Privacy Under The Microscope

Privacy Under The Microscope

Recently the ICORating analysts reviewed the main private blockchains and raised the issue of their sustainability

Here the ICORating analysts study the main private blockchains, as well as highlight the key similarities and differences. The article addresses ZCash, Monero, Dash, PIVX, Verge, Bitcoin private, Grin (MimbleWimble) and provides their main metrics.

Private blockchain is supposed to be faster and cheaper than its public analogue, because the system does not need to spend high amounts of energy, time and money to reach consensus here. But from another point of view, it is relatively less secure and non-transparent as opposed to public blockchains.

ICORating team

… even though blockchain technology itself is still in its early stage and the whole market is tiny when compared to other markets, private blockchain share is even tinier – even on well-known blockchains focusing on privacy (like ZCash) still have relatively low volumes of transactions when compared to their public rivals.

ICORating team

Despite the fact that private transactions on the ZCash blockchain represent 20% of transactions in terms of amount, in terms of volume they make up only 1.5%.

ICORating team

You may download the full report, with detailed features and updated of every blockchain-in-question at ICORating website.

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