Ripple Appoints Google Communications Services Head as VP of Products

Ripple Appoints Google Communications Services Head as VP of Products

According to Reuters, Amir Sarhangi will be joining RippleNet to advance the worldwide, XRP supported payments system

Sarhangi, who was CEO of Jibe and was with Google since 2015, lead the tech giant’s rich communications services (RCS) department. RCS is a wireless messaging protocol intended to replace SMS messaging. But wider RCS adoption was hindered when Apple and Samsung restricted support on their devices.

Other Notable Ripple Hires

Ripple was founded by Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb. From its founding in 2012 until the present, the payments protocol has hired some of the top people in the industries of technology and business. Sarhangi will join Ripple leaders, among them are Brad Garlinghouse, Ethan Beard, and Kahina Van Dyke.

Brad Garlinghouse

Garlinghouse was a Senior Vice President at Yahoo!. He went on to work as AOL’s President of Consumer Applications from 2009 until 2012. He then became CEO of Hightail before becoming Ripple’s top corporate officer.

Ethan Beard

May this year, Ripple choose Beard as the Senior Vice President of its incubator arm Xpring. Beard was the co-founder of BigSoccer and worked with Facebook as its developer network director.

Kahina Van Dyke

In July, Kahina Van Dyke was appointed Senior Vice President of Ripple. Before Ripple, Van Dyke was the head of Global Financial Services at Facebook.

Last month, Ripple posted a video where its employees shared how they got to work for the cryptocurrency payments platform.

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