Plans For Bigger

This week, the Redditors are conducting their own investigation:  did the CEO of Quadriga fake his own death or not? The interview with Erik Voorhees is also gaining popularity. And, of course, enjoy a little spy on Twitter, but how else because there the Twitter’s CEO pumps Bitcoin

• Did CEO Of Quadriga Fake His Own Death For $180 Million?
Erik Voorhees interview. He talks about Bitcoin Scaling Debate & Infighting, Altcoins, Gold, Money, Building Satoshi Dice & BitInstant & ShapeShift, Peter Schiff, Libertarianism, Business, Freedom

Definitely an interesting listen. Unfortunately it was obviously made back when Eric had a big problem with kyc and how it increases id theft. Since the interview shape-shift has begun requiring kyc in spite of how much he bashes it during this interview. I wish I could hear some resolution between his fierce opinion at the time of this interview and his present view.

Wyoming Senate passes bill recognizing cryptocurrency as money
The CEO Of Twitter Pumps Bitcoin During A Podcast With Joe Rogan

He was talking about the intentionally crippled coin (BTC). And specifically said not they are NOT looking to add any other coins... for now...

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