Security Tokens may solve for efficiency but they do not solve for trust?

This week, the theme of STO is increasingly raised. People are pondering where to go next. But they also talk about the latest news, in particular about NASDAQ, and do not forget about the BCH fork

  • @coindesk: ‘The second largest stock exchange in the world - NASDAQ - is partnering with investment management firm VanEck to bring to market a new generation of cryptocurrency futures products’
  • @Poloniex: ‘BCHABC Deposits and Withdrawals have been re-opened.  We are still working to enable BCHSV. In the meantime we have returned all withdrawals that did not successfully broadcast to the network.’
  • ‘Bitcoin is the only truly decentralized digital currency which has grown spontaneously as a finely balanced equilibrium between miners, coders, and users, none of whom can control it.’, – @saifedean - The #Bitcoin Standard
  • @_Kevin_Pham: ‘Calling all non-BTC supporters 'scammers' is like calling all Trump supporters ‘racists.’
  • @lwsnbaker: ‘Security Tokens are not cryptocurrencies.
    Where there is centralized control, there is an enforceable obligation to comply with contracts and laws. It does not matter what your blockchain chainz.’
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