Regulators Still On Rounds to Control and Regulate ICOs and Crypto Trading

Regulators Still On Rounds to Control and Regulate ICOs and Crypto Trading

+21 crypto websites to France’s blacklist, Independent Reserve certified by ADCA, BIS sees no financial stability risk from cryptos, Ukraine plans for state-backed crypto

ADCA is delighted that Independent Reserve has achieved certification under the Australian Digital Currency Industry Code of Conduct. Certification under the Code of Conduct provides external confirmation of adherence to best-practice standards through verification by an independent auditor.

Nick Giurietto, CEO and MD at ADCA

The price impact of regulatory news on Bitcoin

This is quite a promising direction, which, on the one hand, will protect human rights in terms of property, and on the other — significantly reduce the costs and time of transactions, as well as accelerate the turnover of money in the country.

Alexy Kushch, advisor to the head of Ukrainian Bank Association

  • U.S. SEC seeks coercive measures against owners of PlexCorps who raised $15 million through PlexCoin ICO after promising its investors a return of 1,354% in 29 days. The report suggests that Lacroix and Paradis-Royer, the two owners, have failed to present 'a full list of bank and brokerage accounts [...] and any blockchain addresses through which investor funds were solicited or received'.
  • Japanese regulatory authority approved the partnership of Japan-based SBI Holdings and Ripple. They will now be launching a new joint venture namely SBI Ripple Asia which would help users to send peer-to-peer payments using Ripple’s Distributed Ledger Technology. SBI, as it declared the approval, said that their mobile app 'connects to the next generation financial infrastructure utilizing the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) at the ‘Internal and external exchange centralized consortium’ to create an environment that allows depositors to remit money between individuals quickly, safely and comfortably'.


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