Quotes, Week 24 ’18

Quotes, Week 24 ’18

Brad Garlinghouse, Jay Clayton, Martin Mühleise, Changpeng Zhao, and Jimmy Wales speaking on cryptocurrency and blockchain issues.

There's a lot of blockchain craziness, but there are three indicators of market winners. Blockchain will not disrupt banks,it will play an important role in the way our system works. It's a short-sighted view...Bitcoin is not the panacea we thought it would be...

Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple CEO

Bitcoin can replace a dollar, a yen or a euro, so we can not classify it as a security.

Jay Clayton, SEC Chairman

Cryptocurrencies can be used to trade in illegal drugs, firearms, hacking tools, and toxic chemicals. On the other hand, the underlying technology behind these currencies (blockchain) will likely revolutionize finance by making transactions faster and more secure, while better information on potential clients can improve the pricing of loans through better assessment of the likelihood of repayment. Regulatory frameworks need to ensure financial integrity and protect consumers while still supporting efficiency and innovation.

Martin Mühleise, Director of the IMF’s Strategy, Policy, and Review Department

Many people seems to think BTC price was flat before this year, as they appear to be on the graph. To the old timers, it's the same pattern every year. Just the units on the left is different.

Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO

When I say something is a bubble, it doesn’t mean that I think there’s nothing of value there. It means there’s a lot of noise and there’s a lot of investment money flowing in, and a lot of things are being invested into what does not actually make sense. A lot of projects are going to fail, but we additionally have a lot of scams, a lot of theft, a lot of crazy things happening. So, I just ask people to be careful.

Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia co-founder

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Bitcoin [BTC] ETF: Chairman Jay Clayton still on the fence citing ease of market manipulation

The Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC], Jay Clayton, is still on the fence about the hotly anticipated Bitcoin ETF, citing a list of conditions that should be met prior to its approval. In a recent interview with FOX Business, Clayton stated that his concern with giving the green light to public trading of Bitcoin was the digital asset’s vulnerability to manipulation. Citing the volatility of the coin, the Chairman wanted to ensure investors were kept safe from untoward market movements. Clayton stated, “What I’m concerned about at the moment is if it can be reasonably demonstrated that the underlying trading is generally not manipulated, it’s happening on reliable venues with good rules and that custody is something we can feel comfortable about.” The SEC is looking at proposals from several companies regarding the ETF. Last year, Clayton rejected one of those from the Gemini exchange founders, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. VanEck, an investment firm, SolidX, a financial services company and the Chicago Boards Options Exchange [CBOE], still await a decision on their bid for the Bitcoin ETF, which was filed back in January. The crypto-centric financial firm, Bitwise Asset Management had also sent their application for the ETF in February. The Chairman clarified that he hadn’t decided which company will spearhead the ETF project, nor did he opine whether any of the applicants satisfied the rules of the issuance. However, the SEC will make a decision regarding the Bitcoin ETF in the coming months, he said. Despite the Chairman’s uneasiness with approving the cryptocurrency Exchange Traded Fund, he hailed the technology behind Bitcoin, “I think this technology has and is already demonstrating pretty significant promise, but it’s demonstrating significant promise in the places where it’s consistent with our approach to capital raising in the past.” The post Bitcoin [BTC] ETF: Chairman Jay Clayton still on the fence citing ease of market manipulation appeared first on AMBCrypto.

“I am pro all crypto” says Changpeng Zhao as he clarifies his thoughts on being called the “leader of the XRP Army”

The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao has made clear his stance in the Ripple XRP community with an affirmative tweet that shows he is in full support of the growth and progress achieved by the XRP token. CZ who revealed that he was recently referred to as the “leader of the XRP army” had highlighted the importance of the XRP’s newest arrival on the Binance exchange official wallet, the trust wallet saying ; “The XRP army should be happy about this. Someone called me the leader of the XRP Army” during my live AMA lol…” The tweet referenced the inclusion of the XRP to the Trust wallet which the exchange acquired back in July 2018. On the 12th of March, the Binance team made a press release following the inclusion of credit card purchases and support for the XRP token. This means that cryptocurrency users can send, receive,  exchange and store the XRP token on the Binance Trust Wallet. It would be interesting to note that CZ had been eyeing the Ripple XRP token from as far back as February when he tweeted “can’t argue the XRP army is strong”. The CEO who has been very vocal about his admiration for the XRP network might have stepped on some Ether users foot when one Twitter user suggested that CZ seems to be anti-ether and pro-xrp. This isn’t a surprising suggestion as CZ, despite noting that he isn’t against any cryptocurrency has made very little comments about the Ethereum network and its native token Ether. However, the CEO was quick to refute that suggestion with a tweet that read “I am pro all top crypto”. Meanwhile, the likes of Ran NeuNer, a highly pronounced member of the XRP army has also been very vocal about the tokens growth. NeuNer who had previously urged crypto users to boycott BCH and BTC for XRP has recently taken to Twitter to commend the XRP for its flexible usage. While most would argue that BTC is still the most reliable cryptocurrency yet, NeuNer believes that XRP is not only faster but way cheaper than BTC. The post “I am pro all crypto” says Changpeng Zhao as he clarifies his thoughts on being called the “leader of the XRP Army” appeared first on ZyCrypto.

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton: Ether Is no Longer a Security

Jay Clayton, Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has indirectly confirmed that ether (ETH) and other digital assets that functions like it are not securities, reports Coin Center on March 12, 2019. Clayton Confirmations As reported by BTCManager in June 2018, SEC Director of Corporate Finance, William Hinman who was present atRead MoreRead More. The post by Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News
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