Private Key Storage Solution through DNA

Private Key Storage Solution through DNA

Those who wish to long-term hodl their cryptocurrency fortune can be certain of the safety and tenacity of this type of storage

Carverr, a startup company that provides 'DNA-based cold storage', presents a non-conventional solution to storing and protecting private keys; through synthetic DNA.

DNA is much more complex than computer language. Computer language comprises of ones and zeros, whereas DNA consists of four alphabets A, T, C, and G. These letters will be translated using a sequence of zeros and ones that will result to the stored data. Encrypted passwords or data can be sent to Carverr to turn it into synthetic genetic material. As for retrieval, it will be done by the company and the data will be sent back to the client through 'a secure communication channel.'

DNA deteriorates quickly if exposed to heat and sunlight. For this reason, Carverr asserts that the vials holding the DNA containing password should be kept in the freezer.

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