Quotes, Week 19 ’18

Quotes, Week 19 ’18

Adena Friedman, Warren Buffett, Chris Giancarlo and Lisa Su speaking on cryptocurrency and blockchain issues

Right now, your banks are being attacked all the time. The hackers are poking holes in your banks and going after your fiat money. And the bankers are pounding away trying to keep the hacks away, but they are getting hacked all the time. No-one has ever hacked the Bitcoin blockchain. It is the most secure place to put your money. And so, as a store of value, it is a great place to be. And if you’re in Argentina or Venezuela or Nigeria, you know that your currency is going to fall 30 percent every year, because, I mean, those countries tend to implode about every year. And people lose their fortune. Well, if part of your fortune is put into bitcoin, you’re not going to lose your fortune.

Tim Draper, co-founder and managing director of DFJ, the venture capital company

There is not much of institutional presence in crypto, as of now it’s more of a retailer phenomenon. We hold bitcoin a large amount of it, we are secure but the risk is there in any business. Most traders don’t use 100 percent leverage, as there is a limited liability but there is.

Arthur Hayes, CEO and co-founder of BitMEX

It's strange to see people claiming that Bitcoin and Litecoin are dead because the price is so low at $8000 and $140 respectively. A year ago, the price was around $1800 and $30. Back then, people would have killed for today's prices!

Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin and cryptocurrency enthusiast

Blockchain is used way too much as a buzzword to sell a lot of useless snake oil. The faster we get rid of the hype, the better off long-term we’ll all be.

Jimmy Song, Bitcoin developer and entrepreneur

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