Quotes, Week 17 ’18

Quotes, Week 17 ’18

Bill Harris, Kosala Hemachandra, Daniel Larimer and Tim Draper speaking on cryptocurrency and blockchain issues

It’s a colossal pump-and-dump scheme, the likes of which the world has never seen... the losers are ill-informed buyers caught up in the spiral of greed. The result is a massive transfer of wealth from ordinary families to internet promoters.

Bill Harris, former CEO of Intuit and founding CEO of PayPal and Personal Capital

It is really unfortunate, we live in a world where even the most secured websites are prone to this kind of attacks. I am sad about this and I hope MyEtherWallet team will be able to educate users and convince them [to] use hardware wallets and local versions of MEW.

Kosala Hemachandra, MyEtherWallet CEO

This pre-release represents a major milestone on the road to EOSIO 1.0 targeted for release in June 2018. Our world wide team of developers have been working around the clock to make EOSIO the most powerful platform for building blockchain applications. It has been four months since we released EOSIO Dawn 2.0 and we have a lot to show for it.

Daniel Larimer, EOS founder

This is bigger than the internet. It's bigger than the Iron Age, the Renaissance. It's bigger than the Industrial Revolution. This affects the entire world and it's going to be affected in a faster and more prevalent way than you ever imagined.

Tim Draper, co-founder and managing director of DFJ, the venture capital company

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