Robert Kiyosaki: US Dollar to be crumpled beneath the weight of Bitcoin and other cyber-currencies

The famous author of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, Robert Kiyosaki has predicted the fall of the US Dollar and he is confident about the fact that it will happen sometime soon

According to prognostication of Robert Kiyosaki, the crash of the US Dollar this time would be much more fatal than those which occurred in 2000 and 2008. He has also advised that the best counter to this fall would be an early investment in gold and silver, backing his statement by the fact that when the dollar falls down, gold and silver see a hike.

Earlier the former manager of Goldman Sachs, Nomi Prins also made a similar statement about the crash of the US Dollar. These predictions seem to open up a massive pathway for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for two major reasons. The first being that cryptocurrencies will garner a lot of attention from investors once the stock market falls and the second that millennials have been showing more interest toward cryptos than gold and silver.

Even Kiyosaki seems to have a favorable opinion of Bitcoin which was clear when he said:

I think the dollar is toast because Gold and Silver and cyber currency are going to take it out.

Robert Kiyosaki, an American businessman and author of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’

So, Kiyosaki seems to have a favorable opinion of Bitcoin.

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