Ripple Delivers Q4 2018 XRP Markets Report

Ripple Delivers Q4 2018 XRP Markets Report

The report details that trading volume for XRP increased for the last quarter of 2018 with more than a hundred exchanges now supporting the native token

Ripple’s Q4 2018 XRP Markets Report, states the platform sold $88.8 million total of XRP through programmatic means and $40.15 million was sold by Ripple subsidiary; XRP II, LLC direct to institutional parties. The sum total of XRP sold for last year’s quarter four amounts to $129.03 million which indicates a 0.24% worldwide volume for XRP.

For the whole of 2018, Ripple reports that $535.56 million worth of XRP sold.

Price Swings, Trading Volume, and Escrow Accounts

... towards the latter part of Q4, XRP’s correlation with top digital assets returned to the elevated levels seen through the end of Q1 2018 through early Q3 2018.

Q4 2018 XRP Markets Report

During last year’s last quarter, the coin’s daily returns fluctuations averaged 5%; meaning volatility for XRP decreased in contrast to previous quarters.

Median daily trading volume for XRP increased reaching $595.7 million, said to be apical when compared to the figures from last year’s first quarter.

About three billion XRP was released from Ripple’s cryptographic escrow. 600 billion coins are utilized to support the platform’s ecosystem while 2.4 billion coins are returned and shifted to new escrow accounts.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Support for Ripple

In Q4, 30 additional exchanges listed XRP. By the end of 2018, the coin is supported by 100 exchanges. It also became a base currency in nine exchanges including Binance, according to the report.

The report concludes with a ‘Market Commentary’ segment where Ripple laid their views on stablecoins and the crypto clampdown and the market’s maturation.

More Recent Ripple News

Huobi exchange will expand their derivatives products. Josh Goodbody, General Counsel at Huobi, divulges the plan for an XRP futures contracts to be released soon.

The Euro Exim Bank, the very first bank to use XRP, is planning to use the platform’s xCurrent to initiate a finance system similar to SWIFT’s. The system will have the ability to embed instructions regarding trade finance into xCurrent’s messaging system.

The idea is, apart from just the payment instruction, what if we use the message to transmit a trade finance instruction directly to a counterparty? It could be a letter of credit or a performance bond. Technically you are able to transmit the whole of that message via xCurrent.

Graham Bright, Chief of Compliance and Operations at Euro Exim Bank


0.4543 USD -2.29%
0.00005200 BTC 7.35%
Volume, 24h
1,316,427,362 USD
17,929,069,685 USD

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