Prysmatic Labs Have Released Ethereum 2.0 Prysm Demo v0.0.0

Prysmatic Labs Have Released Ethereum 2.0 Prysm Demo v0.0.0

In his today’s article on Medium, Raul Jordan, blockchain developer and Prysmatic Labs editor, announces the release of Prysm, v0.0.0, which will serve as the building block for all future releases as they get to production

Inside the Release

Version 0.0.0 includes a basic beacon-chain+validator demo which can do the following:

  • Spin up a beacon chain node from a genesis configuration
  • Connect a validator client to the beacon node via RPC
  • The validator client gets shuffled into a specific shardID at a given slotevery cycle transition
  • Validators propose/attest to canonical beacon blocks during their assigned slot

How to Run the Demo

Here is the instruction on running Ethereum 2.0 Prysm Demo v0.0.0.

You’ll be able to spin up a beacon node, connect 1 or more validator clients, and start getting assigned to shards where you will then create beacon blocks or vote on beacon blocks through structures called 'attestations'.

This beacon chain node+validator client system is a critical piece of consensus and coordination for all actors participating in Ethereum 2.0 and will serve as the foundation for a full-fledged, sharding system.

What's Up Next?

There is a lot to be done with respect to the randomness generation and signature aggregation on the beacon chain as well as validator rotation. This is all phase 0–1 of the Ethereum 2.0 roadmap, as sharding state execution will not come until phase 1 and 2.

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