Poloniex to Delist Three Assets Also Remove Margin Trading and Lending Products

Poloniex to Delist Three Assets Also Remove Margin Trading and Lending Products

By October 10, Poloniex will delist three coins: AMP, EXP, and GNO. Also, margin trading and lending products for its US customers will be removed by the end of the year

Three Assets to be Taken Out

Poloniex has announced its seven days advance notice before taking out three assets from its listings. Customers of Poliniex who hold Synereo (AMP), Expanse (EXP), and Gnosis (GNO) will need to complete withdrawals and trades for these assets until November 9; 12:00 PM ET. Customers will be given reminders to inform them of the delisting until the said deadline. After the deadline withdrawals will be disabled.

The exchange will handle incidents in case of rare events such as interrupted wallet availability and funds that cannot be withdrawn from the delisted assets.

Products No Longer Available in the US

To abide by US regulatory requirements, margin trading and lending products offered by Poloniex will not be available for its US-based customers by the end of this year. The exchange encourages those who live within the US to begin unwinding margin positions at their convenience. The exact date for the removal of the products will be relayed in the coming weeks.

For questions regarding these actions, customers may contact Poloniex support center.


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