Pundi X Makes First Blockchain Phone Call

Pundi X Makes First Blockchain Phone Call

Today Pundi X team demonstrated the first phone call made entirely via the Function X blockchain

Day 2, XBlockchain Summit, Pundi X demonstrates their newest XPhone in action by making the first blockchain phone call. The XPhone is a smartphone that does not need a mobile carrier and is an integral end-user component to the Function X ecosystem. The Function X includes five components:

  • native operating system — F(X) OS;
  • blockchain —  F(X) Chain;
  • file storage system — F(X) IPFX;
  • transmission protocol — F(X) FXTP;
  • and the Function X Docker.

The Function X OS is based off the Android 9.0, which Pundi X believe make the transition to XPhones smoother for both users and developers. This also means that all Android applications are backwards-compatible with the F(X) OS.

The XPhone features are:

  • messaging and phone calls via the F(X) Chain,
  • publication and release of dapps,
  • decentralized data storage,
  • every XPhone is a node of the F(X) network.

Relevant videos:

For more information, read Making the world’s first blockchain phone call by Pundi X.

Pundi X is a company that seeks to facilitate cryptocurrency adoption by manufacturing and deploying point-of-sale devices, XPOS, to retailers to help them accept cryptocurrencies in an easy and smoothless way.

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