Poloniex Welcomes Institutional Investors

Poloniex Welcomes Institutional Investors

The Circle acquired exchange zeroes in on fulfilling the trading needs of large and small organizational investors

On 5 December Circle announced that its Poloniex is ready to accept institutions who wish to participate in the trading of cryptocurrencies. An institutional account has a minimum order size amount of $250,000 and withdrawal limits are increased.

Poloniex carries a menu of large but carefully selected digital asset trading pairs and a trading API.

For the month of December fees on the BTC/USDC (Circle’s stablecoin) pair are dropped.

Interested parties can register for an account through Circle Trade where they are required to undergo the KYC process.

Those who have questions can get a hold of the exchange’s sales team at poloniex@circle.com.


USDC is Circle’s dollar-pegged stablecoin introduced last September. With the stable coin, Circle allows traders and investors to tokenize the US dollar, and as well as, to redeem the stablecoin for its fiat equivalent. The USDC can be used for trades within the platform.

Poloniex and Circle

In February this year, Poloniex was acquired by Circle for - according to Fortune - $400 million. Since then changes have been made on Poloniex such as delisting coins and the removal of margin trading products. In addition, the exchange updated its user agreement.

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