, 2018.


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The co-founders of Ethereum and Tron have recently engaged in a battle of wits on Twitter. In a recent interview, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum had commented on the competition between Ethereum and Tron. He claimed that he would “lose hope in humanity” if Tron usurps Ethereum. Justin Sun came with a witty response on Twitter satirically praising Ethereum while at the same time diplomatically placing it to a veteran status; a thing from the past. Recently, a Chinese Institution also ranked Tron above Ethereum in its list of Public Blockchains. When #TRON succeed, we will build a monument in memory of #ethereum! @VitalikButerin will be remembered for his tremendous contribution in #blockchain industry! #TRX #BTT https://t.co/ig3Yg50NND — Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) March 24, 2019 Ethereum vs Tron: let’s Look At the Facts Ethereum, released in 2015 is the pioneering Dapps Platform currently placed second w.r.t total market capitalization. Tron Foundation was initiated in 2017 on the Ethereum platform itself. However, it is far more capable can Ethereum in terms of scalability and has also implemented Proof of Stake (PoS) on its Blockchain. Tron is currently ranked 11th w.r.t total market capitalization. Transactions per day Ethereum transactions per day chart The transactions on Tron are four times that conducted on Ethereum. Therefore, the usability of Tron is far greater than Ethereum. The number of transactions on Ethereum is primarily in the 500k-600k range. No. of transactions per day on Tron While the number of transactions executed on Tron per day is ranging in the 1.5 M to 2.2 M range, the volatility in the ‘number of transactions’ on Tron is considered significant. The transactions are ranging from 2.9 M to 1.5 M in fourteen days. The number of Dapps that follow TRC-20 protocol is increasing at a rate of one new Dapp every day. The race to the Top The Total Market Capitalization of Ethereum is almost $13 billion more than Tron. The total circulating supply of Tron is 66.68 billion, while the total quantity of Ether (ETH) tokens is 105.5 Million. Therefore, to overcome a difference of 13 billion dollars, Tron would have to gain ten times its current price while the price of Ethereum remains the same. The growth of Tron is exponential. Nevertheless, looking at the current statistic and development of Ethereum, Buterin’s Ethereum might have the upper hand on Tron in terms of price. However, the reward vs. risk ratio on Tron is comparatively less than Ethereum at current prices. Moreover, Tron leads in front of Ethereum in terms of technical prowess. Hence, only time will tell whether Justin Sun’s claims are really true. What are your views on which platform be the ultimate leader in Dapps and smart contract development?  The post Is Ethereum Really ‘A Thing of the Past’ As Tron’s Justin Sun Claims? appeared first on Coingape.

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