Serenity: Ethereum 2.0 with Increased Speed and Scalability Nears Launch

In Devcon4, Vitalik Buterin called Ethereum 2.0 or Serenity a more decentralized world computer

I refuse to use the word shasper because I find it insanely lame. We’ll call it Serenity.

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum co-founder

(Shasper is a synthesis between sharding and Casper.)

In a keynote presentation, Buterin explained that Serenity is the accomplishment of what they have been working on for four years. The Serenity platform envelopes Ethereum’s core team projects such as Casper, Virtual Machine Improvements (eWASM), sharding, improvements to cross-contract logic and to protocol economics. All these converge in a unified whole under Serenity.

Before Launch

Buterin informed the Devcon4 audience that the release for Serenity is ‘really not so far away’.

Developers need to continuously steady out and review the development of the protocol through further testing. Security audits will also be made before it can be ready for unveiling.

Serenity Features

Serenity is a pure PoS consensus. Speed is one of the protocol’s main attributes: offering faster synchronous confirmation time, having a fast VM execution through eWASM, and a 1000x scalability increasing tps to 14,000.

Future Developments for Ethereum 2.0

Ethereum developers will continue to upgrade and develop Serenity beyond its release. Some of the expected developments will include adding a layer 2 execution engine, a stronger foundation for cross-shard transactions, and an upgrade to STARKs.

Serenity Implementation Phases

Phase 0: Beacon chain PoS is the phase between testnet and mainnet transition.

Phase 1: Sharding.

Phase 2: Enablement of state transitions and switching to eWASM.

Phase 3 and what’s up ahead: More improvement and development for the technology.

Reactions from the Community

Finrazor is closely watching the development...

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