PegaSys Releases Pantheon Core Software to Focus on Enterprises

PegaSys Releases Pantheon Core Software to Focus on Enterprises

In a blog post, ConsenSys engineering team PegaSys declares the open-source release of Pantheon Core

Users can now run nodes to generate private networks, link to the Ethereum mainnet, or to the Rinkeby and Ropsten testnets. Pantheon Core will be the nucleus of future Enterprise releases.

To make the software friendly for enterprises, the team built it using Java and under Apache 2.0 license.

Open-Source Pantheon Core Features

The architecture of the Pantheon software was made with clean interfaces, and it is modular.

Pantheon works complementarily with Truffle, Remix, Nethereum, and web3j. Soon, it will also be able to operate with Kaleido and Epirus.

Pantheon employs manifold consensus algorithms for fast and private networks. The consensus algorithms include PoW and clique PoA. The engineering team has also incorporated an importer tool to up a node to the current block within a day.

It is updated to match Ethereum’s Constantinople.

ConsenSys has a partnership with Microsoft, making the software available in the Azure Marketplace or the Azure Portal.

Releases to Look Out for Next Year

Enterprise Alpha is set to be released in the 1st quarter of 2019. And a product-grade client will follow in the upcoming months after the release of Enterprise Alpha.

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