SharesPost Financial Corporation Released its Second Crypto Survey

SharesPost Financial Corporation Released its Second Crypto Survey

The Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Survey airs optimism. They found consumers remain optimistic in their long term viewpoint towards crypto and blockchain. Investors are also generally positive for the long term, but less optimistic for short term

There were 528 investor respondents and 2,490 respondents from the consumer side. Some points where both consumer and investor respondents agree:

  • Consumers and investors agree that the money transfer sector, payments, and asset management will experience the biggest disruption from blockchain;
  • Both groups of respondents agree the difficulty that faces blockchain adoption lies in the lack of education and practical, commercial use for it.

SharesPost is a San Francisco based brokerage company that trades various securities.

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This Week in Crypto: XLM now Fully Available on Coinbase, ADA Records Impressive Growth, Report Suggests That Almost 90% Of Exchange’s Volume Could Be Manipulated, XRP en route to Massive Adoption and more

The following is a summarized collection of the most interesting crypto news stories in the week. The week was quite adventurous with many new developments and no single project dominating the happenings in the industry. Also, crypto projects which are not usually in the news have made it this time, making the news truly “decentralized”. Stellar XLM XLM now available on Coinbase had listed Stellar XLM on its trading platform about a week ago but announced that the asset would not yet be available on Well this week, the company announced that XLM is now available on and available for Android and iOS users to trade, send, receive and store on their wallets. XLM Soars as IBM picks it for cross-border payment IBM launched its cross-border payment system known as IBM World Wire within the week. The big deal is that XLM which renders cross-border payments similar to Ripple’s has been selected as the token for the World Wire remittance services. This led to a surge for XLM in the market rising over 4% following the announcement. Many have speculated that XLM may be on its way to replacing Ripple in cross-border payments with this new development. Cardano (ADA) ADA records impressive growth, Gets an “A” Rating Cardano (ADA) during the week made a significant leap in price defying the bearish grip some assets were struggling with including Bitcoin. This has earned the asset an “A” rating from FCAS which rates cryptocurrencies based on User Activity, Developer Behavior, and Asset Maturity. This makes ADA a smart investment choice as the rating goes beyond price behavior to rank based on other factors that make the asset suitable for investment. Cardano CEO says an ETF will be approved once the bad actors are out In another story, the CEO of Cardano Charles Hoskinson mentioned in a recent interview that an ETF will be approved once some bad actors in the space are removed. Hoskinson expressed confidence that an ETF approval is not a matter of if, but when it will happen, adding that market stability is the biggest challenge and the approval will be granted once the bad actors causing this are flushed out. Report Suggests That Almost 90% Of Exchange’s Volume Could Be Manipulated Probably the most interesting story of the week, a Bitcoin ETF applicant Bitwise in its analysis has revealed that 90% of reported exchange volumes for Bitcoin are fake. According to their analysis report, exchanges like Coinbene, BW, ZBG, BitMax were reporting volumes 10 times higher volume than expected. Some have expressed concern that this may only contribute to delaying the approval of an ETF and nothing more. Bitcoin (BTC) Bitcoin predicted to hit 6k in coming weeks No one has predicted the future of Bitcoin in a while, a trader Cryptocurrency analyst, trader, and organizer of the upcoming Understanding Bitcoin Conference Tone Vays is optimistic that Bitcoin has a great future ahead, adding that the asset may hit 6k in the next few weeks to come if it crosses $4200. Although he admits that the bear market is not completely over and Bitcoin could still crash to $3,000, he is also optimistic that it could go in the opposite direction to record significant highs. BitMEX CEO: Bitcoin Will Hit $10k This Year Despite The Current Heavy Lull Another bullish Bitcoin price prediction was given by the CEO of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes. Hayes has expressed confidence that Bitcoin could end the year with a value of $10,000 per coin despite the current uncertain trends. He is also positive that a recovery all the way to the all-time high of 20k is possible as he sees more funds flowing into the cryptocurrency as the year progresses. Ripple XRP Adoption: You Can Now Book 550,000+ Hotels in Over 200 Countries with XRP Ripple’s XRP has been aggressively pursuing mass adoption and it seems this dream is coming true, with the latest development being that over 550,000 hotels in 200 countries can now be booked using XRP. Travala, a hotel booking platform that provides services globally recently announced the addition of XRP as a payment option, which exposes XRP to adoption by millions of potential customers. IBM Blockchain World Wire Vs Ripple and XRP Ripple being the leader in remittance services has been threatened by many new crypto and blockchain projects. Stablecoins, JPM Coin, SWIFT, all have been perceived as potential threats to Ripple’s cross-border payments business. However, for some reason, the project always seems to get ahead of any potential competition. IBM has arrived with its World Wire remittance system with XLM as its token of choice. Although it is too early to tell, the new IBM tool is not likely to be a threat to Ripple either, judging from past events. XRPL Labs Explores More Ways to Increase XRP Adoption Following Woocommerce Integration In pursuit of even more adoption for XRP, XRPL Labs which recently facilitated the integration of XRP with Woocommerce, potentially bringing it to over 3 million stores around the world, has announced a bounty for innovative ideas that could further the mass adoption of the asset. XRPL Labs Founder and CEO Wietse Wind announced this within the week that ideas from the XRP community will be scrutinized and funded by to ensure that XRP gets the widest possible adoption. Crypto Legal Expert: Don’t Expect Ripple’s XRP Security Ruling This Year One of the major criticisms that Ripple has suffered is that XRP is a security and not a cryptocurrency as the company claims. This issue has been in court and although XRP listing on Coinbase was a bit of evidence that the argument was invalid, it hasn’t gone away and for those who are eagerly waiting to hear the conclusion of the matter, the sad news is that the ruling may not happen this year. A prominent law firm Kobre & Kim’s Jake Chervinsky announced in a tweet that the case is still in its initial stage and only a little progress will be made within the year but the ruling is bound to take much longer. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hunts for crypto engineers The CEO of Twitter and strong Bitcoin proponent Jack Dorsey is recruiting crypto engineers to build a cryptocurrency ecosystem with Square. The Bitcoin enthusiast believes Bitcoin will soon become the money of the internet and pursuing its mass adoption is a worthy venture and he is willing to pay people to build an ecosystem that will push this cause further. Dorsey is calling on Bitcoin Core developers and other engineers to work full time with his company, Square. Adoption: Customers can now pay with IOTA in Stores that Accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, following Zeux Integration Good news for IOTA holders, you can now pay for goods and services at local retail stores in your area if they accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. This has been made possible through the integration of the cryptocurrency with Zeux, the UK app for payments. The service enables free payment to merchants that is safe and secure as well as store and manages funds on Zeux. more details can be found here. The post This Week in Crypto: XLM now Fully Available on Coinbase, ADA Records Impressive Growth, Report Suggests That Almost 90% Of Exchange’s Volume Could Be Manipulated, XRP en route to Massive Adoption and more appeared first on ZyCrypto.

Amuse to Giveaway Tickets for The Fact Music Award (TMA) Featuring the Biggest Names in Korean Music

Amuse is offering fans the opportunity of a lifetime to watch a  The Fact Music Awards that features, among other acts, K-pop phenomenon BTS. The award ceremony will be held on April 24, 2019, at the Incheon Namdong Sports Complex. The two and a half hours extravaganza will have an impressive and star-studded line up of top bands from the country, like Red Velvet, GFRIEND, MAMAMOO, MOMOLAND, Chung-ha, MONSTA X, I-DLE, THE BOYZ, Stray Kids, TWICE, iKON and others. The highlight of the evening will be the boy band, BTS, one of the biggest musical stories from Asia. BTS are no strangers to music lovers in Asia and around the world as they have given multiple hits and have performed before sell-out crowds in Asia, North America, South America, and Europe. Amuse is giving a chance to get free the award ceremony tickets and it’s really easy to get them. Find out more on how below. Tickets can be obtained by participating in the Amuse IEO, or Initial Exchange Offer. Amuse is creating a platform that will bring high-quality arts and culture to people through on-demand viewing. And it is to fund this venture, that they are hosting their IEO. The campaign will run simultaneously on Amuse’s own platform as well as on several crypto exchanges. Remember that tickets are limited and this is a rare opportunity to enjoy BTS, among other bands, live and exclusive. So you will need to hurry up to bag those tickets and book a date with the biggest names in K-pop. Tickets for the award ceremony will be given away from March 25th till April 15th. During this period, special registration on the platform will be opened. Here users will be able to buy AMS tokens and get a standard or VIP ticket for free. For the purchase of tokens worth 50 ETH, you will get a standard ticket and if you buy tokens worth 200 ETH, you will get a VIP ticket as a gift. The process is pretty simple. On the dashboard, the user will need to fill in a few quick details. After sending ETH to a given wallet address, a payment confirmation will be sent. Tokens will be deposited in the wallet. The detailed instructions and free ticket distribution are provided on special Amuse platform “We are extremely pleased and excited about this Fact Music Awards. Not only does it give us a chance to create a buzz around the path-breaking platform we are creating with Amuse, but also gives us an opportunity to present BTS in front of a massive home crowd before the band leaves on a whirlwind tour of America and Europe,” said Ms. Mun Song Hui, CEO of Amuse. “I am looking forward to fans taking this opportunity to see their idols live and also support us in our endeavor.” About BTS   BTS, short for Bangtan Sonyeondan (or Bulletproof Boy Scouts), is a seven-member South Korean boy band that debuted in 2013. They are the first Korean band to enter the prestigious US Billboard – a single inside the Top 100 and to debut an album at No.1. BTS will be the main attraction at The Fact Music Awards. After the opening Red Carpet, the main event will start at 7 pm sharp.     About Amuse Amuse is creating a unique content creation and distribution platform powered by the blockchain. The main service areas of Amuse platform will be – Creation studio Creator management Funding based on blockchain Payment through cryptocurrency Cultivation and promotion of arts and culture. The objective of Amuse is to become the No.1 platform for the arts and culture business where producers will simply focus on creating high-quality artistic content. The marketing and distribution of this content will be done by Amuse through a variety of network opportunities. Amuse will be an ecosystem that will dramatically improve the K-pop culture and help create future stars. Amuse integrates the cultural arts platform using blockchain. Apart from the ability to perform all transactions on the Amuse platform through AMS, token holders will get preferential treatment on the ecosystem. This includes ease of booking tickets during Amuse-sponsored concerts and other exciting events, giveaways, gifts and rewards for consuming Amuse-created content and much more. Users can download VOD content using AMS tokens. Advertisers will be able to integrate their ads into the ecosystem by paying AMS. To know more about Amuse, visit Amuse website. The latest updates Amuse posts in Twitter. Amuse has multilanguage Telegram support in English, Japanese and Chinese. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Press Release The post Amuse to Giveaway Tickets for The Fact Music Award (TMA) Featuring the Biggest Names in Korean Music appeared first on NullTX.

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